Chapter 13 Already Gone

Iruka's eyes widened. He grabbed at the Kunai but his hands were wet from scarlet blood that had poured all over his hand when he held his chest and his hands slipped. Tenzo and Kakashi stopped and so did the Clan Killer. Itachi smiled evilly. Itachi ripped the Kunai out and Iruka grunted in pain. He coughed and blood came out. He crippled over and landed on his knees. I couldn't move. Couldn't lift a finger. I wanted to scream, but my mouth just wouldn't open. My brain was doing the opposite of what I actually wanted to do. Tenzo did hand signs that were just too fast for me to see. "Water style, Water Prison Jutsu!" he yelled. Water came from no where. Water trapped Itachi and he seemed he didn't actually want to jump out of the way. Kakashi ran to Iruka and kneeled over him seeing as he seemed to be lying on his back. I got up finally and pulled out a Kunai. Something grabbed me from behind and it slit my throat even more. I struggled to breathe. I stabbed it and I turned around just in time to see it was a clone of Itachi's. I fell to the ground and only just had enough energy to throw my Kunai straight into the prison. It got Itachi straight through the head and the prison immediately turned from a beautiful crystal blue to a disgusting maroon red colour. I don't know how I got him but I wasn't complaining. I was so tired. The world was starting to blur and there were doubles of everything. It got darker but I needed to stay awake. I crawled to Iruka and Kakashi. I stopped halfway their. It seemed like they just kept getting further away from me. I dragged myself to them with one arm. The other arm I had lost all feeling in. When I reached them Iruka's chest wasn't rising nor falling. I touched his face with my good hand which seemed I have blood on it. His face was pale. "I'm sorry Anko. I tried to save him. But he was already gone," Kakashi whispered. I smiled a bit. "It' least he' a and I...can't...hurt him." I heard my voice fading and the last thing I saw behind my eyelids was Iruka smiling a big smile.