It was six o'clock and I was wide awake, I very rarely slept past six anymore it was just a habit I had got into and my body just did it automatically anymore. I got up and went out to the spare room and started my work out, a little over an hour later I was soaked with sweat and done with my work out. I went to the bathroom and took a nice long hot shower to help relax after my work out. I got out, dried off and threw on some clothes. Sam wouldn't even think about getting up until around nine, so I sat down and watched some old school Saturday morning cartoons. Around a quarter till nine I got up, went into the kitchen and pulled out all the ingredients for ham and cheese omelets. I grabbed a couple pans out and started making a omelet with a ton of ham in it for Sam, when it was almost done I grabbed out the side pork and threw it in the other pan poured two glasses of milk, used the chocolate milk mix and stirred them up. I flipped the pork, put the omelet on a plate set it on the little counter top bar with some silver wear. I knew that once I started cooking the side pork I had a little over a minute and a half before she woke up (Me and Carly timed it) and came out ready to eat that's why I had made the omelet's first. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 and I walked around the corner and handed Sam her chocolate milk.

"Whoa!" she stopped and looked at the omelet as I handed her chocolate milk.

"O my god Freddie it smells amazing!" as she rushed over to her stool.

"I know it's an old Benson side pork recipe, my dad always used to make it for me." I said as I slid the whole first batch of it on her plate. And I started another batch and started making my own omelet.

"Holly chiz Freddie this omelet is awesome!" she excited exclaimed.

"I hope so I made it special for you, with tons of ham." I smiled.

"Geez this is totally freaking awesome." She exclaimed as she tried the side pork.

I laughed she's so cute, even when she's eating like a mad man. I finished my omelet and 2 more batches of side pork, I went ahead and made the whole package and put it on another plate and set it between us. I sat down next to her and started eating. When I finished she was still munching on some side pork. I grabbed our plates and my glass, she wasn't done with her chocolate milk yet so I left it, and went over to the sink and started doing the dishes. She sat her glass down on the sink next to me and gave me a hug from behind.

"Thanks so much for breakfast Freddie." I turned around in her hug, with my hands covered with soap bubbles and I got an evil idea, she didn't see the evil look cross my face since she was looking out the window. I took my soap covered hands and hugged her back tightly, and wiped my soap covered hands all up and down her back. It took her a second before she realized what I had done, she jumped back and looked at me with shock all over her face.

"Freddie!" she screamed then she got a look on her face as equally as evil as the one I had just had on my face.

"Your gunna pay for that Benson."

For most people hearing her utter those words would send them immediately into a panic, but not me, not anymore, I knew she was just playing with me. She reached behind me and got her hand full of bubbles and flicked it at me. Next thing I knew it was 15 min later we were both sitting on the kitchen floor, leaning against the cabinet's, out of breathed and laughing, and soaking wet with a combination of water and bubbles. I looked over at her and was struck again by how beautiful she was, her hair was wet some of it was clinging to her face, her tight light blue penny tee was stained darker from all water, bringing out the ocean blue of her beautiful eyes, and clinging to her skin showing off her every curve. And in that moment everything became clear I was in love with Samantha Puckett, I was in love with Sam. She turned and looked at me and I could swear I could see the longing I felt echoed in her beautiful blue eyes. I leaned in and so did she, well then we were kissing, again. Only this kiss was so much more than any of our other kisses that we shared while we were dating, not that those kisses weren't special, they were. But this, this was something else, where's all of our other kisses had made time stand still this, made the world come to a screeching halt.

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