You asked for some Seddie fluff and you got it, and theirs plenty more coming. O and when i put these *asterisks* everything in them is a dream.


After Sam left last night I couldn't stop thinking about her, her beautiful ocean blue eyes. Her beautiful wavy blonde hair, her amazing body. She doesn't even realize how beautiful she is, how every guy in school can't help but stare, even though they know they'd be dead if she caught them. I can't believe how long it took me to realize what they were all talking about, I mean she's always just been Sam, you know the funny, rambunctious and slightly crazy girl I grew up with, my best friend. But now I could see her for what she was, an amazing beautiful girl, that any guy would be lucky to have. But how could she ever be interested in me, her nerdy, techy, brother like best friend. Eventually I fell in to a very unrestful sleep.

When I woke up I cleaned a little more until it the cabin was spotless, and I couldn't take it anymore I had to get outside, and do something it was like nine thirtyish. So I decided to go cut some wood, I didn't need it, but their supply was running low so, I figured it'd be a good way to pay them back for letting me stay here. I went out and cut some wood up and chopped it up until I had run out of logs, and had a huge pile, cut and ready to go, it was a really good way to relieve stress, and clear you head. When I was done I had realized a couple things, First I was definitely in love with Sam, Secondly I was done with my mom's shit, and Thirdly she was going to have to change a lot before I would go back. By the time I had finished stacking all the wood, it had started to snow, so I covered it up with the tarp and went inside. I changed into some workout clothes and started to work out a little since I wasn't going to be able to go to the gym while I was here, I did a bunch of pushups, sit ups, crunches and the like to stay in shape. When I got done I went ahead and took a shower, made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and had a glass of milk. I looked over at the clock and it was only one, so I figured I'd watch some TV. I laid down flipped through the channels, I landed on an episode of Mythbusters, I had already seen a long time ago, but I loved the show so I figured I'd watch It again.

*Sam was smiling at me we were standing in front of Bushwell. "I'll race you there!" And she took off and I started after her.

"Come on slow poke!" She yelled over her shoulder.

"Slow poke huh?" I hollered at her.

I really started pouring it on and was catching up to her quickly, I was right behind her when she looked over her shoulder. She looked really shocked and started to try and pull away, but I was still catching her, I had gotten a lot faster since we last raced. I passed her then rounded the corner and we were at the groovy smoothie, I stopped quickly and turned around.

"Ha I" Smack! Sam ran right into me and knocked me over, I caught her as we fell.

"Win" I croaked. She was sprawled out on me and we both started laughing, I looked into her eye and the laughter slowly died. She leaned in and I leaned into her*. . . "Freddie, hey Freddieeee"

My eyes fluttered open and there was a beautiful blonde angel, sitting on the edge of the couch rubbing my arm. O god I've died and she's here to take my soul to the big guy, I blinked again wait, I know this angel its… its… its Sam. O ok it's just Sam, whoa, wait, what is angel Sam doing here? And why am I calling her angel? Well it's probably because she is. Her beautiful golden blonde waves, her deep intelligent soft blue eyes, her beautiful soft skin, her fine tender lips. Whoa, ok, earth to Freddie, you've been staring, time to come back to reality your just her friend now, that's all she wants from you.

"Hey Sam what" And my voice cracked and she smiled, just the slightest bit not in a mean way, in a cute way, making me want to kiss those lips of hers. Back to the conversation Freddie, I cleared my throat. "What are you doing here?"

"What a friend can't come see her friend, and make sure he's ok?" She says with mock offense.

"Of course she can, but he thinks he's gunna be ok, eventually. He just needed some time to think, relax and have fun, he is tired of thinking, so now it's time to relax and have fun."

"Sounds like I got here at the perfect time than," She smiled and poked my chest. "So is sleeping the day away part of the fun or relaxing?"

"Hey! I didn't mean to I just laid down to watch some TV and I guess it just happened, I didn't realize how tired I was." I stuck my tongue out at her. "And what have you done today Miss, judgy McJudgerson?"

"I would have you know that I went to schoooooool to get an edumacation, like a good little girl," She stuck her tongue at me. "Well for most of the day anyway, then I got to bored so I left and figured I'd come see that you were up to." She looked around. "Which looks soooooo very exciting" She teased.

I laughed "Yea you know me, the wild and crazy party animal, so what you just got up and walked out in the middle of class?"

She tried to look like an embarrassed, innocent little girl, but failed but she did succeed in looking very cute though, she cracked and we both laughed. "Yea pretty much, the teacher wasn't even paying any attention anyway," she poked me again. "So are you going to just lay their all afternoon?"

"Nope I'm going to do this." She looked at me confused then, I jumped up and pushed her on the couch and started tickling her, one thing that very few people know about Sam Puckett, is that she is extremely ticklish.

"O god, Freddie no! no! nooooooooooooo!" She shrieked then started laughing uncontrollably. One thing that quite a few more people know is that I am also quite ticklish, and she remembered that at that moment and started tickling me back catching me off guard I thought it'd take longer. I immediately collapsed on her laughing and started squirming, which caused us to both roll of the couch and she ended up landing on top of me.

We looked at each other and I thought I saw something in her eyes something that looked like longing, and I'm sure she seen the same thing in mine. After a moment she started tickling me again, and we were back in the moment, and I decided to test my new strength. I tried to roll over and it worked, I was on top of her I pinned her arms above her. And I seen something in her eyes like a mixture of lust, longing and hunger. And I was really enjoy being this close to Sam, being on top of this beautiful sexy girl, to be in control of her, of Sam.

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