Me: Hey, everyone. KhaosOmega here with a new fanfic. This is a bit of a cross between Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the Pokemon Ranger series, and my PMTTYD-based Chaos Duel League. This story takes place in the VQ dimension system, which most GX people believe to have been destroyed seventy-some years prior to the beginnings of XQ.

Garret: The following is a KhaosOmega fanfic. Though the Chaos Duel League is of Khaos' creation, all references to other stuff not owned by Khaos belongs to their respective owners.

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Tiffany's POV

"Uh, Billy, why are we here? Clyde asked.

"Mom wanted us to become skilled Chaos Duelists and try to beat the mysterious and very strong Zelix Angels tag team. And Tiffany's been hoping to earn a slot in the GX-native XQ organization." Billy replied.

"She made that request two years ago, Billy." Clyde retorted. There was proof to that, as Garret had recorded that request when she said it. But last year she lost her life due to a mystery disease, so she can't be present in person when it occurs.

Before i get too carried away, i'm Tiffany, or Tiff as these guys refer to me. Despite the fact i adopted mom's maiden name after she died, Billy, Garret, and Clyde are my older brothers. Billy Nolan Flynn is the oldest, and the self-appointed leader. Almost no one messes with him. Garret Johan Flynn is the middle of my older siblings, age twenty (Billy's twenty-two) and has quite an arsenal of words at his disposal, the type to talk himself out of a situation if he sensed one brewing. Clyde Alex Flynn, age eighteen, is more of a slacker, as to why he prefers the Slaking line when it comes to Pokemon. I'm only sixteen, and the only girl of the four, but i've seen Jet Brazie, XQ captain, in action during Chaos Duels before, especially after this one girl from the OZ system became a formidable Chaos Duelist herself.

After mom died from the mysterious disease she had been fighting, dad pulled us aside and revealed mom's backstory. She only had one sibling, an older brother in another dimension. One year after Billy was born her brother's wife gave birth to a pink-haired girl known for having incredible luck. Seven years after that, when i was going on two, the girl's orange-haired sister was born. Both girls would join different iterations of a group of mostly girls dubbed the Galaxy Angels, the latter iteration being where the OZ-native i mentioned earlier was part of when a few incidents with the GX-native Team Vexus led to her joining XQ. Unlike the boys, i was into the Galaxy Angel manga series when i was twelve, when it started, and so when i showed my first issue of it to mom i easily guessed what her maiden name was. Before she met dad, one Gordor Flynn, partner to the Ranger Union's Professor Hastings, she was known as Avary Sakuraba. My full name after she died is Tiffany Masara Sakuraba, and, though my gender makes me quite into shopping and anything related to my appearance, i'm not as into fully showing my gender as others think. Sure, i made my hair color a darker pink after i met the older of mom's brother's kids, but i mainly opt for a tank or tube top and pants, though i very often wear heels. What i didn't know was that my assigned partner for this challenge had experienced the same thing i had.


Me: Well, there's the prologue. I made Tiffany have a much different look in this one, because her dress makes it easier for someone to rape her.

Tiffany: That was smart thinking there. Also makes it easier for Crimson of the Zenon Force to detect a potential rape and stop it early if that Detection Blocker spell isn't in play (unless the victim has her new Detector Bracelet on at the time, that is). And i like my feminine side limited to my hair and choice of shoes as well, though it might further aggravate Billy in those arguments about who gets what chair.

Billy: Thanks for reminding me, Clyde's got my chair again. *chases Clyde around for ten minutes*

Me: Until the next installment, this is KhaosOmega signing off.