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My eye lids fluttered opened as I felt light shine across my face. I looked around the room and noticed that it wasn't the one I had been staying in. After a few minutes of thinking about it, I finally remembered that Ciel was having me stay in his room as long as Alois was on the hunt for me. I was so confused about the whole thing that it even hurt just thinking about it. I then felt someone shift next to me; I turned over to see Ciel still asleep. His hair was covering his left eye; so I propped myself up on my elbow and I gently pushed it out of the away. It didn't look damaged at all, 'So why does he wear that eye patch of his? Maybe he is blind in that eye.' I thought. I continued to stare at him not even thinking about anything, I had also forgotten that my hand rested on his cheek. I studied his features. 'He's just as pale as I am.' I thought, 'Though I highly doubt we are destined for the same future.' When I heard voices coming from outside the door and the door knob slightly jiggle I jerked my hand back and sat up all the way. The doors open to Sebastian and Yasu engaged in small talk.

"Milady, you're awake already," Yasu said, "Come let's go get ready, we have a very busy day today." Yasu helped me down from the bed and when we were walking out I heard Sebastian waking Ciel, I turned around to catch a glimpse of his eye, but right as he opened his eyes Yasu pulled me out of the room, into the hallway.

Yasu dressed me in a dark red dress, the sleeves hung off my shoulders and all in all it was a pretty plan dress. On our way down to the dining room, for breakfast, Yasu informed me on today's schedule; I would begin my schooling with a few different teachers, I had some sort of history I needed to learn on England before the wedding, some musical instrument, and other things about life in London, then at noon I would meet up with Ciel for lunch in the garden, afterwards I would have a short lesson on etiquette, and then Ciel would take me to his favorite places in London, also while doing this I am not allowed to wonder off alone, Yasu made that one very clear. To be quite honest I wasn't really listening to her, I had so many questions running around in my head it was hard to focus on anything, and even the small talk Ciel tried to make at breakfast was hard to focus on. As the morning progressed I was quite bored, each lesson was dull and boring and the teachers spoke in such monotone voices! As hard as I tried to focus and learn from them I found out it was a very difficult thing to do. I must also have to say that the English customs are quite different from what I'm used to; they can also be quite confusing at times. When it came time to have lunch with Ciel we each talked about our day so far.

"So how were your lessons today, what instrument did you decide on playing? Are the mentors treating you fairly?" Ciel asked taking a sip of tea and placing the cup back down.

"Well, it's defiantly quite different that's for sure." I laughed, "And excuse me for saying this, but the teachers are so boring, I found it very hard to stay focused. I tried my best, but their voices are so dull! I don't see how you stand it. Oh and as for the instrument I decided on the cello, it makes such a wonderful sound, what about you how has your day been so far?" As weird as it seemed I found it quite easy to talk to Ciel, granted that I'm really not that shy of a person, but sometimes it can be hard for me to be comfortable around someone.

"I've been quite busy, there is a lot of work to be done; letters from the queen, going to investigations, and I have a ton of paper work that needs to be filled out for the factories, it's nice to sit down and relax for a few moments." Ciel paused a moment. "I'm glad to hear everything is going okay, and yes even I also find it hard to focus sometimes, the mentors can be quite boring, but we must endure it." Ciel chuckled, we continued on with such small talk until we had to go our separate ways. Ciel went back to his study to finish the paper work he had talked about and Yasu and I went to the parlor to wait for my etiquette teacher to arrive. It was quite stupid sounding to me, I was already properly trained in etiquette; I was a princess after all. Yasu told me I needed to be taught in the ways of the English so that I could make a fine wife for Ciel and because we did some things differently than the English. While we were waiting a man with glasses, long red hair and a long red coat came tip-toeing in,
"OH BASSY THER- wait a minute you're not Sebastian." The man seemed disappointed and his facial expression dropped to an annoyed one, then back to an excited one, "Your dress is beautiful! Though it would look better in a brighter shade of red, it still looks darling on you! You know I'm not fond of kids, but I could get used to you!" The man got quite close to me taking my hand and swirling me around.
"Are you my etiquette mentor for this evening?" I questioned holding my head from the dizziness his swirling had caused. Yasu came up and steadied me. I looked up at her and she looked very annoyed, with the man.
"Etiquettes teacher you say?" He tilted his head and looked at me before bursting into more energy and excitement, "YES! That's why I'm here, I'm Grell Sutcliffe here to teach you all about etiquette and such."

"Um, alright Mr. Sutcliffe-"
"Call me Grell dear."

"Oh, um, Grell, what will we be going over first today?" I asked sitting back down on the chair and brushing off my dress.

"First off: shoulders squared, sit up straight, and have a look of confidence. You are a young lady and you need to show of confidence." The rest of lesson went on sort of like that, Grell was moving me around and correcting everything I did wrong. His lesson was much more interesting than the others I had had that day; I was even enjoying myself from time to time. Grell was a really colorful character and he was really funny. Close to the end of the lesson Sebastian came rushing in looking just as annoyed as Yasu did,

"Grell! What on earth are you doing here in the middle of Lady Shima's lesson?!" Sebastian yelled and Grell pranced over to Sebastian.

"I was teaching her proper etiquette, as you can see her actual mentor hasn't arrived yet." Grell pouted and crossed his arms, while turning away from Sebastian.

"Wait a minute! You're not my actual teacher!" I yelled, I wasn't really upset with him or anything, but I was just really confused as to what was happening.

"There is nothing to worry about, Lady Shima, I received a call from your mentor saying that he wasn't going to be able to make it to today's lesson, when I came to notify you I heard Grell's obnoxious voice." Sebastian said with slight irritation, while closing his eyes. "I rushed in here immediately after hearing him. You are alright aren't you?"

"Yes I'm fine; Yasu is here and wouldn't let anything happen. I'm also not upset, I just want to know what exactly is going on here, and I'm really tired of being confused, so could someone please explain to me what's going on." I sighed and put my hands on my hips. Then at that moment Ciel decided to burst in,

"What on earth is going on in here, and what is Grell doing here of all people?" Ciel yelled also very irritated.

"Great, as if this wasn't confusing enough." I muttered.

"Please allow me to explain to all of you what's going on here," Yasu said, "Alright, this is what happened; Milady and I were waiting for her etiquette mentor to arrive when this man showed up, we assumed that he was her mentor, since he had walked in and then said he was here to teach her, after Milady had asked him. Now we just found out that Grell isn't really her etiquette mentor and that he is an imposter." Yasu informed everyone still as irritated as before.

I turned to look at Grell, "So you're not really my etiquette teacher?" I asked tilting my head.

"Sorry dearie, but no I'm not; I was really here to see my dear sweat Bassy until I stumbled upon you, but look on the bright side I've taught you a lot!" Grell put his hands on his hips. "And you're a darling little thing!"

"Sebastian, will you please escort Grell out of my manor this instant." Ciel ordered Sebastian as he walked over to me side.

"Yes, my lord, it would be my pleasure." Sebastian grinned picking up Grell and running out of the room while Grell was shouting things about their love.

Ciel took a huge breathe and closed his eye and with one hand rubbed his head. "You know he wasn't all that bad and he did kind of teach me few things." I smiled sheepishly up at Ciel, who seemed to grow more irritated.

"I would suggest doing anything he taught you, he knows nothing about etiquette." Ciel looked at me with a serious face, "Come one lets go to one of my few favorite places in London." Ciel pulled me along to the door.

"Ciel, wait," I stopped him, "When we get there will you please answer my questions." I slightly demanded.

He paused and looked away, "I'll try to answer what I can, but I can't promise an answer to all of your questions."

I sighed, "Fine then, let's go."

We arrived at a park on the other side of London. There were a lot of trees, bushes, and a beautiful garden that was set up as a maze. Yasu and Sebastian walked a few feet behind us as we walked around.

"What is that you wanted to ask me?" Ciel started off.

"Well first off who is Alois and why does he hate you so much?" I asked as we began walking around in the maze.

"Alois is the queen's spider, just like I am her guard dog; he works directly under her majesty's orders. We don't like each other for many reasons, reasons I don't wish to tell you until I feel the time is right." Ciel explain. Though I wasn't too happy with his answer I was at least getting somewhere.

"Alright, who was Grell and why does he irritate everyone?" I asked with a sort of laugh.

Ciel sighed with irritation, "A nuisance that has an infatuation with Sebastian and irritating people is just something he does. Now can I talk to you about something?" Ciel stopped for a moment and looked at me.

"Yes of course, what is it?" I said looking over at him.

"I received a letter from the Queen today, about our wedding; she wants us to start making plans for what we want in our wedding. So I arranged it that tomorrow we would take the day to start making plans." Ciel said formally.

"Alright, that's fine and it means I don't have to sit through those lessons." I lightly giggled.

"Hm, yes, now I believe it's mine turn to ask you question." Ciel continued walking and I followed beside him.

"Alright ask away." I said.

"Why did you decide to give your country up? What made you decide that it was right to turn it over to our Queen?" Ciel asked me looking straight ahead as we turned around a corner.

"Well after my parents were killed I was put into power and let me tell you it's not easy for a girl my age." I laughed, "I had to make a lot of hard decisions, handing over my country was one of them, but in the end I knew that it wasn't what I felt that mattered; I knew I had to do what was right for my country and for my people. It was Yasu who brought me here, without her help I wouldn't have known where to start." We reached the end of the maze by the time I was done telling Ciel about why I came to England and it was beginning to get dark.

"That was very brave of you Lady Shima; it must have taken a lot of courage." Ciel looked at me.

"To be honest I'm still not set on the whole idea, but I know that your Queen will do well for my country." I smiled up at him. "And you do know you can call me Shima right, just Shima."

"Alright, if that's what you want." Ciel held out his arm for me to link mine with his, "Come on let's go back to the manor it's getting late"

My smile widen, "Thank you, Ciel." And we linked arms as we walked back to the carriage. Tonight I would need all the rest I could get, because tomorrow was going to be a very busy day.

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