A young man was walking throung the woods on his way back from the village. it was already night time but you could see his purple eyes just glowing, cutting its way threw the dark ness. his blond hair thought darkend by the night, still shone like the sun. His pase quikend as he walked down the path. The wind howled threw the trees harshly, as thought screaming at him to go away, that danger was on its way, and going to find him. And he knew it would if he wasn't care full. he had been careful thought. The woods in which he lived were vary dangerous, esspacly at night.

Anouther gust of wind blew again, A storm was on its way. The sky grew darker and darked. The sooner he got home the better. Fuck, it was getting cold.

Ten more minutes and he would be at his lone, little, cabin. He lived alone there... well not realy alone, he had a polar bear. the polar bear could talk and for some reason wouldn't grow any bigger then a cub. When it was still a cub and he, alittle boy, he had managed to befriend the bear cub when it had beed abandoned by it's mother. Feeling simpathy and having an understanding he took the bear back home with him.

Not even a week later, he maneged to mess up a spell and ended up enchanting the bear cub. Now the baer could not only speak, but wouldn't grow any bigger. It helped with the lonelyness, and anything tho help with lonelynessis a good thing. However, the bear wasn't with him right now which was why he felt so uneasy. The bear normaly would walk with him, however, the bear wass still sleeping when he left. The damned thing was probaly crying its eyes out 'cuz it was so damn lonely. yeah... no. it was probaly still asleep.

The boy sighed. His cabin came into closer he came to the lone building, he knowticed that something was off. his pace quickned even more as he saw that the door to his small cabin was open.

'Maple' he thought, walking in slowly, and glanced around. Did the villagers go after him? 'No...' he thought he was on good terms with everyone in the village. the village people were all nice to him, and he was nice to them. Did he do something to them? he didn't think so.

'Bountey hunters perhaps? ... nope.' he was always on the good side of the law. Well there was that one time that him and another boy, whoms name he can nolonger remember. They decied to practice magic out in a human public area. Together they turned the entier town into frogs. It just so happened, that was the day a noble couple decided to visit the small town. Imagine thier suprise when they see a town full of frogs and two boyss in the center laughing there tiny asses off. Unforchunatly for the boys, the noble man, was from the ministry of magic. And, he worked vary high up on the chain there. The boys where let off the hook because they where only children.

'Family maybe...? ...HA!' They probaly have forgotten all about him by now. They didn't knowtice him when he was with them, and had left him in the human world. Which was why he was here now. Alone. He knew spells to return home, but why go somewhere that he wasn't remembered, and clearly unwanted. After all it had been atleast sixteen years. and he was now 21. If they had been looking fofr him, wouldn't they have found him by now? Even when he lived with them , they didn't remember him. Not his Papa, not his Dad, hell, not even his twin brother.

So, if it wasn't any of thoughs opptions, then, why was his house broken into. Who did it?

"Ah~ hello Matthew." A white haired man said sitting infront of the fire place with the polar bear one his lap. Fuck. Shoulded have just KNOWN it was Gilbert. "Welcome home."

Fucking blood-suckers.

"Damn it, Gilbert!" 'Matthew' yelled. Well more like wisper-yelled. his voice was natrualy quiet. "You scared me! You jerk."

"Aww~ Birdy," Gilbert started. Putting the polar bear down, Gilbert got up and slung an arm around the small blond boys shoulders. "You know the awsome me wouldn't hurt you." he said flashing his razor sharp fangs at the young wizerd. Matthew just scowled at the vampier, and shoved the arm off.

"why are you here?" Matthew asked stepping away from his blood sucking friend. "Aren't Vampiers suppoes to be givin permision to enter some ones home?"

Gilber just smirked. "What~ I'm not allowed to be in your house?"

"No. Your not. Get out."

"Ah~ Birdy you know that rumur isn't true. And am I not allowed to visit a dear friend?" Gilbert smirke never faded. In a dramatic act, he put his hand on his heart. "I'm so hurt! My heart may stop its beating!"

"Gilbert your heart hasn't beaten for centuries. Now its my turn. What did you do?" Matthew asked, pintching the brige of his nose. "Please... PLEASE, tell me your not in troble again."

"How did you know?!" Gilbert asked surprized.

"Well there is me being a physic, and the ability to use magic, and magical properties. Theres that and, when ever you are in trouble, you're always here. So, in other words your predictable." Matthew conculeded, with a smile on his face.

Gilbert meanwhile was scowling. Cursing under his breath, He sighed and stepped away from the powerful boy. "I wanted to make sure you were safe. There are people looking for me. Powerful people who want nothing more than to see me hurt and watch as i bleed till there's nothing left. And i was vary worried about you, Birdy."

"Who's after you Gilbert? Tell me, and tell me why would they be after you?" Matthew asked. He knew Gilbert was always in some sort of trouble. It wasn't often that Gilbert WASN'T be over his head. So naturaly he was worried about his friend's safty.

Gilbert sighed, Matthew would just read his mind anyways. "A man by the name of Ivan Braginski" Gilbert awnserd honestly. "He's a Vampier like me, but not like me. We're from two different clans, where as mine only takes alittle bit of blood, and trys to make it less painfull and more plesurable for the offering, his Clan prefures to slawter thier victems and drink them dry." Gilbert voice held a grim tone as he spoke of this 'Ivan' mans clan.

"I'm going to have a friend look after you for a while, Okay?" Gilbert continued. His voice was now hard and held a seriouse tone to it. It was odd for someone as happy as Gilbert to be so seriouse. Matthew didn't like it but he knew by the tone of his voice he shouldn't argue. so reluctantly he agreed. A small crash in the kitchen caused them both to whip thier heads around in that diraction, and temporarely forget the tence situation around them. thinking it was just his bear, Matthew looked at Gilbert and told him to stay where he was for a second while he checked on kuma-whatever.

Gilbert just scofted as he went back to the couch he was sitting on. Once he sat down thought, he knowticed that said bear, the one Matthew had went to check on, hadn't accualy moved. It was still in the same spot gil had left it in. still asleep. That ment... It wasn't Kumajiro that made the bang in the kitchen! Wait if it wasn't Kuma, then who was it?

Realization hit him like 5 tons in a self-defence class*. And the scream that had eminated from the kitchen only confrimed his theary.

"Oh, shit! Birdy!" Gil shouted as he got up and ran to the the kitchen door open, He saw that his Birdy wasn't alone.

In the room with him was a couple piles of dust, along with an uncontiouse platenium bloned haired girl in a blue dress, That Gilbert could recognize as Natalia. Ivan's phcopathic little sister. And the one man Gilbert didn't want to see. An ashend haired man wearing a long tan russian military coat, and a lite pink scarf, had one arm around Matthew's left arm and upper torso, while his right arm held Matthew's chin, exposing his bear neck, which curently had a pair of glising white fangs burried in it letting lose the crimson liqued that was quickly being dranken up by the vampier.

"I-Ivan..." Gilbert could bearly speack. Ivan was to busy enjoying his little fest to knowtice the intrusion. Matthew, however, did. He slowy reaised his right arm towords Gilbert. His vision was blurring. "G-Gil... H-help me... P-lease..." was all Matthew was able to get out be for everything was consumed by darkness. His body going limp in Ivans arms. This Ivan knowticed, and glanced up threw his bangs to see Gilbert standing in the doorway. Lifting his head, he removed his fangs from the boys neck, and licked up the blood that had come out of his wounds and used his saliva to heal them.

"Ivan, let him go! He has nothing to do with this." Gilbert growled.

Ivan chuckled. "Ah~ but he looked so yummy, I couldn't help but take alittle 'bite' da?"he said with a smile on his face, as he whiped the hair from Matthews face. "And he is close to you. So, he is a part of this. Not only that, but his kind are being sought after by my clan right now. You should take better care of him." Ivan's smile never faded as he stroked the boys face. Macking Gilbert growle.

Ivan smirked as he dropped Matthews uncontious body to the floor. Oversteping Matthew, he walked over to Natalia. "Oh how lucky you are that he managed to knock out Natalia, or I would be taking him with me right now. But family comes first. And though my little sister is crazy, she is family. Which is to bad forme though, beacause I liked him. The taste of his blood, it's so sweet. Almost like maple suyrp." he spoke as he picked up his sister. " By the way, that wizerd boy over there," Ivan said pointing at Matthew body, "He holds deep feelings for you. You should act on them. Befor I come back for him. Magic blood is vary rare, let alone physic blood. thats even rarer. I will be back for him. I can promise you that, Da." With that said, Ivan jumped out the kitchen window, taking his leave.

Imedately, Gilbert ran over to Matthew's side. "Birdy, wake up please. Wake up!" Gilbert didn't know what to do. He knew Ivan had drank untill the boy lost contiouseness. Gently he tapped Matthews face, telling him to wake up repetedly. He checked for a pulse, luckily Matthew had one, so he was still alive. Good. Matthew almost got killed because of him. And Because of a war that was starting between the two vampier clans.

Ivan knew of Matthew, and his powers. but what Ivan said bugged him alittle. Matthew had feelings for him? This, dispite the situation, put a small smile on gilberts face. But then again, Ivan could have been just lieing to him. Trying to play with his emotions. That cold, Heartless, Basterd, would do anything to hurt him. But what if... What if, Ivan hadn't been lieing to him and accualy told him the truth for once? Was that even possible for Ivan to do?

As the depate raged on inside gilberts head, Kumajiro, whom had just woken up from his hourly nap, took this time to help his master. The polar bear cub nudgged Matthews face with his nose, pawed at his arms, then procesed to bit His uncontiouse masters hand. Nope still didn't wake up. "Hmm, who are you?" Kumajiro asked Gilbert Effectivly trying to breack him out of his internal conficlt.

"Wha- What! Im the awsome Gilbert of cou- you already knew that didn't you?" The bear just nodded his head.

"Whats wrong with him?" the bear asked pointing to matthew.

"oh, he was bit by a vampire and was drunk from untill he lost contiousness." Gilber said mornfully as he looked down at Matthews body.

"hmm... okay." The bear nodded again, as if he understood. which of coures he did. He put his paws on the boys chest, and a whiteish- gray light emenated from beneth them. Gilber watched in aww as the light grew brighter then faded. "thier now all he need it to get some sleep. and so do i." Gilbert nodded and picked up Matthew and brought him to his room, placeing him on the bed, as Kumajiro climbed up next to him and promtly fell asleep. Gilbert left to grab a chair, then came back and sat next to the uncontiouse boy.

He was going to leave Matthew in the care of one of his great friends, but not now, that Ivan had made Matthew a Target to capture. The boy couldn't be left alone for to long. Matthew would have to go with him back to where his clan was. Ethier that or Matthew gose to the Magic Realm where Vampiers arn't allowed. That was out of the Question. Magic flok don't take to kindly to the 'Earth bound Immortals*'. They also usally aren't to keen on having full blooded humans around ethier.

um yay new fanfiction... i guess. magic AU FTW. This is accualy just something i wright during school because, its just the begining of the year and i'm usally done my work befor everyone else anyways so Yay on that front! shitty tittle i know... when it come to nameing stuff. I fail. And I fail hard. it was the first thing that poped into my mined. so umm yeah, enjoy. hopefully i'll post more sooner or later.

oh yeah! Earth bound immortals are beings like ghoust's, vampiers, werewolves, etc. that sorta shit.

the 5 ton weight was from a skit done by Montey Python. I think its still on youtube, if you want to look it up.

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