Why Do We Have A Return Button?

By E.I.W

So this was inspired by all the theories people have on facebook and tumblr.

It's one shots and that's it. If you want to expand on what I've written just message me.

I'm doing this for fun, my grammar's not always great I apologize in advance if that's annoys you.

One Shot #1

A/N I'm addressing Deb as Jane because in my mind Deb was better off being Jane.

"So?" Jane said standing there looking at an angry Owen. It had been months since they talked, it was understandable, right? Why had Owen chosen this moment to knock on Jane's door?

"I'm sorry, how many times am I going to have to tell you it was a kiss on the cheek." Jane groaned.

"You've got it all wrong." Owen said smug. Jane looked at him, confused if it wasn't the wedding, then what could it be?

"What do you want then?" Jane asked annoyed. "Interesting you have asked that." Owen responded. "Owen, I may be out of line, but you're not the same man I fell in love with. You're mean and vicious. What happen to him?" Jane questioned concern.

"Deb broke his heart." Owen responded with a smirk. Jane is stunned and couldn't grasp her words. "That's right I'm back and I want my body back." Owen said.

One Shot #1

One Shot # 2

Stacy was about to close up the Pakery, when he walked in.

"Hi, I'll have a pake." he said with a goofy looking smile. Stacy observe him, she felt like she knew him but had never met him in her entire life. She served him one of her chocolate raspberry pakes. (A/N pakes taste amazing)

"Sure, do we know each other?" She questioned. "No, I'm Fred, you?" Fred answered with a smile.

"Stacy, are you sure?" Stacy asked disappointed. "I'm new in town; my cousin's going through something." Fred answered.

"Oh I'm sorry, what's wrong with him?" She asked as she started wiping down the counter. "He's having trouble remembering how to be him, had a heart attack at his wedding and everything's a blur." Fred answered. "Owen French?" Stacy questioned.

"You know him?" Fred questioned. "Yeah, it was my best friend Jane's wedding." Stacy said cringing a little.

"I know this is short notice but do you want to go out sometime?" Fred questioned. "Yea, know what I do." Stacy said with a smile.

"You know I feel like something's been missing from my life, and this pake is making it go away a little." Fred said. "It's funny, that's what inspired the pake." Stacy said with a laugh.

One Shot # 2

One Shot # 3

Fred panic trying to cover that dreaded return key. Real Jane was worst then Deb. Real Jane would out smart him, Deb wasn't that smart. The comparisons weren't scaring him, Jane's confidence was though. "Come on what button was it?" Jane asked. "That can't ever happen again." Fred said trying to close his screen. Jane managed to hit the button before he could do anything.

Dear Luke,

Stop with the letters, seriously how many times do I have to asked that? Also does anyone not see a problem with the return button? Real Jane's soul's looking for a vessel. Also who waits four years to fight to get their life back?

Hating the Return Button,

I'm probably returning.

I hate return button.

Seriously why do we have that button?


One Shot # 3