After the events that took place in New York, everything seemed to be at peace. I was no longer being chased by Dubois. The Zoosters and I are no longer fugitives and are now living the life in Circus Zaragoza. Its a good life, we wake up then decide where our next performance will be and we practice till we get there. Doesn't that sound so exciting? Well technically it isn't but if you're circus driven like Gia, Vitaly, or Stephano I guess you call it exciting. I keep interested, because our performances are beautiful and get exhilarating reviews. I also have eyes for Gia, but my mind is mentally forbidding me of asking her out. I don't want to ask her out and have her reject me, and then our trapeze act would be awkward. Even if she was to accept, there is that chance we would brake up and it'll still get awkward. I think its best for me, her, everyone else, and the circus if we don't get together. Like everyone else says, "circus stays with circus" and if me and Gia getting together means braking that circus bond then we are better off not together.

"Uh, I hate mornings.", said a groggy Alex

Alex gets up and gets ready for a new day of practicing trapeze with Gia. As soon as he steps out the door...

"Hiya!", Said a overly happy Gia

Alex gets frightened and falls off the train platform onto his face. "Hello Gia, what are doing at my door this early in the morning?", questioned Alex

"Oh nothing, just thought you would want to have breakfast with me. What do you say?", said Gia with those big puppy eyes that no one can resist

"Well maybe... okay I will, so why are you so happy this morning?", said Alex in a normal tone

"Well, I had this great idea for trapeze and I wanted to discuss to you about it. That is why I wanted to eat breakfast with you!", said an over enthusiastic Gia

"Oh...", said a disappointed Alex

A sulking Gia said, "What? You don't want change?"

Alex gave an accuse and said, "Oh no no, its not that; I am still groggy from this morning. Well where we eating breakfast so you can discuss your idea with me"

Not buying Alex's accuse Gia says, "Well I wanted to take a blanket and eat on the grass. If you don't mind that?"

Alex smiled and said, "Sounds good to me! What is on the menu?"

Gia smiled a little and said, "Well there is lotsa things, we could eat that steak you told me you loved so much? You know when you were still in the Zoo".

Alex gave off a frown , " Gia that was in the past, steak is no where as good as fish. You shouldn't take my past stories so literally".

Gia started laughing , "You're the one who said that you loved steak".

"Yeah, but I didn't really mean it. I love fish more" said a aggravated Alex

Gia got mad a little, " Don't get mad at me".

Alex calmed down a little, "Sorry, I didn't mean it. I just love fish more. Okay"?

Gia smiled, "Well maybe you should say the word love so much? Love is a strong word and should only say it when you truly mean it".

A confused Alex said, "Well I suppose so... I don't love steak, I like steak but I like fish more".
Gia giggled,"Yes, you understand".

A understanding Alex said, "Yeah I understand, no more using the word love unless I truly mean it".

Gia gave off a warm smile, "Indeed, well I will get the blanket. Pick a nice spot for us to sit".

"Okay Gia", said Alex

Gia went into one of the train carts and retrieved a blanket and made her way outside then said, "Alex I got the blanket! Did you find us a good spot"?

"Yeah, I hope you like the spot I chose", said Alex.

Alex chose to put the blanket on a flat surface. This flat surface was facing into a direction that was pointing the busy country of Brazil. When they set up the whole blanket with food, the whole idea looked like a picnic only there was no basket.

"Wow", said a impressed and memorized Gia

"You like the view Gia?", said Alex

"Oh yes, it's very beautiful", said a still memorized Gia

"So what change did you want to make to our act?", questioned Alex but got no answer

"..., Uh Gia! Gia, Gia, Gia. GIA!" said a frightened Alex

"What did you say again?", said a confused Gia

"I was asking you what your idea was for our act and what happened there", said Alex

"Oh it was nothing. The view memorized me, and the change I wanted to make ain't much of a change. Its more of an add-on.", said Gia

"Add on?", Alex said with a blank face

"Yeah, in the middle of our act I wanted to know if you wanted to add some spice to our act, with a little dance. I know you like dancing!", said Gia impressed with her idea

"Hm, sounds like a good idea to me. What gave you the idea?", said a obviously impressed and interesting Alex

"Oh the idea just came to me and I am glad you like it", said a happy Gia

"Well it sounds good, should we start practicing as soon as breakfast is done? I am starving, and looking at this food is not helping", said a starving Alex

"Oh yeah, I was so caught up in the memorizing view and the new idea that I forgot that we had to eat breakfast", said Gia

Both Gia and Alex ate breakfast, and as soon as they were done they went to the trapeze to try the new idea out... Alex and Gia started there act out as usually. Swinging from bar to bar, and catching each other. This went on for a little, then they stopped in the middle platform and started free style dancing. Until Gia spoke up...

"Hey do you think freestyling would attract customers?", asked a curious Gia

"Maybe, not really. What do you want to dance?", asked Alex

"Well I was thinking since you're a male lion, and I am a female Jaguar that the people might want to see us dance together.", smiled Gia

"I see what you mean but what kind of dance? Like a waltz?", asked a curious Alex

"Hm, maybe but how about a Salsa or Tango?", said Gia giving options

"Salsa sounds nice.", smiled Alex

"Very good choice.", said Gia

"But the thing is, I don't know Salsa.", said a disappointed Alex

"I am kinda surprised that Alex; the lion that can dance to almost anything; can't dance to Salsa", said Gia happily

"Never really had a chance to learn it", said Alex

"Don't worry it's easy, I will teach you", said Gia

Gia and Alex where doing the Salsa on the middle platform while everyone watched in awe. To everyones surprise Alex and Gia's Salsa moves were very good and a good idea to attract customers. Alex and Gia where dancing happily. Alex made a wrong move and his foot fell off the platform causing his whole body to fall head first onto the ground; missing the net.

"Alex, are you okay!", asked a concerned Gia who quickly jumped down to attend to her feline friend but got no response. Vitaly carried Alex into this cart and Kowalski did a diagnostic. It was an hour before Kowalski got of Alex's cart.

"Well he alive. I say he will be awake soon", said Kowalski

A sigh of relief swept through all the worried circus animals.

"Thank you!", said a sulking Gia to Kowalski. She was feeling guilty thinking that it was her fault for trying something different, and it almost killed Alex. Gia approaches the bed where Alex lies and starts crying.

"I am sorry Alex", whimpered Gia. "I just wanted to try something new, and that new thing almost killed you".

"I just wanted you to know that when you asked where I got the idea from and I said it came to me.

Well it didn't, I dreamed it the night before.", said a depressed Gia

Gia's Dream

Gia was dancing Salsa with Alex; he was wearing a top hat with sleeves, and I had nothing on but my necklace. It looked like they were preforming at a performance. She couldn't identify where the performance was, but the crowd was going wild. This put a smile on Gia's face.

"Alex they love us", said Gia really happily

"Not as much as I love you", said Alex

"Huh", said a confused Gia. Right after she said huh, Alex placed his lips on Gia's and they embraced each other in front of all the circus animals, and the crowd they were with. When they pulled away they could feel the love between them. Alex staring dreamingly into Gia's eyes, with a seductive smile on his face.

Gia's Dream Over

"That is all it was, and it was the best dream I had ever", said Gia

"I hope you make a full recovery soon", said Gia and she pecked Alex on the forehead before making an exit.

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