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Chapter Two:

Rorschach's POV

I jumped at the sudden change of surroundings, it was warmer, and it was snowing, yes. But I was in a trash filled alley. Not in Antarctica. What was going on here?

There were little people on the streets and not many cars glided along the street. Don't tell me Jon sent me somewhere again. I turned my hands into tight balls, fury making a tight ball in my stomach. I saw orange at the top of my eyes and it dawned on me that my mask was off.

"Blue bastard," I muttered darkly under my breath, pulling my mask back on. I wanted him to kill me not send me to some random place. I looked around and noticed my hat was missing. My eyes narrowed and I popped up my collar, hiding most of my masked face. "At least have face…" I muttered, walking out of the alley and looked around, having no idea where I was at or where to go.

I sighed and started walking down the street, no direction in particular. Hell, I could be in a different time period. I stopped walking as realization that Jon could have sent me to another time. I began to walk again this time my steps were more like fluid stomps than calm, light, steps. I couldn't help it, I was pissed.

After a while of stomping around I started to wonder where I was, I looked around but found no signs on where I could be, none at all.

Well, he might have sent me to New York, but this looks more… peaceful? Hmm, I don't know, this just doesn't seem like the city that I – I was pushed out of my train of thought by a voice, yelling and screaming at something. I turned to my right, looking over my shoulder, to see a girl on a skateboard, going down the hill, yelling for everybody to move. She was headed straight for me.

"Move; I can't stop when you are right there!" She yelled at me, eyes slightly narrowed, feeling challenged, I didn't move. She got closer and looked worried as she then actually tried to stop, tilting the skateboard back with the back dragging on the ground. Though it didn't work and instead of rolling she was skidding towards me. I still stood there, not caring.

The girl had short, navy blue hair and was in shorts and a tank top. Idiot might catch a cold, it's snowing and she is wearing summer attire… stupid move on her part, I thought stepping back a little, out of her range. While I took a small step out of her way everyone else ran to the other side of the street or pressed themselves against the wall, trying to get as far away from her as possible. Pathetic, I thought, annoyed by how scared they were over a girl on a skateboard.

The girl's skateboard wouldn't stop, I don't know why but this was amusing to see, very, very amusing.

The girl seemed to be fed up with the stupid thing not stopping and stopped trying to stop it, putting it back on all four wheels. She added some colorful words to show her annoyance. "Damn thing, need to fix the fucking brakes again. Stupid dad when he thinks he knows everything!" The girl, without any warning, jumped off of the skateboard and did three summersaults then, rolling to a stop, shook her head to get the snow out of her hair.

The skateboard kept going, slowing down a little bit. When the skateboard got close enough I lifted my leg and stepped dead right in the middle, making the board come to a complete halt. I glared at the girl as she walked over, snow seeping through her clothes, and smiled without a care in the world.

"Thanks for stopping my board from being killed by traffic!" I grunted, not really replying, then I handed her, her board and walked away. She looked like someone had just smacked her across the face. "Hey! I said 'Thank You'!" She yelled at me.

I looked over my shoulder, "I know." I replied in a monotone and kept walking away, I turned into an alley and walked down that, wanting to get as far away from the girl before I let my annoyance show through… any more than it already had.

I stuffed my hands in my pockets and thanked God for letting me keep my incredibly ugly but super warm coat. This thing is like a lifeline, if you will. It had been with me from the birth of Rorschach up until now, where I have no idea where I am, and it is snowing… my luck just keeps getting worse. I slightly shook my head as I emerged from the one alley to go right into another one.

I kept walking in a random direction, not really caring about where I was, not like I had a place to go to anyway.

I liked keeping to the alleys, just until I know where I am, but the sad thing is that there weren't many alleys here. This cannot be New York; already this place is just too different, to bright, to colorful, I thought. Why I kept comparing this city to New York beats me. If anything this could be New York in an alternate reality, and I would never know.

I found a suitable place to sleep, it may not have been the best but, what the hell, I'll find a job soon enough, just as soon as I find out where I am.

"Tomorrow better not be snowing, I might freeze if it is." I stated thoughtfully to myself, wiggling my cold toes a bit.

"Oh – you're homeless?" An annoyingly familiar voice asked me to my side.

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