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Chapter Four

Daniel's POV

I looked with my old eyes at my daughter and the man standing next to her. I felt my body stiffen and my eyes widen as some of my dark hair that got streaked with white over the years fell in front of my face. I quickly brushed it out of my eyes and stared at my former best friend of whom I had thought of as dead. Killed by Jon.

"Rorschach…" The name seemed to roll off my tongue in a unique way. As if it was foreign. Yet, I knew it well.

"Hurm," He muttered back, fixing his dark colored gloves on his hands; he was nervous. Was it about how I stared at him? Or the way my daughter was fingering her skateboard, looking ready to bring it down upon his head in a moment's notice, like I had taught her too?

"Rorschach," I let out in a relieved manner as I let a happy smile form on my face as I lunged at the man in the mask standing in front of me. I wrapped my old, but muscular, arms around his smaller frame and gave him a manly bear hug. "My God, oh, it's been so long! Too long!" The action made Rorschach stiffen even more and my blue haired daughter slam her back into the wall so she wasn't caught in the hug. She looked disturbed at the action.

"Get off," Rorschach grumbled to me, seeing as he hated human contact and he probably couldn't breathe.

I let him go and turned to my daughter that was pressed to the wall and looking at us with a brow raised, "Blossom, where did you find him?" I asked as I yanked her into a death hug. I was so proud of her!

"Dad!" She hissed as she broke away and smoothed her died hair down, giving me a pout/glare. But the good part about her hiss was that it knocked me out of my little happy-hug spree. As soon as I snapped out of it I cleared my throat and looked back to Rorschach.

"You look like you haven't aged a bit," I threw out to him, not entirely sure on where to start the conversation at. I think I made it awkward with the random hugs, oops.

"Hurm," The masked vigilante murmured back. He seemed slightly relieved, was it because my personality hasn't changed? Or because I was feeling as lost as him when it came to words?

I couldn't help the curl of my lips as they formed into a smirk, or the way my arms crossed my chest in a relaxed manor. It had been so long without being near someone who barely talks that I had forgotten how soothing it was to be the one to stop and talk.

"Follow me," I said in a firm voice, turning on my heel and walking down the hallway, to the living room. "Shall I tell you what you've missed, or has my daughter already told you, Rorschach?" My mouth was becoming more familiar with the formation of that name again.

"What... happened?" Seemed to be the only thing he could get out as he took a seat across from me. I was sitting on a brown, leather, three-seat couch while he sat in a plush, black recliner. A small glass coffee table was in between us.

Holding up a hand I stared at my daughter who was leaning nonchalantly on the door frame, waiting for us to continue our conversation. "Go to your room."

"But-" She tried to protest.

"Now, Blossom." I demanded.

Huffing she huffed out, "Whatever." Then left us to discuss what we needed to.

Turning back to Rorschach, I told him the story of how our world came to this. How his journal was made into a story and how Adrian's view of peace was quickly dispatched and left out for the Press to manipulate and shift into what they thought would make the best story, killing Adrian's good-guy reputation. Then I told him about the wars and why we had patrol for the night. How the rates of crime, war, and drugs had gone up more than anyone would have wanted. "Here, in this town, is one of the top ten more peaceful places to be in a time like this." I told him with a shake of my head. "This world seems to have been more soiled than we thought, Rorschach."

Rorschach didn't say anything, he was either thinking or he just plainly had nothing to say.

The silence that had overcome us was almost suffocating, and just as I was about to speak up and ask him his thoughts he said something.

"Daniel," Rorschach's eyes seemed to find mine through his mask, "I'm sorry."

I was slightly surprised that he looked me in the eyes, but my shock seemed to fall more on the fact that he used proper English when he told me he was sorry.

Wanting to reassure him, I shook my head, "Don't worry, it was bound to happen eventually. The sooner the problem comes, the faster we can deal with the threat." I said lightly, trying to ease the tension of the topic.

Rorschach only nodded, his head bowing back down to stare at the floor as he leaned his head on his palms while his elbows rested on his thighs.

"So he was the one that started this!" My daughter's voice entered my ears and I held in a groan, what part about going to her room didn't she understand? Instead of letting my annoyance at my daughter's disobedience get to me, I shifted my eyes to her to see she was dressed up in her patrolling outfit.

My eyes narrowed, "What's the problem?" I stood and looked over at Rorschach who was staring at the wall opposite of the direction my daughter was, he didn't seem to agree on her outfit. I agreed with him on that, but sadly, since I was a boy, I didn't have style, so I wouldn't understand. "Why are you ready for going outside?" My tone was calm, but my mind was wiring. What threat pressed on the city tonight? I was thrilled to get out of the house and out of the gloom of the living room.

Blossom shrugged, "Mom said that it was my shift and that there was some trouble brewing outside of the Arch and that I should check it out to keep the civilians out of it."

I sucked in a deep breath and nodded, "Be quick, and check in through the mic if you get hurt, also make sure to get Spot to go with you."

Blossom rolled her eyes, "Dad, his name is Scott, not Spot… When will you lean that?" She didn't sound annoyed, but amused at my failure of remembering the boy's name.

I grumbled a little bit and rolled my eyes, "I'll learn that idiots name when he learns how to shoot a gun without 'breaking a nail', whiny little pussy." I murmured to myself.

Blossom shook her head, "Anyway, I'll take him with me to show him the basics again, be back soon." As soon as she said that she tossed a wary glance at Rorschach and then left to the secret door under the staircase to the underground cave where I kept all of my gadgets and things. For some reason I had a bad feeling about this, but I didn't say anything about it and turned back to Rorschach.

"Well... now that you're here, would you like to see what improvements I've made on Archie?" I asked opening my arms to exaggerate the way to the staircase.

Rorschach said nothing but silently got up and walked to the staircase, opening the door with ease he descended without much of a thought and I smiled, happy to have my good friend back, I followed him down the stairs to my new cave.

When we reached the door that led into the hideout I stopped Rorschach and said proudly while I opened the door for him, "Welcome to the Owl, the official hideout for the next generation of Watchmen."

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