Shot # 5 Life's Not Fair

It was a busy day at the office. Jane was constantly in and out all day.

Teri sat at her desk, waiting for Jane's next call. It didn't seem like she was having a good day at all.

Stacy walked in with a pake.

"Hey, Teri!" Stacy said happily. "You're up to something, spill." Teri said pulling her face away from the screen. "I'm in love with Owen and I know that is so wrong, and I can't help it." Stacy responded quickly.

"Forget about him and don't tell Jane." Teri said. "I know I can't tell Jane and I'm trying but he's constantly around the pakery and he's charming and Jane wouldn't mind." Stacy said.

"You're lying to yourself, no woman in the right mind would be okay with their best friend dating their ex-fiancé" Teri said.

"But there's something familiar about him, like I've met him in another life." Stacy whined. "Stacy, you know Jane she would so not be okay with that." Teri said as Stacy tried to control tears.

"It's not fair!" Stacy shouted.

Jane entered exhausted.

"What?" Jane questioned.

"Oh, nothing that important." Stacy said and then left.

"That was weird." Jane said.

"She remembers me somewhat." Owen said to Luke. "Fred there's something wrong there; you and I both know she should have no memory of you." Luke said. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you." Owen shouted at a tall curvy woman, with blonde hair with hazel eyes.

"If you've done your job right the first time, we both be happy." she said. "Yeah who the hell is she?" Luke asked confused.

"I'm Jane and you're a jackass." she said.

"Wait, I'm confused." Luke said. "That's not surprising, since I assumed your main job as Deb's guardian angel is not for her, but for your own selfish needs. I'm here for Fred." She said.

"That doesn't answer any question." Luke responded.

"Okay, I'm real Jane; Fred was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I hit return and God pretty much went no. Owen didn't want to come back, said he rather be dead then stay here and the big boss is kind of angry at Fred that this has happen twice. Also my punishment was to be a guardian angel, am I little bit full of resentment, hell yes but that doesn't mean I don't do my job right. Now for the last time Fred, you are Owen. Stacy doesn't remember Fred at all." She said.

Owen sunk into his chair.

"Don't you hate when they don't listen." she asked. "Absolutely, hey we should have drinks sometime." Luke said.

"You're not honestly hitting on me, right?" she responded. "Um, uh." Luke was stuttering, trying to get an answer. "Because buddy, I've been watching everything from up there, I mean everything, also I'm here for one reason." she responded.

"Also Fred, pull it together, you have a trail in a hour." she said. "Yes madam." Owen said. "I'll be back later." she said as she left.

"She's hot." Luke said. Owen just glared at him. "Life's not fair get over it." Luke said.