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Andy was leaning on the bar, lost in her thoughts as her look went wandering on the various drink bottles sitting on the counter in front of her. God, life in deep cover could be really lonely sometimes, she told herself while finishing the last sip of the beer that was in front of her. At this exact moment, just as if the universe had heard her thought, she felt someone touching her shoulder and she turned to see who was standing next to her.

"Can I buy you a drink?" The young man asked.

He was tall, dark haired and with dark eyes; he immediately reminded her of Sam even though he wasn't as handsome as her former TO. He was smiling at her and she smiled back despite the fact that she was going to decline his invitation.

"No, I'm waiting for someone actually." She answered motioning the empty seat that was on her left.

"Oh, I see, maybe another time then." He told her while smiling a last time before turning to the other side of the bar.

The door leading to the room finally opened and Andy turned back to see who was entering; it was the man she was waiting for. There wasn't a lot of clients in the bar tonight, and he could easily make his way across the floor until he was standing in front of her.

"Hey." She said as Nick bent a little to lay a small kiss on her lips.

"Hey." He softly answered before sitting on the stool she had kept for him.

He raised his hand to get the attention of the bartender and asked him for two more beers, one for him, and one for Andy who had just finished hers.

Yes, life in deep cover could be really lonely sometimes, and Andy was really grateful to have Nick with her in that task force. She was only starting to realize how hard it must've been like for Sam to stay absolutely away from his life for 8 months.

"So how was your day?" Nick asked before turning to look at her, smiling.

"Slow, I prepared myself for tonight and I finished going through my notes on yesterday's meeting." She answered before taking a sip of the beer that the bartender had just brought in front of her.

"What time are they getting here?" Nick continued, raising his arm to look at his watch, it was 8h07pm.

"Susan told me they would be here around 8h15." She told him before turning to see who was coming through the door; it was only a random man.

"You ready?" He asked her, raising his eyebrows, taking in the anxious look on Andy's face.

"I think I'm still able to have a drink with 'friends' without needing a master degree." She said before letting out a sigh, rolling her eyes.

"I never said the contrary." He replied, raising his hands in surrender.

He couldn't say anything else, because the couple they were waiting for opened the door of the bar and looked across the room. Andy raised her hand to call them and the young woman immediately recognized her, leading her husband with her to the other side of the bar.

Susan and Bill were the reason why Andy and Nick were in deep cover. Actually, Bill was, Susan was only the way they choose to get there. Recently married, they lived in an apartment downtown Toronto and the man concerned was one of the biggest heroine dealers in town, however, neither Andy nor the police knew what his wife implication in this was.

When Luke had brought them to be part of the task force, he had explained in simple details what was needed from them. Andy had just got a job as a receptionist in the same place than Bill's wife, and she simply had to become friends with her in order to get to her husband. Wasn't too complicated, but it wasn't easy either.

Bill was supposed to be holding a job as sales manager in a company which specialized in used cars, but the Toronto P.D. knew very well that it was only a cover-up to what he was actually doing; heroine dealing. In the last two months, Andy was able to establish a pretty strong friendship between her and Susan, and it was the fourth time that the two couples had been out for a drink at Bill's favourite bar.

Last time, Nick had told them that he had just lost his job, and the next step of their plan was based on the fact that their new friend would be likely to give him a job working for him.

"Hi Kate." Susan said while walking close to the young women, giving her a quick hug.

"Hey Susan." Andy answered, smiling to her.

The two men greeted each other, and Nick told them he would get their drinks while they found a table. Susan nodded and Nick went to join them immediately when he had the two beers in hand.

Andy and Susan were already in conversation about the last gossip going on at work, and he finally sat with them, putting down the bottles on the table.

"So Alex? How's your job hunting going? Found anything yet? The business man asked, turning to face him.

"No, actually." Nick answered as he closed his eyes for a moment, faking discouragement. "But if I don't find something soon, I think we won't be able to afford nights like this." He said smiling a little, showing the beer to show him what he was talking about.

"That would be sad, I think it's the first time that my wife doesn't tell me all the gossip that is going on at her job." Bill said while shaking his head.

"Oh trust me I'm as glad as you are to not be hearing about who slept with whom this week." Nick added while letting out a small laugh. "But sadly, life's a bitch sometimes!" He continued, shrugging.

"You know, I didn't want to talk to you about it before discussing it with the director, but there might be a job opening for you in my sales team." He started on a professional tone.

"That's real nice of you Bill, but I wouldn't want to take the spot of someone with better skills than me." He respectfully declined, trying to sound as honest as he could.

"What are you saying Alex, you're qualified for this job, in fact, you're overqualified, but since the wood industry isn't really at its best right now, I don't think you will be able to find a job in your line of work, so it can always help to have something else." He said, working on convince him.

Nick smiled, nodding slowly. He took a small sip of his beer before giving an answer to his proposition. Everything was going exactly as planned, and with a bit of luck, he would have a new job when he walked out of that bar tonight.

"Yeah, you got one thing right; the times are rough in my line work at the moment." Nick admitted before continuing. "If you really think it's okay, I think it could be a good solution." He said finally, lowering his eyes to the bottle he was holding in his hands.

"I wouldn't have offered it to you if I had thought otherwise." He said while putting a hand on his arm. "I would've asked you sooner, but I had to be sure it could work." He continued before taking off his hand.

"Okay, I'm in then, when do you want me to start?" Nick asked before putting his arm around Andy's shoulders, trying to get her attention.

"Just come by my office tomorrow and we'll deal with all the paperwork." Bill explained before turning to his wife to tell her.

"What's happening?" Andy asked while Nick was mindlessly playing on the back of her neck with his fingers.

"Bill just got me a job." He stated her with a smile.

"Oh really? That's wonderful honey!" She replied enthusiastically before drawing him close to her, quickly kissing him.

"Yes, really." The business man replied before giving a look to his wife that was sitting on his right.

The rest of the evening went by perfectly as planned between the laughter and the anecdotes from work. When the two couples finally left each other, it was well passed 11pm. Nick told Bill that he would see him the next day, and he shook his hand, thanking him again for everything that he was about to do for him.

Andy grabbed Nick's hand before taking him outside the bar, saying goodbye to their friends before taking place in the young man's truck. As soon as they were out of sight, Andy took her hand back and placed it on her knees.

Yes, she like Nick a lot, but even if they had been pretending to be a married couple for now more than two months, she was absolutely incapable of seeing him as anything more than a brother; she was sincerely hoping that it wasn't too much obvious to the people outside them. Nick and she really got along well, and she was glad that he had been chosen to do this deep cover operation with her, but her affection towards him only went that far.

"That was a pretty great evening." He told her with a wide grin without turning to look at her.

"Yeah, it was." She replied, his statement getting her out of her thoughts.

"Now we just have to find out what's really going on in this business of his, it shouldn't be that hard." He started before correcting himself, seeing the skeptic look on Andy's face. "Okay, maybe it won't be that easy, but the hard part is behind us."

"You're probably right." She agreed, nodding her head. "I just hope it won't take another two months." She said quietly, turning her gaze to the buildings that were passing by her window.

"You miss your old life McNally?" Nick asked, turning to her, letting the road out of his sight for a quick moment.

"I didn't think I would miss it that much actually." She confessed, looking at him with a nostalgic look.

"Is it something or someone you're missing here?" He added while raising his eyebrow.

"Shut up and drive." She told him with a small laugh, hitting him in a friendly way.

Yeah, she was more than happy to not be in this thing with a complete stranger…

Sam was quickly driving the police car in the dark streets of Toronto; he was silent, just like he had been in the last two months. Silent, in a bad mood, and everyone learned at their expense that it wasn't a good thing to bother him when he was in that dark place of his.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Epstein took the radio that was crackling on his left and pushed the button on it, breaking the silence that was filling the small space of the car since they had taken custody of a suspect on King Street.

"1519, we have the suspect in custody, ETA five minutes." He quickly said before putting the radio back down.

When they got to the station, Sam said something about Dov taking care of the suspect and then just disappeared inside, letting the young man deal with the suspect that must've at least been 6'2 and 250lbs.

Telling himself that he had a long day, Sam post-bonded his paperwork until the next day and went to the locker room. It was already 10pm and he was no more capable of listening to the non-stopping sound of Dov's voice talking about random things. In fact, since Andy had just disappeared into the night, there wasn't a lot of thing that he was capable to tolerate.

"Hey you okay?" Oliver asked him after he pushed the small door leading to the room where his locker was.

"Yeah, 'm fine." He told him on a dry tone before quickly opening his locker.

"Come on Sammy, how much longer are you gonna be mad at me?" He asked him, getting up of the bench he was sitting on.

"I'm not mad at you." He continued on a cold tone before slamming the door of his locker.

"Come on buddy, I've known you for a pretty long time, I know you're angry at me right now." Oliver continued.

"I don't know Oli, maybe if you hadn't pushed me that hard to go talk to Andy, I wouldn't have looked like a complete idiot in front of all the precinct, and I wouldn't still have to go through this each day." He told his friend while raising his hands up in the air.

"Sam, I know that it hurt you that Andy left that way okay? But maybe if you wouldn't have waited that long to talk to her, it would've been different." He told him, holding his gaze.

"I'm not hurt; I just can't believe I actually let you give me some relationship advice after everything that happened these last few months." Sam told him before turning back to face the door.

Whatever he was trying to let everyone believe, it was the truth that Andy leaving had upset him in ways he didn't think were even possible. He had literally put his heart on the table when he told her that he would do anything to prove it to her. He told her he wanted a second chance, practically begged her for one, but she had just left. He had to stay there, alone at the bar, having a drink with Gail as the woman he loved just took off with Nick for an unknown amount of time.

Sam knew now that he had been a complete jerk to leave her in the parking of the Penny, but at the moment, it seemed like the good thing to do; he had regretted it every second since then. He would've given anything he owned to be able to go back in time and change this moment where he left her crying under the rain, but it was done and he couldn't do anything about it now.

Since Andy had left, he knew that it was one of the favourite gossiping subjects at the station. How Sam had told Andy he loved her and that he would do anything to prove it to her, and how she had left in the night without even saying goodbye to him. Sam knew that he shouldn't be blaming Oliver for this, since he had always been there for him, but he couldn't stop thinking that if Oli hadn't pushed him to confess his feeling to Andy, people wouldn't look at him like he just got his heart broken; which actually wasn't too far from the truth. But if there was one thing that he hated above it all, it was all the pity looks he had gotten in the first week.

"Look, Oliver, I know that it isn't your fault, I'm not the easiest man to be around these days. I'm sorry." He said, finally admitting that he had been hard on him in the last couple of months.

"I know Sammy. If you want to have a drink I'll be at the Penny." Oliver told him while putting his hand on his shoulder in a comforting gesture.

Sam nodded even if he wasn't planning on going to the bar tonight, he would probably just go crash on his couch alone with a beer and watch the last hockey match. Oliver finally got out of the locker room and Sam pinched the bridge of his nose for a second before running his hand across his face.

Taking a deep breath, he exited the small room and made his way across the precinct, going for the door before he was interrupted by Luke who asked him to come see him.

"Sam, do you have a minute?" The detective asked while waving his hand at him.

He walked to Callaghan's office and crossed his arms, raising his eyebrows, waiting for the man to tell him what he had called him in for.

"I hear you have my suspect in custody? For the Rosario Evans murder?" Luke said while slowly playing with his pen.

"Yeah, Dov was booking him last time I saw him." He replied while making a sign towards the room in question.

"Great, that's good news." He told him with a smile.

"Whatever." Sam said before turning back to exit the detective's office.

"Hey Sam, I know I'm not your favourite person right now, but you could at least make an effort." He stated while the other man was about to go through the door.

"Yeah well, you should've thought about this before sending Andy in deep cover god knows where." He said rudely.

"That's not fair, I needed someone; Andy applied, it's not like I forced her to do anything." Luke explained to him.

"I heard you told her no in the morning, and then you decide to choose her after hearing me ask her to join me at the bar and I'm supposed to think it has nothing to do about me?" He grunted between his teeth.

"Sam, I had decided to choose her a while before I heard your conversation. Andy's a good cop, you trained her well, and I had to take a quick decision when Tracy told me she couldn't do it. Don't make me responsible for the choice she made by leaving." He continued while Sam turned back to look at him.

"If you say so, detective." Sam told him while waving his hand in the air.

"Wait, Sam, look, I know we never were the best friends ever, but I'm not blind either. I know very well that she was happier with you than she never was with me. She had that bounce in her steps, twinkle in her eyes, and then you left her alone. I didn't think you were planning on asking her out, I just had to make a decision." He continued on a tone that Sam thought was sincere, and he lowered his eyes to the ground for an instant.

"You still won't tell me where she is?" Sam asked even if he already knew the answer to this question.

"You know I can't do that Sam." He replied on a sympathetic tone.

"Yeah. I know it's okay." He told him, nodding.

"Goodnight." The detective told him while Sam was going through the door.

The cop nodded again before getting out of the office, crossing the room towards the exit door. He got out and let the fresh air clear his mind, taking in the small wind that was blowing on Toronto.

Opening the door of his truck, he slowly got inside and let his head rest on the back of his seat. Whatever he had been trying to make everyone believe in the last two months, and even if he knew he somehow deserved it, he couldn't help but have the feeling that Andy took his heart with her when she left…

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