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Chapter 1 The Mission.

"Okay! Are you all ready?" Kakashi said from behind me. I was too absorbed in kissing Iruka. The love of my life. When we kept kissing Kakashi cleared his throat. We broke apart too quickly. I held him against me.

"Kakashi. Do you realise that when you're late we wait for YOU but when we don't want to listen, you don't wait for US?" Iruka said angrily.

"Hush baby," I whispered soothingly. I turned his face to me. I pecked him on the lips and said, "We can continue where we went off later...and more." I smiled cheekily and he smiled back. "Well in that case we better get going," he murmured in my ear. I pulled away but still gripped his hand tightly. "I love you Iruu," I told him. He smiled. "I love you Anko." I breathed out heavily. "Okay. Where are we going?" I asked back into business. Kakashi smiled. "We are going to The Village Hidden in the Grass to find an Akatsuki member and bring him or her back here."