Even thought Gilbert was vary jelious and wanted this long time in waiting father son reunion. He thought it would be better to give the two some time alone. Quietly Gilbert got up and left the two alone. Gilbert had known for quite some time that Francis and Matthew were related in some way. They both had a tinge in there blood that could on't belong to them. It was a common thing for familys or blood realitives, to have a similar tinge to there blood that can only belong to their blood line. This way why Gilbert had wanted Francis to watch over Matthew.

Gilbert was always saddend by the fact that his best friend had lost his son. He Remembered the day it had happend. He was devistated. The poor man had come and asked for help to find his lost little boy, but at that time, Gilbert couldn't help, he managed to piss off some a rather unfriendly pack of werewolves, and he didn't want to be held responable just in case they had found him and he had the kid or his friend with him. It had alawys nawed at his gut. Some odd years later, he met Matthew. The two hit it off, and when Matthew turned 19, Gilbert took the boy out drinking. Matthew got smashed and Gilbert had to ask why the boy was alone and had no family, So Matthew told him that he had been left behind by his family when they came to visit the human relam, and that sometime it felt like he had just been abandoned. Soon After Matthew let Gilbert feed from him and that was how he knew. and everything added up.

The only reason it took so long to get them together was because he couldn't just go up to Francis and say 'Oh hay man. You know that kid you lost years ago? 'Kay yeay, well I found him, he lives on the edge on a village. And i've know this for a few years now.

Because that would go over oh so well.

Back in the room Francis and Matthew had finaly stopped crying and started to talk. Francis had go the conversation rolling by asking what matthew had been up to; and Matthew told him that he wasa a healer and local physic for the villiage just up the way. Matthew had inclueded every thing, from the traveling medician man that had found him and took him in and how they moved to the out skirts of the villiage, to how he met Gilbert. He did however leave out all the mishife he caused for the poor medician man.

In turn Francis told matthew about everything he, Arthur and Alfred had done. He mentioned how Alfred's school life went, how he was populare and kind to everyone, how he was really good at sports, but shoty when it came to magic. Arthur on the other hand was a teacher at an exstravagent collage, andhow he taught advanced dark arts magic. And how he -francis- worked as a government offical, specialzing in diplomatic relations between the earth bounds, and magic folk.

When they finished catching up, an awkward silence fell apon them. Finaly Francis broke the silence by saying he was going to call Arthur and tell him the good news. Their other son had been found and is alive and doing well, and that he'll be in the human world for awhile. he left the room to do so.

Matthew, left still in his bed, leand back onto the mound of pillows, behind him. He couooldn't belive that after all this time, his father had been looking for him, and that he wasn't accualy forgotten! He was wrong.

That wasn't something he was use to admitting. It felt kind of nice to be wrong for once. It didn't happen often.

While Francis was on the phone, Gilbert decieded to make his way back in to the room. Matthew smiled as Gilbert sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "So, you finaly found your pops, huh?"

Matthew chuckled. "yup... It dosn't seem real to me though." He said, getting up and out of bed. "I mean, I've went all my life with out with out them, but I will always pay tribut to the man who raised me as his own." He spoke with a smile on his face, he would never forget him.

"Gilbert, how about you and I, go to the kitchen so I can make some breakfast. Pancakes, your favorite." Matthew said, grabbing the prussian's arm and draging him to the kitchen.

"You saw didn't you?" Gilbert qustioned, cutting to the chase. He knew that the reason Matthew pulled him into the kitchen was so that Francis wouldn't hear them.

"Yeah, and this won't be easy for ethier side. I can say, I know what Ivans first move will be. He's takeing no chances because he knows about me, but he dosn't know how powerful i am." Matthew's voice was quiter than normal, and he brifly shuddered at the mentioning of Ivan's name.

He was also cold it the room due to the window being smashed. Fucking vampiers. Damn Ivan and his minions braking in to his house. It was raining now, and coming into his house. And there was noway to bored it up! God damn it!

God damn blood suckers!

"I assume that means you know you have to come with me to my tribe, right?" Gilbert asked. Matthew nodded, but said nothing. Obviously not enjoying the idea of leaving his home or the village. "If it makes you feel any better, Francis will be coming along. It is for his protection as well, but he choose to come with use rather than go home." Gilbert said, trying to lighten the idea and atmosphere around that surrounded this.

"Again, Gilbert, i know." Matthew stated gently. He knew alot more as well, but refused to say anything. He knew who was going to win the war, but refused to say anything as a safty measure, because the future was never writen in stone, but he could tell who's side had the upper hand as of now. And unfouchunatly that side, was Ivan's. It ment Gilbert's was at a huge disadvantage, and the only way they had a chance was if they played their cards right, and if Matthew was with them to help. "And, I am willing to go with you , if you let me help." Matthew continued. He was certin Gilber would say yes and let him help. Gilbert paused before awnsering.

"Birdy, you have to come with me," Gilbert said in a rather seriouse tone. Yes, here it comes! "but you can't help. You helping would only out you in danger again."

"wha..." Matthew was /sure/ Gilbert would have said yes! He was pausitive! "What! No, Gilbert that really wasn't a request. If I go, I'm helping and that is that!" Matthew's quiet voice had risin. He was going to help, He just had to be persistant.

"Matthew, No!"

"Gilbert, Yes!"

Gilbert wasn't sure why Matthew was been so frickin' stubborn about this! He just knew thaat he didn't want Matthew to fight in this war. "why?" He qustioned.


"Why do you want to be apart of this so badly? If you want to help, then Ivan will have you in his sights!"

"I'm in his line of sight anyways. Beside's, I know what he's planing, and I want to level the playing feild!" Matthew yelled. "Gilbert, when he bit me, I saw his plans. I don't think he realized this. Please, Gilbert, let me help you with this." Matthews fists were clenched as he finished, thought he was no longer yelling, his voice still held that hard tone to it.

Gilbert couldn't argue with that, Ivan would be going after Matthew again, no matter how hard Gilbert tried to protect Matthew. Ethier way, Matthew was in danger, but if helped out then at least he would be around Gilberts kind. Plus Matthew /could/ help with planning their stratiges and get a heads up with whast the other side is planning in this war. Gilbert caved.

"Fuck it, you win."

"I always do." Matthew chirpped. "So, when do we leave?"

"Tomarrow night..." Gilbert mummerd, he wasn't happy about this. He hated that he agreed to let Matthew fight.

"I'll start packing then!" With that, Matther left the room, leaveing gilbert to curse Matthew for being so damned persistant, and knowing how to get things done his way. Sometimes, he really hated that, that little blond boy knew him so well. With a sigh, Gilbert looked around the dirty'd kitchen. Fuck, it was messy in here. There was dust every where, from the wind blowing the ashes of the dead vampiers around. Looking at the wall it was clear a fight had broken out. Blood was dripping down, and glass from the window, lay askew on the floor.

"May as well clean this up from Matt." Gilbert mummbled, as he went to go get a broom from the closet.

"Damn it!" An ashend haired man cursed. Paceing around his office. He had arrived with his little sister, a few hours prior. Netalia, was still out cold. That little brat had managed to knock out Netalia out cold! The phycotic woman was at best more powerful than he was sometimes! He was going to need to do something about that brat the next time he got his hands on him! It only help that he was one on /Gilberts/ friends. Of coures, he would let Netalia have a go at the boy as well as revange for rendering her uncontiouse. Orriginally, the plan was to just take the boy, but that proved to be harder than antisipated when he knocked Netalia out. That threw a wrench in his plans. Then when he bit the boy, He screamed. He was hopeing the boy would fall into an uncountious stat, so then he would just carry both him and Netalia back to his masion.

And then that fucking albino showed up and had to inturpt his meal. He was rather injoying the taste of the boys blood, it had that innoccent virgin taste. So sweet, so lovely, it went down so smoothly. It was even better then his favorite drink, Vodka. If that blasted Gilbert hadn't shown up the he could have been feeding on the boy right now! When he got his hands on the physic again, he was going to drink from him as often as he could. The when he was no longer needed, he would drink him DRY!

A soft knock at the door disturbed him from his museings. A loud growle escaped his throught, as he went to open the door.

Swinging the door open, it reviled a smaller Lithuainian man, with light brown hair and vibrant green eyes, he wore a green military outfit. The ashend haired man reconised him as Toris, one of his underlings. Toris was trembling alittle, which annoyed him alittle, because out of all his underlings, Toris was his favorite to talk with.

He looked down at the trembling man, "Da. What is it?"

"Ummm, Mister Ivan, sir, The asian vampier counsle is here, and are awaiting your arivale. Also supper shall be served on you account, once the meeting is done." Toris reported.

"Da, vary good, Toris. I shall arive soon." Ivan said with a conferming nod. With that Toris was off, to deal with his other responsiblitys.

Ivan grumbled, and left the room. The entier time, Toris had been shakeing. At the vary least, Toris did his best to try and not tremble infrount of Ivan. Out of all of Ivan's underlings Toris seem to be the one who was alway less afriad of him than every one else. Aside from his sisters of coures. But it always saddend him when he thought about it. That was, however, to be exspected from his underling when he was the leader of a blood thirsty clan of vampiers. Not every one could handle it. You needed to he strong mean, and over all frighting in order to, well keep order.

After all vampiers were ment to rule over humans. Vampiers were suppior to humans in every way. It was to bad that not every one could servive the turning prosses.

His older sister had not been able to handle it and past on soon after she was changed. His younger sister, on the other hand was another case enterly! where as everyone had problems at one point or anouther, usally when it came time to feed, the problems would come up, hell, even Ivan had had trobles at frist. But with Netalia... not so much. She went through it no problem. At all.

It was quite frighting accualy.

Then again Netalia had always been abit... Off. to put it nicely. Well she was also hell bent in Trying to marry him... Amoung other things...

With a quick glance back at his office, he strod down the hall way to the meeting area, that held the asian vampier faction. As he walked, he thought of this mantion. He had the meeting room so that he wouldn't have to leave his home often. Since he wanted to have a unique house, and because one the last day of construction, them men found out what Ivan and him men were, he had the men killed. Well it was more like, he had them kept so that him and his clan could feed. One almost got away, but he was found and meet the same grizzly fate as his friends.

The mansion could hold up to 75 people at a time, 40 rooms, were taken by other vampiers, and the dungion was occupied by the magic folk the he had captured. plus the 50 or so humans he had in the celler for food. He made sure the house, or at least the dungon had talons surounding to to prevent the magic folk from useing their magic.

After all he didn't was those pathetic cretures to wander around his house freely and continue thinking they were better than everyone.

And that was the hole point of thins meeting, to end the Magic folk's wreched exsistance. When the war ended, It ended rather unfairly, he thougt, for the Earth bounds. And he wasn't the only one. Alot of Earth bounds felt this way. The portal to the magic was aclosed off to the earth bounds and only the magics could cross. It was as thougt they thought themselves better than the earth bounds! And who was to say that the magic folk wern't planning on attacking them! Better that the earth bounds attack now, then the Magic's attack.

He was meeting Yao, Head of the Asian vampire and his insight on war was said to be the best, after all the vamp. was over 4000 years old.

Ivan stoped infrount of the meeting room doors. He could hear Yao, and his family. A small smile graced his lips, as he opened the door.

Time to start.

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