It always seemed that I was sorry for the things that I did,
But never did a thing about it 'til I let you in.
It's kinda funny about the time that I was falling apart.
You came and put me back together, now.

'Cause what I want
And what I need
Has now become the same thing
You've been offering.
As days go by,
I've finally become what you want me to be.

I still remember all the stupid things that I've said and done,
But still, you stuck around with me when all your friends said, "Run!"
Givin' me a name, I found myself inside all the flames.
Becoming everything for you again.

What I Want ~ Daughtry (feat. Slash)

Three Months Later

Harry groaned as a pillow hit him in the head and then buried himself beneath the blankets. For a second, he thought Hermione had barged into his room again, but quickly remembered the days of Hermione Apparating in unannounced were a thing of the past. She had to ring at the gate like everyone else, at least, while Harry was living at Malfoy Manor.

The blankets were ripped away, exposing his bare skin to the cool air. He groaned again and rolled over without opening his eyes.

"Move your arse," Draco said. "We're going to be late."

"I don't wanna."


Opening his eyes, Harry stared up at his beautiful Draco, fully clothed and looking extremely irritated.

Harry smiled. "How about you take those clothes off and join me?"

Smiling back, Draco sat on the edge of the bed, kissing Harry softly. He was purposely keeping his touch light so they didn't end up starting something they didn't have time to finish.

"Up," Draco insisted, moving out of Harry's reach. "Kingsley gave you the day off so we could be with Mother for her last transfusion, not so we could fuck all day. Now get dressed. Look at it this way, at least, the hospital is a lot more pleasant since Toadface got sacked." His words were scolding, but his voice was light and loving.

Harry snorted. "If I'd known it would be so easy to get her sacked, I'd have done it long ago. I thought she was just a bitch. I had no idea her attempt to deny your mother medical care was illegal. One rant with Kingsley and the bitch was gone."

"Probably didn't hurt that George and Susan kept sneaking her that potion." Draco laughed. "She had no idea why she was missing shifts. She was really starting to look rather mad."

Draco's laughter was contagious and Harry found himself giggling, too.

Of course, his Draco was in a good mood. In a few short hours, his mother would receive a clean bill of health. After that he'd have Harry to himself for the rest of the day. Honestly, despite wanting to go back to sleep, Harry was in a damn good mood, too.

As he pulled a jumper over his head, his hand brushed against the chain around his neck and he smiled. He still never removed it. It was a piece of Draco he always kept with him.

Dressing in a bedroom that was three times the size of his old flat still felt strange. He could feel Draco watching him as he pulled on trousers. That part didn't feel weird. There was no part of his life he felt uncomfortable sharing with Draco. They'd seen the best and worst in each other, now it was just a matter of the in-between.

Once he was fully dressed, strong hands grabbed him from behind and lips attacked his neck.

"If you keep this up, I'm just going to get undressed again," he warned, reaching behind him to touch Draco.

"I'm just trying to get you in a good mood."

"Narcissa's finally well. I have the whole day off to be with you. Draco, I'm already in a good mood."

Letting go of Harry and stepping back, Draco sighed. "You might need to be in a better mood for what I'm about to ask you."

With a sigh of his won, Harry turned to face his lover. He knew what this was about. Before the day was over, they were bound to talk about it. He was actually kind of glad Draco was getting it out of the way first thing.

"You want to stay," Harry said, saving Draco from having to admit it.

Nodding, he looked away. "I know this was only supposed to be temporary. You agreed to live here while Mother was ill, for her benefit and mine. I promised you that we'd get out own place once she was well and if you want, we still can. But you're right, I want to stay. Mother and Father want us to stay, too."

Draco stared at Harry, waiting for an answer, but he said nothing. Harry knew Draco and he knew there was more to be said. He'd wait to respond. He wanted to hear everything his boyfriend had to say on the topic.

"We really are happy here. We have our own space. And I like being this close to my parents. Mother's not ready for us to leave. I still worry about Father. He's doing better, but he still has so much guilt from the war. You're good for him, you know. I knew you and Mother would get on well, but Father? Having your forgiveness and acceptance means a lot to him. At this point, he just enjoys your company. Not to mention, Aunt Dromeda's here all the time so it makes spending time with Teddy so easy."

When Draco stopped talking, Harry laughed. It wasn't the best response as Draco replied by crossing his arms and glaring.

"I'm sorry, love. You're just so cute."

Draco continued to glare, but Harry knew his next words would remove the unpleasant expression.

"Love," Harry said, taking his hand, "we can stay here as long as you want. You're right, we are happy here. I never thought I'd say this, but I've grown to enjoy your parents, even Lucius. And after everything that's happened over these last few years, I understand why you want to stay close to your family."

A wide smile spread across Draco's face and he threw his arms around Harry.

"You mean it? I thought for sure you'd want to leave."

"I want you to be happy."

"But are you happy?" Draco pulled back, staring into Harry's eyes.

"I've never been happier."