Why am I doing this? Because, just like with my Colbert/Stewart stories, it will amuse me. Besides, how come no one has written a fanfic about any one of these guys, especially the members of SourceFed? Not sure, but here I am to change that.

So what will this fanfic be about? I don't know, just whatever crazy antics I feel like throwing in here. There may be romance somewhere, and probably an actual plot, but for now I'm just gonna have fun with it. Woohoo! :D

Chapter One: Coincidental Meeting Much? Pizza is Amazing!

Elliott Morgan tapped his fingers on the desk, staring open-mouthed at the laptop in front of him. He began making incomprehensible noises for no discernable reason before resting his forehead on the table. He remained like that for a minute before raising his head and grunting.

"I'm so bored…" he whined, setting his chin on the table.

"We've noticed," Lee Newton said across from him. She was twirling her hair with an unamused look on her face.

"We're bored with you, Elliott," Joe Bereta was leaning back in his chair next to Elliott. He was balancing the chair on its back two legs.

"You're gonna fall out of your chair if you keep doing that," Lee said to Joe, and Joe chuckled.

"I'm leaning against the wall," Joe told her. "If I lean back too far, I'll just hit the wall!"

"Okay…" Lee didn't sound too sure of that, but she smiled and was now hoping that he would fall just so she could laugh at his misfortune.

Elliott raised his head and made a horse noise with his mouth. "Where's Phil at?" He was mentioning Philip DeFranco, the creator of SourceFed; SourceFed was the YouTube channel that Elliott, Lee and Joe worked for, making videos about newsworthy events…for the most part.

"I'm not sure," Lee stood up. "I'm gonna go see if he's still here." With that, Lee left their workroom, which just had a huge desk in the middle of a small room.

Joe continued to lean back in his chair. "Hey, Elliott."

"What is it?" Elliott didn't turn to look at him. He just began fiddling with his shirt pocket when he suddenly discovered a leftover candy bar from earlier.

"We have a lot of fun here at DeFranco studios," Joe began. "But do you think there's any way that we could have…" he paused for a moment, "more fun?"

Elliott stopped opening the candy bar to give him a funny side-glance. "What the hell kinda question is that?"

"I don't know," Joe laughed. "I just feel like we could be having even more fun than we are now."

"Well, geez, is someone a fun whore or what?"

"What? I didn't say that."

"You didn't have to."

"Don't make me hit you."

"For what? Telling you the truth?"

"No, for—" Joe didn't get to finish his sentence before the chair fell out from underneath him and he fell on his ass, the sound of the crash reverberating throughout the room. Elliott was tempted to burst out laughing, but had a better laugh at his next statement.

"That's what you get for threatening me with violence. Karma's a quick bitch today."

Joe barely had time to retaliate with a response before Lee burst into the room.

"What the hell was—?" Lee paused when she noticed that she could only see Joe's head from the other side of the table. She then began laughing hysterically. "Bwahahaha! Did you bust your ass falling out of that chair, like I said you would!"

Joe pursed his lips in a pout. "Shut up."

Lee snapped her fingers. "Dammit, I missed it!"

"Missed what?" Steve Zaragoza, another worker at SourceFed, walked into the room behind Lee. "And what the hell was that noise?"

"Joe busting his ass," Lee was still laughing, and then Steve joined her.

"You guys are assholes," Joe said, not bothering to move. Elliott decided to stand up and hold out his hand to Joe, who glanced at him for a moment before taking it.

"You all right?" Elliott asked as he helped pick Joe up off of the ground.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Joe chuckled, grabbing the chair and sitting it upright. He then threw his arm around Elliott's neck and pointed to him with his other hand. "See, guys? This is a real friend!"

"Whatever," Lee crossed her arms. "Phil's uploading the PDS now."

PDS—short for the Philip DeFranco Show—was Phil's own news-and-other-shit show on his sxephil channel, which he has been working on for the past few years. SourceFed was fairly recent, as the channel wasn't even a year old.

"Man, I'm hungry," Elliot randomly said.

"You just got done eating a candy bar!" Joe exclaimed, like he was shocked that the candy bar didn't fill him up.

"That's half of a candy bar," Elliott gave him a funny look.

"Well, maybe when Phil's done we can all go out to eat!" Lee threw her hands up. "I want Mexican!"

"We had Mexican last time," Steve mentioned. "And man, did that not settle well in my stomach… I promised myself no more for awhile."

"I thought you said forever," Joe chuckled. Steve rubbed his stomach.

"Maybe," Steve said. "I don't think I ever want to put my digestive system through that kind of pain ever again."

"That's gross," Lee made a disgusted face. "I'd like to have an appetite before I decide to eat."

"Let's get pizza!" Joe suggested excitedly. Steve and Lee perked up.

"Yeah, that sounds good!" Lee said. "Pizza it is!"

"Well, let's go tell Phil!" Steve said, and him and Lee made their way out of the room. Joe began to follow them when he noticed Elliott didn't move.

"Are you coming?" Joe said to him, making his way around the table toward the door.

"Yeah, hold on," Elliott glanced at his laptop. "I'm gonna go find the charger for this. It's about to die and someone borrowed it earlier."

"All right. We'll meet you in Phil's office, then," Joe smiled to him before walking out of the room.

Elliott walked out after him, but turned left instead of right. He made his way through the office-like studio to find Meg Turney, a SourceFed guest host who had asked to borrow his laptop charger earlier in the day.

"Don't tell me she already left…" he muttered and sighed as he continued to walk through the nearly empty office.

Kassem Gharaibeh hopped off of the bus near his destination. He huffed in frustration and stomped his foot after the bus took off.

"Damn people!" he brushed off his shoulders. "So touchy! Ugh, I hate crowded confined areas…"

Kassem began making his way along the sidewalk, nearing his destination. He was just glad that the bus stop was only a few blocks away from where he needed to go.

He spotted the building, but tilted his head in confusion. "Which door do I walk in? He didn't really say…"

He decided to go for the first entrance he saw, which seemed to be in the back of the building. When he turned the knob, it didn't open. It was locked.

"Fuck," he glanced over and spotted another door a few feet down, mentally questioning why the doors were so close to one another. He shrugged and went to try it. Lucky! It opened!

"Ha!" Kassem made his way in the door and was greeted by a narrow hallway. "Well, if this isn't an inviting entrance. Oh well, I probably walked in the wrong way, anyway."

He walked through the small hallway, his feet echoing off the tiled floor. It was strangely quiet, and he suddenly wondered if he was in the right building.

"I've been here before, but I don't remember any of this," Kassem said to himself as he passed by closed doors and pictures of people who he assumed worked here. He finally reached the end of the hall, with the only option to make a left turn. As he began to make the turn…



Kassem bumped into someone, staggering backward a bit and almost falling over. Unfortunately, the person he ran into wasn't so lucky. He had fell to the floor.

"O-oh!" Kassem gasped, watching the man rub his head. "I'm sorry! Are you all right?" He held out his hand to him.

The man blinked at him and took his hand. "Yeah, I'm fine. That was unexpected. Normally you can hear people coming from down this hallway."

"Sorry about that," Kassem help him up and apologized.

"No problem," the man stared at him curiously. "Hey, I don't think I've seen you around here before. Did we hire a new intern?"

"N-no," Kassem waved his hands and chuckled. "No, I don't work here. I'm another YouTuber from Maker Studios. I'm here to talk to Phil. My name's Kassem."

The man's eyes widened when Kassem told him his name. "Oh, Kassem! KassemG! I know you!"

"Yeah," Kassem nodded. "That's me, all right."

Kassem was a popular YouTuber who was the head of Maker Studios, where many other YouTube channels were based. His channels, KassemG and KassemGtwo, were two of the most popular channels on YouTube. His comedic videos consist of interviewing random Californians for their opinions on random topics, answering online comments from viewers, and interviewing porn stars.

"Wow, it's nice to meet you!" The man held out his hand. "I'm Elliott Morgan. I work for SourceFed."

"Oh, nice to meet you, too!" Kassem shook his hand.

"So you're here to talk to Phil?" Elliott asked him.

"Yes, he wanted to ask me about a partner project for something," Kassem shrugged. "Not exactly sure what, that's why I'm here."

"Oh, okay," Elliott nodded in understanding. "Well, I'll lead you to him if you want. I'm just looking for something real quick, if you could give me a moment."

"Ah, that's fine," Kassem smiled. "I'm not in a huge hurry. Plus, I don't want to get lost. I'll just follow you."

"Sure thing," Elliott began walking back toward the narrow hallway Kassem had just traversed down. He opened the third door on the right and glanced around the vacant room.

"She's already gone," Elliott said. "Oh, but here's the charger!" The charger was sitting on the small table next to the door. He unplugged it and wrapped it in a few circular motions. "I got what I was looking for," he said to Kassem. "We can—"

Suddenly, Kassem's phone was ringing. He fished it out of his pocket and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey, Kassem, it's Phil," Phil spoke from the other end. "I'm sorry. My girlfriend just called me. Something came up, and I have to leave. I don't know if you were on your way now or whatever."

"Oh, no, it's fine," Kassem said, glancing at Elliott who was checking his own phone. "If you've got something going on, go take care of it. I can always come back at another time."

"Okay, cool. And again, I'm really sorry."

"Don't worry about it, Phil," Elliott now glanced up to look at Kassem. "I'll talk to you later."

"All right. Goodbye." Phil hung up.

"Phil?" Elliott questioned.

"Yeah. I guess something came up and he had to go." Kassem shrugged.

"Oh," Elliott said. "Well, that's a bummer."

"Eh, it's fine," Kassem said. "I'll just come back another day. Besides, I'm kinda starving anyway. I should probably go get some food."

Elliott blinked for a moment before an idea came to him. "Hey, the rest of my SourceFed buddies were going to go grab some pizza. Would you like to join us?"

Kassem stared at him. He just met this man…but yet he was inviting him for pizza? Well, he seemed friendly enough. And besides, Kassem didn't have anything else to do. Why not make new friends?

"Sure!" Kassem said, possibly a little too happily. "Let's go!"

Dezmond stepped off of the train, carrying a backpack over his shoulder and another smaller bag in his hand. He sighed, feeling very hungry but needed to check into his hotel.

"Ahh, fuck," Dez scratched his head. "I gotta dump this shit off before I even bother with food. At least the hotel isn't too far…"

Dez hailed a cab and made his way to the hotel. He checked in, dropped his stuff off, and left the hotel again. Now he had figure out what he wanted to eat and where he was going to get it.

"I guess I could just ask a cab driver for some good food," Dez said to himself. "But what am I in the mood for?"

He stood along the sidewalk for a moment and tried to mentally think about what his stomach was craving.

"Fuck it," he suddenly threw his hands up, startling a woman who was walking past him. "I want pizza."

He hailed another cab and asked the driver for the best pizza place nearby he could recommend. He offered a place and Dez told him to take him there.

Dez hopped out of the cab and stared at the pizza place before him. It looked pretty small, but that didn't mean that their pizza wasn't delicious.

He reached for the door and his hand didn't connect with the door handle. It connected with someone else's hand.



Dez trailed up the person's arm until his eyes connected with another man's brown ones. The man took his hand back and lowered his head.

"I-I'm sorry," he said politely. Dez noticed four other people behind the man, who were looking at him curiously.

"It's okay," Dez opened the door and waved his hand, signaling for them to step in. "Go ahead."

"Thank you," the man said, and he and his friends walked inside, Dez following behind them.

The restaurant looked as if it could only hold no more than thirty people. There were a few white tables to fit four and two larger red tables meant for more people. Right now, only two of the smaller tables were occupied. Dez figured this would be a decent place to eat, without having to worry about too much noise or too many people.

He decided to sit down for a moment while the group of five ordered their pizzas and sat down at one of the bigger tables. Dez stood up and got ready to order his pizza.

"Hmm, I think I'll have one large sausage and pepperoni pizza," Dez told the lady at the counter. He paid for his pizza and sat down, waiting for the lady to bring him his food.

While he was waiting, he overheard the group of five laughing between one another. Dez felt a little envious; he wished for a moment that someone was with him and that he wouldn't have to have made this trip here by himself.

But Dez had a reason for being here, and he definitely wasn't going to miss out on it.

The other two tables occupied by people had become vacant within the next few minutes, leaving only Dez and the group of five alone in the restaurant, besides the workers themselves. Dez checked his phone for the time. Seven thirty-nine. It wasn't too late at night.

Dez wasn't surprised when he received his pizza before the group, since he only had one pizza. He wasn't sure how many the group had ordered, but it wasn't too much of his concern. He had his food and he was ready to enjoy it.

Halfway through his first piece of pizza, someone suddenly approached him and began speaking to him.

"Hey, are you eating that by yourself?"

Dez paused taking a bite to glance up at who was talking to him. It was the man who's hand he had accidentally touched. Dez raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"Um, what does it look like?" he said rudely. He didn't trust this random man asking him a question like that. He glanced over at the rest of his group. No one was smirking or giggling like children.

The man held up his hands in defense. "S-sorry! I just…I don't know… This might sound silly, but…food is meant to be enjoyed with others, y'know? And I figured we'd just ask if you wanted to join us or something?"

Dez looked at their table. They still hadn't received their pizza. It felt like a trap.

"Um, that seems like something odd to do," Dez responded. "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to talk to strangers?"

"Sure, but she also taught me to be nice to others," the man said, and Dez's eyes widened. It was strange that this man was approaching him and asking him to join them, them being random people he didn't even know. None of them were laughing, though, so Dez didn't think it was a joke. Maybe this man was being really sincere. For whatever reason, Dez didn't know.

"…" Dez stared at the man for a minute before finally sighing and answering. "I guess so."

The man smiled. "Awesome!"

"Elliott! Our pizza's here!" the only female in their group yelled at the man standing in front of Dez, who was being addressed as Elliott. Dez and Elliott turned toward the big table, watching as the servers placed three large pizzas on the table.

"Ah, food!" Elliott clapped his hands. He turned back to Dez. "Would you like me to help you carry your pizza over?"

Dez made a face before nodding, still finding all of this a bit odd, but the man was being polite and Dez didn't want to rudely shoot his offer down. Dez and Elliott picked up the tray Dez's pizza was sitting on and set it on the large table.

"Ah, making more friends, Elliott?" the larger man of the group chuckled. He had already grabbed two pieces of triple meat pizza.

"Shush, Steve," Elliott put one finger over his mouth. "There's nothing wrong with making friends."

"Yeah, like your dream to meet every person who is subscribed to our channel?" the woman said, snatching up two pieces of cheese pizza. "Y'know, like all five hundred thousand of them!"

Dez's eyes widened in shock and he gasped, causing all five in the group to face him. Dez cast his gaze among each of them before stopping at the woman.

"W-what the hell did you say?" Dez asked. The woman held a confused expression, not sure how to respond.

"Um, five hundred thousand…?" she said, not sure if that was what he wanted to hear.

"Five hundred thousand what?" Dez continued to question her.


"YouTube?" he immediately assumed.

"Yes," Elliott answered in her place. "All of us here are members of the YouTube channel SourceFed, save for this guy," Elliott patted the darker-skinned member of their group on the shoulder. "This is KassemG. He's got a big enough following, as well."

Dez blinked in awe. "Well, isn't this just a miraculous meeting."

The last remaining person in their group, who hadn't spoke yet, finally said something. "Why do you say that?"

"Because," Dez finally grinned for the first time since arriving here and pointed to himself, "I'm a YouTube partner as well."

Wow. What a way to meet.

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