Hellooo beautiful people!

Yes I know we all hate these authors notes, but I feel I needed to let you guys know that yes I am alive. No I haven't given up!

I am so sorry, I haven't forgot about this story I promise. Life has been crazy

For starters I didn't have a computer, (it has been a lonely year) which is the main reason why I haven't updated!
I will continue to write, I am still organizing myself with everything, classes start again next month so I am hoping to at least have 1 or 2 chapter up before that.

Again, I'm so sorry! Thank you guys for following, I know it's not that good. I was just reading it and I see a lot of mistakes that need fixing, maybe a couple things that need to be added. I will start working on it again soon, first thing I am going to do is fix the chapters that were already posted.

Happy Wednesday Guys :)

- Pam