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Tap. Tap. Tap.

There he goes again; he knows how much it irks me when people tap their pencil on the desk.

Tap.. Tap.. Tap.. Tap. TapTapTapTap

Seriously why can't he just leave me the heck ALONE!

Tap. Tap…Tap. Tap…Tap

I glance at Austin from the corner of my eye to see him looking directly at me with the smirk I hate so much. Picking up my eyebrow I shot him the nastiest look I can master and turn my attention back to the chemistry teacher.

Why did I have to choose him as my lab partner at the beginning of the year?

Why does he know exactly what to do to piss me off?


Oh yeah that's right, because we dated for 14 months! FOURTEEN! How did I even manage to stay with him so long?

He's arrogant, he cocky, he's rude, he's a flirt, he's irresponsible, he's always late, and he's so childish!

I could go on forever listing all that angers me about Austin Moon, but I don't have all day and I'm supposed to be taking note for my final exam.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap…. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

"I can get your heartbeat beat beat beating like I can get you heartbeat beating like that"

And now he's singing! His singing doesn't bother me, not really.
I hate to admit it but Austin has an amazing voice, a voice that sang me to sleep on many sleepless nights. But why is he singing THAT song? Out of all the songs he could sing he sings that one.

It was the song he sang to me when he told me how he felt. To say it took me by surprise would be an understatement; we have been friends since 5th grade. Nothing major, we talked her and there. Then the summer before 8th grade my best friend Trish and his best friend Dez started going out, which ended up pushing Austin and I together all the time.

All those times Trish called me to hang out or go somewhere there was a 99% change Dez would be there too and wherever Dez went Austin went and vice versa.

"Ally let's go to the movies tonight" "Ally lets go to the mall" "Ally let go get ice cream" It wasn't just Trish and I anymore, it was Trish, Dez, Austin and I. Or more like Trish and Dez, and Austin and I.
It was so awkward at first, we would go to the movies and not even 10 min into the show Trish and Dez would be shoving their tongues down each other throats, leaving us very aware of what was going on and trying to focus on the movie! Or we would all meet up at the mall and somehow Trish and Dez would end up walking ahead of us holding hand leaving us alone once again.

Eventually we started to realize that it was the way it was going to be and we started to get close, he would walk me home after the movie, or we would go our own way at the mall. Things just sort of fell into place, he would sit with me on the bus, walk me to my classes, and then once off the bus again he would walk me home. He would open doors for me and hold my backpack if it was too heavy. He would make me laugh in a way no one else could, we would tease each other and argue about stupid things but he was there for me in a heartbeat if I needed him.

He was my best friend and I couldn't ask for anyone better. After a while those awkward moment while we were with Trish and Dez turned into some of the most unforgettable times, there was never a dull moment around him.

Then on July 1 the summer before out junior year, we were at the beach, everyone from Miami Beach High was there, Austin got up on a table with his guitar and sang Heartbeat and proceeded to asking me out. It was the sweetest most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me. He has written it all by himself and knowing him it must have taken him forever. He can't write songs to save his life!

That's how we started going out.

He was my first everything! My first boyfriend, first kiss, first time, first break up; all my firsts were HIS!

Yes I realize I'm contradicting myself, he's wasn't all bad. He was sweet, caring, funny, and romantic. Notice the past tense though, right? He was!

But people change and you have to learn to move on. Just like I did.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

It's been 3 months since we broke up. It's been 3 months since I haven't been the same and it's been exactly 3 months since this hatred between us begun.

In those last 3 months he's has more than 7 girlfriend, I haven't even been to the movies... Not that he needed to know that. I'm not surprised by how many girls he's been with, I honestly expected more. We hadn't even been broke up for 4 days and he was already walking down the hall holding hands with some blonde from the 10th grade.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

I swear if he taps that pencil one more time I'm going to snap!


That's it I've had enough! Turning towards him I grab his pencil snap it in half and fling it across the room. I was never the troublemaker, I never ever disturbed a class. If it ever did happened it wasn't actually my fault, but when I saw both pieces of the pencil hit Mr. Pucci in the face I knew I was in for it.

I lower myself in my desk and try to go unnoticed which is made extremely impossible by Austin

"WAY TO HIT CUCCI IN THE FACE ALLY!" He screams while laughing and slapping his hands on the table

The teacher turned to face us slowly; it had been a horrible class period! It was the end of the day and no one was paying attention, so I guess my pencil throwing was just about enough. He didn't say a word all he did scowl at me and point to the door. Not bothering to apologize or defend myself I grabbed my bag and walked out the door, not surprised at all when Austin walked out behind me.

I ignore him and begin to make my way to library. Pucci never said where to go, and I can't afford to get in trouble anymore.

He's walking behind me, I know he is I can hear his loud ass footsteps. "You know he called the office to let them know we would be on our way right?" I kept walking, for all I know was lying.

"Allyson, I'm talking to you" He sings, he's happy! He knows he has pissed me off

I don't dare turn around "Fuck off" I reply shooting him my finger over my shoulder

"GASP! Why Allyson, what type of language is that?" I could practically hear the smirk in his voice! That fucking dickhead. I hate him!

I turn to face him; mad doesn't even describe how I feel right now! He's the cause of everything! He's the reason the school called my Dad 4 times complaining about me. Four times! I've been in school 12 years and I've never gotten a call home before this year.

Every single call has involved Austin and his Texas sized ego! Have I mentioned that on the 5th call they suspend you? No, I defiantly don't think so Ally Dawson does NOT do suspension. Heck, Ally Dawson doesn't even do detention but I've been in there at least 15 times this year!

When I get around to facing him I see it, that stupid smirk!

"Just. Leave. Me. Alone" I snarled

This surprised him, and it all honestly it surprised me too. I've never spoken to anyone with so much hatred in my voice and for a second, just for 1 second I see the hurt flash in his eyes, but as quick as it came it was gone.

"I'm just having a little fun" he smiles

I roll my eyes, I see right through his stupid act. If he doesn't shut up soon this going to end up like it always does, we us in the principal's office, me in more trouble then him. "If It wasn't for you we wouldn't even be in this situation!" he continues.

I throw my hands up in frustration and place them on my hips; he really knows how to push my buttons! The little innocent movement of my arms caused my black tank top to rise, giving him a perfect view of the skin from my belly button to the start of my extra low rise skinny jeans.

His eyes were glued to my hips and his deep breath was audible, what I hated the most was the tingle that ran down my spine.

Not bother to pull my shirt down, it's not like there anything he hasn't seen, I walk towards him

"Like what you see?" I whisper

We're so close our foreheads are touching and I can feel his sweet breath on my face. He places his hands on my hips bringing me as close as possible and in reflex my hands make their way around his neck
"I hate you" he whispers softly into the side of my neck

It takes me a couple minute to realize what's going on! I'm pushed up against the lockers, his arms wrapped around me and his lips on my neck.
I run my hands down from his neck to his chest; his moans send another wave of shivers down my spine.

I have to get away from here! This isn't right, we can't do this again! I refuse to get my heart broken again.
"Austin" I say softly

I can barely get the words out

"MMMM" was his only reply
I put both hands on the side of his face brining him to look at me
"What are we doing?" I was asking myself more than I was asking him

He shakes his head and leans his forehead against mine "I- I don't know" His lips are centimeters away from mine. In that moment there is nothing I wanted more than them on mine, I want him to kiss me like he use to and make me forget everything. I just want my Austin back!


People started to run out of the classrooms. Nothing unusual, I mean it is the last period of the day. But we hadn't moved from our position and that really was unusual.

"Ally" He whispers

If he would have told me right there and then to forget the past and try again I wouldn't have given it a second thought.

That is until I heard the more disturbing yell from behind him "AUSTINN?" I knew that voice; it was Jamie Stone the head of the cheerleading squad and class president. As much as the scream disturbed me, Austin didn't seemed fazed by it. I place my hands on his chest and push him off, he refuses to let go of my waist and pulls me closer to him.
"Austin get off of me" I whisper and there it was, that same hurt look in his eyes

He slowly removes his arms from around me and takes a step back "Austin?" Jamie asks

"Oh hey Jasmine" he says scratching the back of his neck
Jasmine? Did he just call her Jasmine?
"It's Jamie!" she snaps
"My bad babe, I wasn't thinking" he whispers

Everyone is watching us! I look down the hall and I see Trish standing by her locker trying to pick her jaw off the floor.

"What were you doing with Ally?" The way she said my name, like it was some sort of disease made my blood boil.

"Nothing, I-I um I gotta go" He replies grabbing his backpack from the floor and walks away from us, his hands in his hair, something I knew he did when he was frustrated

I glance at Jamie one more time before sprinting down the opposite way Austin went.

I hear Trish and Dez call my name, but I don't bother to turn back I need to get away from all of this.

What just happened in there? That wasn't normal, we hate each other … Right?

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