"Ouch, stupid clowns throwing me into the trunk!", said an angered Xavier

"They got you to", asked Alex

"Oh hey Alex, this is where you disappered to", said Xavier

"Yeah, like three minutes after you left the net sprang to life", said Alex

"I am sorry", said Xavier

"It's cool son, so what did you find out", said Alex

"Well apparently, I escaped the people who I just got captured by", said Xavier

"Really, do you by chance know these fellows names?", asked Alex

"They go by the name Circo Stupore. They are a rival circus to Circus Zaragoza, but they weren't that

good. So they stole the second generation of Circus Zaragoza like myself, in an attempt to make their circus better. I also found out that this future isn't that bad apart from the theft of all the children. I have siblings in this future, I have a nice scar; in which I self inflicted, and everyone has their mates. Its like a perfect future, only we got the one problem.", said Xavier

"Circo Stupore, is that Italian? Who cares, I guess we are going to an animal version of jail. Prepare yourself.", said Alex

"I think its Italian, but I am not certain. Animal version of a jail, you mean like a zoo?", questioned Xavier

"No, zoo's are much nicer. They wouldn't throw you in the trunk.", said Alex

"I see, why are you so depressed?", asked Xavier

"Its not that I am depressed, Its I fell ill.", said Alex

"Ill", questioned Xavier

"Yeah ill, like I feel heavy. I fell faint, and my joints are stiff", said Alex

"They is very unusual. Did you by chance any eating recently", said Xavier

"No, last time I recall eating was with Gia", said Alex

"Then I have no clue what is wrong, but hopefully it isn't nothing serious", said Xavier

"Hopefully, but if it is would it effect the future by chance?", asked Alex

"I suppose so, but I don't think you have anything", said Xavier

"I'll take your word for it son", said Alex

"The vans has started up", said Xavier

"And the tires trending the ground will haunt you and will intensify with each trend it takes to Circo Stupore.", said Alex

"Are you sure you feel okay", said Xavier

"I feel fine", said Alex

"I mean your muffled voice is making it hard to hear you", said Xavier

"Why does my voice sound muffled? I don't have anything near my mouth", asked Alex

"Indeed, but your voice sounds muffled. Is something happening to you", asked Xavier

"Not as far as I seems", said Alex

"Not only is your voice muffled but you are becoming transparent", said Xavier

"Transparent!", screamed Alex in the comment Xavier made

"Yeah, transparent. It seems like I see the floor inside of you", said Xavier

"I don't understand! It seems like I am disappearing", said Alex

"Disappearing? Oh I understand, I changed history that means you are being deleted from history.", said Xavier

"Deleted?", questioned Alex

"Yeah, the happy joyful Alex is being deleted for the new unhappy, unmotivated, and undesirable Alex", said Xavier

"I don't think I like the future now", said Alex

"It doesn't matter, you won't remember it", said Xavier

"I know, so this means you didn't need me all along", said Alex

"Yeah, I guess so but I thought I needed you", said Xavier

"I guess you didn't think a rock could change the future", said Alex

"Nope not at all, I was thinking of a more stealthy approach.", said Xavier

"Well things seem to be changing for the better, but be sure to change my depressed attitude back to the cheery me, understand", said Alex

"I will father but remember I know nothing of this future so I don't even know much about why you are depressed", said Xavier

"I don't understand that, why is it you exist in this future as a escapee from Circo Stupore and not remember a bit of it?", asked Alex

"That I have not yet figured out, unless I am suppose to be deleted as well because the future where I was from was deleted. But if that is true then I would be disappearing with you. That is not the case, I seem to belong here. Just something sapped my memory", said Xavier

"I suppose so. Do you think it will continuously come back to you?", questioned Alex

"Maybe, but I am not certain. Hopefully it does because talking to my family, friends and having no clue what they are talking about is an horrible feeling", said Xavier

"Never felt it", said Alex

"And never will", said Xavier

"Am I getting more transparent?", asked Alex

"What did you say Alex?", questioned Xavier

"Am I getting more transparent?", asked Alex again

"I can't hear you", said Xavier

"It seems my time is drawing near. Have a nice future Xavier", said Alex

"What?", questioned Xavier and in front of Xavier, Alex waves goodbye and disappears.

"Oh, I now understand. Tragedy after tragedy, when will it stop. Or will the tragedies follow me forever. All I know is I am going to Circo Stupore, and I need to find a way out. Hopefully the other animals can shed light on my foggy memory, and they will follow me to freedom from Circo Stupore. Only time will tell.

Xavier lies down and falls asleep...

I hope you liked the final chapter of "Alex into the Future". Yes I am ending it here, but I am making the sequel. I am writing it now. It's sad that I had to get rid of Alex, but why would Xavier's brother and sister say to Xavier having their father with him only younger.

Thank you for reading! ^-^