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Isabella Marie Swan felt the wind on her face as she drove down the road, she passed the sign proclaiming: "Welcome to Forks." Forks -oh the memories flooded in on her: The days of sun of rain; of tears of fights; friends and enemies. She hadn't been back in 6 years. She had gone away to college on the east coast, to get her teaching degree and was finally back. Back where it all began and back to where it all ended in two years time. Back, for she had a position as an English Teacher at the high school. As she passed the familiar school, she tried not to think of what sent her packing six years ago, right after graduation.

The words keep running through her head, "Bella, I love you, but I made a mistake and Lauren's pregnant." She felt a single tear force its way down her porcelain cheek. She'd only loved one boy her whole life and that one boy had betrayed her, sent her running for cover. It had taken six years countless, sleepless nights; millions of tears and thousands of reassurances that she could do it but she was finally back to where it all began.

Bella had moved to Forks to live with her dad when she was 16. Her mom had remarried and Bella had felt in the way. She'd met the Cullen's and the Hales her second day there. She and Alice had become the best of friends. Emmett had been the big brother she'd never had and wasn't sure she wanted. Jasper had been her best guy friend and Rose was great to, but it was Edward with his bronze hair, and shining green eyes that she had fallen in love with.
They'd started to date a month after she moved in and for two years she thought everything had been perfect. She'd been happy and, at the time, she'd believed he'd been happy to; until that day it had all came tumbling down around her. Cheating…lies…Insecurities…It was all there; she just wasn't sure how she hadn't seen it before - Maybe it was because she hadn't wanted to see it. In retrospect, all the signs had been there, she just hadn't wanted to believe them so she'd closed her eyes tightly to the truth.

She was just glad she'd been accepted into Brown, the school that became her salvation, but she couldn't hide from her demons forever and she missed her father. Sure she talked him weekly but it wasn't the same. The school had called her about interviewing for the job opening so she'd decided to take a chance, take a leap, and here she was, job in hand, a place already lined up to live and her stuff packed in the back with the moving truck due in a few hours.

She pulled into her new driveway and looked at the little two bedroom house she'd rented. She could have lived with her father but she felt like she needed her own space. She unpacked some of the things she'd need for the night and the few groceries she had brought. She didn't unpack much because she was waiting on the furniture to come through. She figured she'd call Jasper and Alice later to help her move in. After she'd left, she'd keep in touch with Alice- not close touch but they still spoke - the one rule they held was: 'We shall not speak of Edward.' Bella figured he probably lived around here, somewhere, but she didn't know where, and she wasn't going to go looking for him.
Emmett was the gym teacher at the High school and Jasper worked there too, so she'd see a lot of them. She would just have to deal with everything as it came. She had to constantly remind herself: She was no longer 18. She was strong. She was independent. And she no longer loved Edward Cullen.

Rose and Alice both had jobs around town. Alice had opened a small clothing store and Rose did some small modeling jobs but had taken time off as she was pregnant. Rose had always wanted kids so Bella was super happy for her friend's good fortune.

After Bella had most of her car unpacked she decided she'd cook a quick dinner. Unpacking some pots and pans, she made some spaghetti. After she was finished and had placed the few dishes in the sink, she packed up the leftovers and decided that she would take it to Charlie at the station. She'd talked to him earlier in the day so she knew he was working. She also knew he didn't have the best eating habits. She got into her car and drove to the station parking. She made her way into the familiar station; started to head towards the back where she knew her father's office was. A few of the older officers waved and said "Hi". She smiled and waved back. "Can I help you," a voice came behind her. She turned to tell the person 'No, she was fine,' but the words died on her lips. Instead only one word came out.

"Edward." Shocked green eyes met brown. Edward Cullen was standing in front of her a cop uniform on a badge that clearly said deputy and looking no different than he had at 18. She understood Alice not telling her- They had an agreement- but why in the Hell hadn't her own father warned her that he was working with her lying, cheating, scum of an Ex; and why was her heart beating a mile a minute; and Why couldn't she look away. A minute ago she was: A confident, 24 year old, ready to face her demons. Now, she was once again a betrayed 18 year old, trying to find the answer -Why? - to a question she wasn't sure she even wanted to know the answer to.

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