Following are a couple of "notes" pertaining to the third, final arc of Digimon Genesis, when the children return home to confront Daemon in the real world. These notes are pretty rough and although there was a basic idea for what the chapters would be, they are not really fleshed out. I wanted to put this up because this story is not going to be finished and I wanted everyone who reads this to not be left hanging. I am, of course, disappointed that I was unable to finish the story, and I have had some thoughts of starting it back up again, but I do not think it would be worth the time or the effort.

Anyway, here goes:

First, there was supposed to be another "Special Chapter" written, the first special chapter being "Revenge of the Dragon". Unlike the first, however, this one was to be in-continuity. In this story, the four Guardians made their reappearance. In addition, the plot focused on Eaglemon, a Digimon who had been 'cast out' of the Guardianship for making friends with humans. In fact he bonded with a human girl named Myra, who disappeared from the human world via a gate to the Digital World (this Myra girl is referenced in an early chapter of Genesis). Myra, however, is long dead, having been killed, presumably by the Guardians themselves. Eaglemon is obsessed with revenge and wants to kill the Guardians, especially Zhuqiaomon. Eaglemon kidnaps Yuka, who strongly reminds him of Myra. Eaglemon is actually master of all the birds. If you notice, there are many references to birds throughout the story. They are all servants of Eaglemon and have been watching the children for some time. Eventually the children track down Eaglemon, who tells of his story and his desire for revenge. A battle ensues between Eaglemon and the Guardians, and Eaglemon is seriously wounded. Before dying, Eaglemon ascends into the sky, saying that his light will always be there for the Digital World.

Chapter 41: Finally returning home, the children go to their respective parents. Takumi has a tearful reunion with his very confused mother, because time has not moved at all since the children went to the Digital World. Takumi has a good time lying around the house, but he knows deep inside that Daemon is out there and plotting against the world that he loves. However, this does not last long. He receives a frantic call from Ryota, who tells him that he has discovered the dead bodies of his parents – victims of Daemon.

Chapter 42: More surprises are in store. Tekkan "Shadow" Shintaro reveals that Ryota's mother is also Akiji's mother, and therefore Ryota and Akiji are half-brothers. Furthermore, it was Shintaro who was Ryota's mother's first husband, who used the potion on his newborn son to send him to the Digital World. It was hoped that the tenderness of the child would be enough to dilute the drastic effects that the potion would have on him.

The next day, the children all meet with the Shadow Gang for an update, only to find that they are relocating. Shintaro is paranoid that Daemon will find them and kill them all. Takumi angrily goes to Stone to tell him how much trouble they are causing, and Stone reluctantly agrees. He also regrets joining the gang in the first place, but admits that there is nothing he can do. Meanwhile, the children search for Daemon, who has gone dark. There have been no sightings of him recently. The worried children fear that he is planning something, and so does the Shadow Gang.

The next day, the children are dismayed to find that Japan has been effectively isolated from the world. Radio communications are down, televisions won't work, and an eerie darkness falls over the entire island. Planes that attempt to enter the area find themselves with severe electronic trouble. It is obvious that Daemon is behind it all.

Darkness falls across Japan. Daemon appears in Yokohama, his image appearing in the sky. He tells the people of Yokohama that their destruction is imminent, and that they have but little time. Next, Daemon raids the hideout of the Shadow Gang, killing Diana Watari and Ryan Royama. He finds a number of potions, intending to recruit humans for his army. Unsurprisingly, the humans he recruits are deviants who are angry at society. He promises them immense power and the prospect of ruling the entire world with him. Among his recruits are Hawk and another delinquent from earlier (these characters appeared in the chapter when the children visited Shun at juvenile hall). Daemon also finds the three bullies from the high school. All of these children are given potions that have been corrupted by Daemon which he has taken from the Shadow Gang's hideout. Using them, they become the Great Demon Lords – Lucemon Chaos Mode, Leviamon, Belphemon Rage Mode, Barbamon, and Beelzemon. Daemon also uses his dark powers to revive Miho and giving her the potion of Lilithmon.

Chapter 44

In Yokohama, the sudden appearance of a beautiful woman captivates the men of the city. The beautiful woman is actually Lilithmon, or Miho's new form. Lilithmon, eager to have sex, engages in physical acts with the men she seduces, but later kills them. Growing bored with these dalliances, Lilithmon sets her eyes on a new potential lover: Shun. Lilithmon attempts to seduce him, and though Shun is attracted, he finds something about her off-putting. Unsuccessful, Lilithmon reveals her true form, and Shun runs from her in terror. Lilithmon later encounters the other children and tells them that Daemon has revived her, and that the end is near for them. The children try to reason with her, but eventually conclude that the only thing they can do is kill her. They manage to evolve into their ultimate forms (or in Ryota's case, mega form). Together, the saviors significantly weaken Lilithmon, who teleports back to Daemon's hideout for security. Daemon is infuriated with her and informs her that since he gave her life, he can easily take it away. Lilithmon pleads with him for mercy, but it only reminds him of his love for LadyDevimon and his rejection because of his humanity. Daemon's rage explodes and Lilithmon, and Miho, is shown to be destroyed.

Chapter 45

The other Demon Lords have a meeting at Daemon's hideout. Assigned to kill the children, they discuss recent events, including Lilithmon's murder at the hands of Daemon. The Demon Lords were more than willing to receive power, but are getting cold feet, and many regret that they are stuck in a dire situation. Of course, they realize that there is nothing they can do but listen to Daemon's demands and be the best servants they can be. Of the group, Hawk (Beelzemon) seems the most unfazed by these sudden and drastic changes, enjoying his new power and especially his ability to kill people. One of his first targets is the juvenile hall where he had resided. With his giant cannon, he could easily blow it off the map, but instead he goes inside and murders its residents. He finds that he has an insatiable desire to kill, and says that killing the children will be easy because he enjoys killing so much.

Beelzemon enters Yokohama and causes mass disturbances, killing as many people as possible, in the hopes that the children will come after him. They do so and evolve into their final forms, then gang up on him to take him down. Beelzemon fights, but finds that he is unable to stand up to those who are more powerful than he is. Knowing that Hawk/Beelzemon is now insane with bloodlust, they combine their powers and are able to kill him. But they leave behind a city in ruins.

Chapter 46

-The next chapter that I planned to release was the second Special Chapter. Unlike the first Special Chapter, this one was to be in-continuity. Meaning, of course, these events did not deviate into an alternate university. This chapter was to be pertinent to the story and was to involve Eaglemon (Crossmon in Japan). Eaglemon's backstory was that he had originally been a member of the Digital Guardians but had been kicked out for befriending a little girl. The little girl's name was Myra, who was not born in the Digital World, but had accidentally discovered a portal to the Digital World and fell through it. (This girl was briefly referenced in Chapter 4 in a throwaway line about a young girl's disappearance). Myra had been killed in the Second Slaughter under the watchful eye of Zhuqiaomon, who Eaglemon hated and with whom he had a bitter rivalry. Eaglemon was obsessed with getting his revenge on Zhuqiaomon and is always training to get stronger so he can punish him for what he did. Unfortunately, Zhuqiaomon kills Eaglemon in the Special Chapter. But before he dies, Eaglemon uses his remaining energy to help the children by cutting a hole in the dimensional gate, allowing the children to get back to their own world, and Daemon.

-Ryota and Akiji (Daemon) are revealed to be brothers, or half-brothers specifically. Tekkan Shintaro (Shadow) was married to Ryota's mother and they had a child. Shintaro thought that a baby would be able to adapt to the effects of the potion more easily and did not care for the child except as a tool to tame the Digital World. Shintaro sends his own infant son in through the gate without a second thought. He then disappears, leaving Ryota's mother an emotional wreck.

-Daemon's first act in the real world is to kill his mother and her second husband, Ryota's father. Ryota returns home to find the massacred bodies of his parents.

-While the first and second arcs of Digimon Genesis contain a lot of mystery and foreshadowing, the third arc is mostly plot-driven. There was to be lots of action with few breaks.

-A whole bunch of characters were supposed to be killed off. In roughly chronological order:

Ryota's parents (murdered by Akiji/Daemon)

Mr. Akimoto (gym teacher, killed by Beelzemon)

Mrs. Falle (principal, beheaded by Beelzemon)

Miss Andrews (schoolteacher, shot by Beelzemon)

Diana Watari (killed by Daemon)

Ryan Royama (killed by Daemon)

-An eccentric American cowboy character by the name of Neil Peggyson makes an appearance. He is a pseudo-adviser to the Shadow Gang and seems bizarrely unfazed by the rapid destruction of Japan. Neil provides comic relief during the hectic final chapters.

-With Japan plunged into chaos and thousands of deaths, Shadow feels a sudden pang of remorse and comes to grips with what he has done. Feeling that he now has an obligation to stop the pandemonium, he rashly takes one of the potions he has procured and becomes Chaosmon, a giant lizard-like Digimon who only knows how to cause destruction. Given the amount of angst Shadow has, he is completely unable to control himself and only causes more destruction in his attempt to kill Daemon, his own son. Chaosmon uses up all his power and is then killed by Daemon.

-Flint Shale (Stone) is the last survivor of the Shadow Gang and confides in the children that he is certain Daemon has come to the human world for other reasons than to conquer it. He tells them of a myth about a seed that has the power to rid an individual of one's soul. Stone theorizes that Daemon has come to Japan in an effort to rid himself of his human form forever, as Daemon believes that his present form has been weakened by his humanness.

-Military forces from other countries come into Japan to stop Daemon, even armed with an A-bomb. Daemon takes Mrs. Hito captive, but he is fired upon by military jets anyway. Daemon survives, Mrs. Hito does not.

-The death of Takumi's mother causes him to go into a massive rage, but it also clinches his transformation into Celciusmon, his mega form.

-Celsiusmon fights Daemon in an epic showdown. Celsiusmon is able to gain the upper hand and manages to significantly weaken Daemon, forcing him back into his human persona of Akiji.

-Akiji begs for mercy and promises that he will repent for his sins. However, he then tries to kill Ryota, who manages to push him off the building on which they are fighting. He falls, apparently to his death.

-Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) the spot where Akiji falls is also where the Dark Seed has been buried. Akiji uses it to permanently destroy his human form, becoming fully Digimon, and now possessing no humanity.

-The children think they have won, but they are uneasy. Something does not "feel right". Soon, they are inundated with reports of a terrifying being destroying downtown Yokohama.

-The children all unite together and kill Daemon's "monster" form. The end.

-At the conclusion of the story, Flint Shale becomes foster father to both Takumi and Ryota.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a review and I'll answer. What happens to such and such a character, does X ever happen to Y, does this ever get resolved, et cetera. And of course, feel free to leave general comments as well. Thanks everyone for reading.


What happens to the other protagonists besides Takumi and Ryota? Shun becomes a more confident person and goes from being a loner and outcast to a driven and respectable young man. He is more active in his community and furthering his art career. Reina is maturing into a beautiful young woman. But she only has a few close friends and hardly speaks about her adventures on the Genesis Team. Finally, Yuka is more confident, is much less quiet, more outgoing, and is one of the most popular girls at school.

Are the facts about Takumi's dad told by Daemon really true? If so, how does Takumi get over the fact? Yes, what Daemon said about Takumi's dad is really true. The last arc really explores Takumi's feelings toward his dad. Stone explains that Kairu Hito had a "dark side" to him and asks Takumi what he would have done in that situation. Eventually Takumi accepts that his father was not the man he thought he was, which finally allows him to kill Daemon.

How are the other Demon Lords (Lucemon Chaos Mode, Leviamon, Belphemon Rage Mode, Barbamon) killed? Really wish I could answer this question, but unfortunately I lost my notes relating to those chapters. Basically, the Genesis Team fights and defeats them one at a time. Sorry I can't answer in detail!

Who were the first people in the Digital World? Why are they not notorious in Digimon culture? The first humans in the Digital World arrived there over 500 years ago. They came as a small group of people, less than 200, through the inadvertent discovery of a digital gate. All the humans in the Digital World were their descendants. Thus, there was no 'first human' in the Digital World, rather a group.