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Ally POV

The walk to the student parking lot was a lot like the walk of shame after a one night stand. I knew everyone was watching me, and I knew they were all talking.

To make matters worse when I finally made it to my car Jamie was leaning against it, blocking my way to the driver's seat.

I couldn't be bothered enough to care that there were twice the amount of people outside watching and waiting for a fight. If she was going to give me a hard time I was going to give it right back to her. I wanted to go home and forget today ever happened and right now five feet of fake tan and dyed blonde hair was standing in my way.


"Make me!"

"Get out of my way! I'm not playing you're game today." I was biting down on my teeth so hard I'm amazed the words even came out

"Like I said, make me!"

People were abandoning their cars and making their way towards us. Can they be any more obvious? Any minute now the school police will come walking by and then I'll really be suspended.

I took a step forward, standing right in front of her, folding my arms across my chest. If looks could kill I'd be 10ft deep in the nearest cemetery. I dropped my bag on the floor, everyone gasped. How mature!

"If you're going to do anything now would be the time! I'm done running." I said leaning forward

I wanted her to hit me, I wanted to have a reason to actually beat the crap out of her. I'm not a violent person but I've had just about enough of this girl!

I could see the hesitation on her face. She didn't come looking for a fight, she wanted to intimidate me!

"Stay away from my boyfriend Dawson! He's perfectly happy with me. Keep your filthy ugly little hands off of him and we won't have a problem" She said it with such a smug look on her face you would have thought I begged for her forgiveness!

I smirked at her, you can say I learned that from the best

"Whatever you say, Jasmine" I shouted as she walked away

People in the crowed began to laugh, I could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears!

When she was at a safe distance she turned back and shouted "Watch yourself Dawson, wouldn't want anything to happen to you." It was an empty threat but it was enough to have people from the crowed watch me with pity in their eyes.

I rolled my eyes as I bent down to the floor to garb my bag and the stuff that has fallen out of it. I could still see the feet of the other students still standing there, watching me, what was so interesting about a girl picking up her stuff?!

"Walk away people, this isn't show and tell!" I shouted while clapping my hands, the crowed finally began to disperse and I breathed out a sigh of relief

I grabbed my belonging as quickly as possible and jumped into my car. Once I was securely inside, the weight of everything that happened fell on me. My eyes watered with tears that I quickly blinked back, I refuse to let all these people see me cry! Especially over someone as stupid as Austin.

I laid on my bed facing the roof holding my phone above my head, in the last 4 hours my phone has rang exactly 48 times! My mom was supposed to call me, my mission right now was to ignore every call that came through that wasn't hers.

I was interrupted by a knock on my bedroom door "Ally, I'm going to the store. Do you want me to pick you up anything?"
Calls were still coming in and I barely glanced at my dad before replying "No thanks Dad, I'm fine."

I heard him sigh and take a step into the room, this was about more than going to the store. "Are you sure you're fine?" The concern in his voice melted my heart, but broken hearts and queen bees wasn't something I wanted to discuss with him.
"Really Dad, I'm fine!" he stared at me and that look said it all, he didn't believe me. "I'll be fine" I reassured him putting my phone down and looking him in the eyes. He kissed me on the cheek and without a reply he walked out of my bedroom

The phone still vibrated from its place next to my pillow, the screen lit up and it's the same number that has been calling me all day. I give up I'll call my mom tomorrow morning.

I got up from my bed and made my way downstairs to the kitchen and yes I did leave my phone upstairs, he wasn't going to stop calling anytime soon. I'm starving, my stomach growls from the thought of having any food!

Today has been horrible! Not only did I show Austin that I'm not over him, I also showed the whole school. Jamie isn't going to leave me alone anytime soon, and I'm pretty sure tomorrow morning I'm going to be called to the principal's office to pick up my suspension. That's just awesome!

I take my sweet time making myself a sandwich, I grab a coke and I walk to the living room to watch a movie and try to finally forget about this horrid day.

I'm halfway through The Parent Trap and my second sandwich when the banging on the door starts.
My dad is so absentminded sometimes! It's been raining since before he left, I guess I better help him bring in the bags.

I'll bet anything that the color drained from my face the second I saw who was at my door, it wasn't Dad, it wasn't anyone I wanted to see. To top it all off I was practically wearing nothing! An old white tank top I found in the back on my closet that was so see through you could make out the pattern of my yellow bra, paired with some hand-me-down shorts from my mom that have more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

He dripping water, his phone was out and he was breathless. He looked me over, squinted his eyes and leaned his arm on the door to support himself. "You… You're…. are you okay?" he asked me breathing heavily

I picked up an eyebrow, moving my hand up and down as if I were presenting myself
"Obviously I am! What are you doing here Austin?"
He didn't bother to answer my question "Can I come in?" I didn't answer him just stepped aside to let him in, I'm not completely heartless, from the way it was raining you would think today was the end of the world.

It was the most awkward think in the world! Austin stood in the middle of living room dripping water just staring at me. Neither of us said a word, I knew I should have offered him a towel or something to dry off but I couldn't move. I felt as if I were nailed to the ground, it felt like a lifetime before he said a word.

"I called you." He said, shivering.
"I know!" I replied
He chuckled "I know you know! You ignored just about all of them" He was nervous I could tell by the way he was rubbing the back of his neck. "I got worried when you stopped ignoring them though, I um, I called your dad and he didn't answer either. I thought something happened" I couldn't help the smile that formed on my lips.

Ugh, no! Dawson don't fall for it.

I nodded my head, trying hard not to laugh at how ridicules we looked "Well everything's fine, thanks for coming to check up on me."
He looked me over, closed his eyes and stuck his hands in his pocket. I was so aware of the fact that my clothes were basically see through.
"Anytime" he breathed

Sleep was a stranger to me that night, every time I closed my eyes I saw Austin. He left as quickly as he came.

Its 2:36 AM, I've now been in bed for 3 hours. Schools going to be hell on earth tomorrow, maybe I shouldn't go.. What would one day off do? I could avoid Austin and Jamie. And Trish and Dez who will most likely ambush me with questions.

I can't figure out why Austin is acting so different. Could it be possible that he regrets what happened? Could we possible fix this? Whatever this is!

I'm getting my hoped up for nothing. Jamie is still in the picture, she's a constant reminder of what Austin did to me and I cannot forgive him for that! I'm not Jamie, I don't go for guys that are taken. You know what, if their happy together than let them be happy, there's no point in working myself up over two people as worthless as them.

I can't keep falling for his stupid tricks, I know him well enough to know that he doesn't regret what he did. Austin Moon is in the past and that's where he is going to stay. The only common thread we have are Trish and Dez and from now if it doesn't involve Trish or Dez I am no longer speaking to him. Austin Monica Moon in dead to me.

I toss and turn for another hour and a half. Yup I'm definitely not going to school tomorrow, I grab my phone off the nightstand to turn off the alarm but as soon I'm about to put it back where it belongs it dings with a message alert. It's 4 am who in the world is texting me right now.

From (598)246-9829

Goodnight beautiful, sweet dreams.

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