this is my first time writing a story, it actually isn't a fanfic. I read vampire knight and suddenly wanted to write a story of me being a vampire~~
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I Became a Vampire

Vampires are one of the most powerful creatures that have ever existed on Earth. I often admired vampires and wanted to be one. They have a lifelong ambition, longevity, which allows them to witness the falling of many famous kings and queens. They have a rapid recovery rate, which allows them to heal quickly from wounds. They can retain youthfulness whenever they want, as long as they are still alive. The most important thing is that they have super human strength and powers, and this is also the thing that I admire the most. For example, they could hypnotize human, create fire from their bare hands, send ice with a snap of fingers or change in to different forms of living beings.

Out of the darkness, I opened my eyes. In that total darkness, there was a mirror. It reflected a long, black haired girl with fangs sprouting out from her top jaw. Is that me? As if not believing in myself, I bit my fingers with my fangs, blood came rushing out.

I opened the door, spotting people walking by. I could feel the movement of their blood in their veins, which captured my attention. I went out of control and grabbed one of them by her neck and sucked all her blood from her body. I could feel, the sweet taste of blood running down my throat, it prompted me to keep killing and drinking down from every person I saw. I started killing everyone in the village. Strangely, nobody seemed to be putting up a fight. Were they too scared?

I am facing the last girl, the last human from the village. I buried my fangs in to her neck, but before I drank her blood, I asked myself, "Was it a sin to kill everyone?" Suddenly, I felt someone pointing a gun behind my back. It was a vampire hunter, and he whispered in a low voice, "Stop what you are doing vampire, or I will kill you." I turned to face him, and he motioned to shoot with the pistol. I sneakered, while he was wondering what's so funny, I threw him the girl. The girl was aware of this situation and screamed. The hunter tried to catch the girl. Although he succeeded, I took the opportunity to thrust the knife I picked up on the ground into their hearts. I had killed two birds with one stone. The hunter was really rubbish. First minute he was threatening to kill me, and the second minute, he was dead. No one is able to stop me now!

I felt a ray of sunshine, it was morning. There's a sudden burn on my skin, am I finally going to die? As I was approaching death, I remembered the faces of the people whom I killed. Their hatred and sorrow, overwhelmed me. Am I going to follow them now? I am starting to fall apart, melting to a pile of dust. A gust of wind came by swiftly, and picked me up. A soft gentle wind, sweeping my body away, gliding it over grassland, overlooking the summer meadow. Then, I fell unconscious.

I awoke to a ray of sunlight. There's a warm bed of golden sand beneath me, also, the smell of ocean. Am I not dead? The sand is soft and comforting, the smell is refreshing. It seems that my five senses are still functioning. The sun slowly rose up from the ocean. Then I knew, I was only dreaming.