Hey guys this is my first story so hang in their with me it starts a bit slow but its goining to get really good in the later chapters with plenty of Seddie i promise. Also i want to give a shout out to POCK who's story I Go camping inspired this one if you like this one you'll love it. O yea and i don't own icarly


I was done, I'm so freaking sick of this chiz I'm 17 and my freaking mom was still as crazy psycho as she was when I was a kid and she is still treating me like a kid I am done. I was going on Christmas vacation in a couple days but I couldn't wait any longer I was sick and tired of her controlling, stupid crap. I stormed in to my room grabbed out my pear phone and texted Carly, she was one of my best friends we did the really popular web show iCarly together along with our other best friend Sam o yea by the way I'm Freddie Benson the tech producer for iCarly.

U and Spence still own that cabin in the woods? When her grandpa died a couple years ago he left them his cabin they only went their rarely in the summer.

Ya y?

Mind if I spend Christmas break their this year?

Spence said its ok by him whats up somethin wrong?

Im just tierd of my moms chiz thx carls ill head up tonight don't tell my ma

What about school we still have 2 days of class before break

Ik ill be ok I just gotta get away from her

Kk me and sam will come up tomarrow after school

See ya and thxs again

It was funny I used to be helplessly in love with Carly but I've grown out of that, me and Sam used to be constantly at each other's throats but since we dated a couple years ago we've grown out of that to now we still tease each other but it's a lot more friendly and fun. Lately I've actually grown quite found of Sam. I grabbed my duffel threw some clothes and bathroom supplies in it walked out of my room, my mom continued her constant nagging and complaining I tuned her out threw on my boots and jacket turned and looked her in the eye "Bye mom have a nice Christmas I'll see you after break."

With that I turned and walked out the door she started spouting out questions, yelling at me to stop and asking where I was going I looked over my shoulder "Away from you for a while."

I jogged down the stairs threw my bag in my car we had all made a little bit from iCarly recently so we had all bought our selves cars I had opted for a 70 Camaro, Carly had went for a new bug and Sam had gotten herself a little Mazda Miata . There was a little snow on the ground we hadn't gotten much snow this year I guess we won't have a white Christmas after all. I stopped at the grocery store on my way and bought a lot of food, I wasn't planning on coming back to town till after break was over, I ended up spending almost two hundred bucks on food, my car was pretty well full of food and drinks. Enough to last me a month even though I was only planning on being there for two weeks but o well. Then I started the 45 min drive to the cabin.


When Carly told me what happened with Freddie I was actually pretty proud of the nub he had finally stood up to his mom which I know must have been really hard for him. He has really gotten a lot less nubby lately and wow now that I think about it he's really grown on me recently. "Helooooo earth to Sam."

Carly was waving her hand in my face I must've spaced out thinking about Freddie wow wait I spaced out thinking about Freddie? What's wrong with me? I went back to eating this garbage the school calls food. "Yea so what were we talking about again?"

"Geez Sam sometimes I wonder about you" she giggled "I was saying we'll head out to the cabin after school to see Freddie and see how he's doing we'll take my car how's that sound?"

"Sure whatever Carls." although I was surprising excited to see Fredward. The rest of the day went by with the usual boring garbage they call classes that I barley paid any attention to. Before I knew it the final bell was ringing I picked up my stuff and headed to my locker all there of ours were right next to each other's, so I meant Carly there grabbed my coat out and threw my books in looked at her "So you ready to go?"

"Just a sec I gotta grab my books and stuff you know some people actually do the homework"

"And others don't" I laughed I never did my homework barley paid attention in class and through a combination of being a lot smarter than what people think, and cheating occasionally I maintained about a c average "And some care wayyyyyyy to much"

She stuck her tongue out at me but she knew I was just teasing her I always tease her and Freddie about their school work. I think I'm starting to rub off on him, standing up to his mom skipping school . . . maybe that's not such a good thing this group can only handle one trouble maker, there is something really bothering him I'm going have to talk to him but I think this is something that Carly wouldn't get so I'll have to talk to him alone. As we start walking out of the building Carly starts telling me in extreme detail about her day like she always dose I don't mind I usually enjoy it but today I'm just not feeling it so I just nod in the right places along with the proper "yea", "uh huh", "really?" or whatever is needed at the time. We hurried to her little red bug, it had gotten surprisingly colder today during school. "Hey I'll txt Fredtard and tell him we're on our way"

"Kay but be nice he's going through a rough time"

"Ok okayyyy" I sigh dramatically she knows I'm teasing her and was already planning on being nice.

Hey freddo where on our way up

Kool see ya in a bit sam

A few minutes later I got another one from him

And thanks sam

No prob freddo

Me and Carly talked and listened to music on the way to the cabin.