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Booth and Bones started talking more Booth told Bones how the two of them met and all of the cases that they worked on. He lied about the wedding details, he told her that they were married at the Jeffersonian, and Angela was her Maid of Honor, and Parker was his best man. She had asked who Parker was; he told her that he was his son from a previous relationship. That she loved him like he was her own, and that he loves and misses her.

When Brennan started telling Booth about what had happen to her over the last year he concluded; Angela was right she purposely ran. She changed her name and cashed out some of her money, and ran for Canada. However, since she was in an accident she forgot who she was, and started writing books of her memories.

Brennan had insisted that he stayed with her; after all, he was her husband. She was not ready to share a bedroom with him, but let him stay in her guest room. Which is where they ended being, just talking and enjoying each other company. They had both ended up falling asleep mostly due to the emotions tiring them out. When Booth awoke, it was around 6 pm and he was alone. He walked out into the hallway when he heard a knock at Bones's front door.

Bones had open the front door and said quietly, "You are late, have you been drinking with the boys again?"

He heard the voice of a man, "That. Kate. Is none of your business, now I think Nicky here may need a changing?" The room went silent, besides the footsteps heavily walking around. He was about to enter the room, when the man spoke up again, "Whoa, why are you taking off his cloths, there is a reason why the footing has buttons."

"Well, Hunter, sometimes it's easier to take singles off, and I was planning on giving them a bath, by the way it would be my business… You, son of a bitch. Why does my son have fresh burn marks on his stomach?" She said through her teeth.

"Now what are you doing? I accidently dropped a fag on him while I was changing him earlier. Wait put down the phone, who are you calling?" Hunter said in a demanding voice. Booth stepped out of his hiding place at that moment. He saw two babies in the room with a man and Bones. One was in Bones's arms and the other was still in the stroller.

Forgetting that Booth was still in the house, she said, "That was no accident; I know that burn mark is from prolonging exposure to a cigarette. So now I'm calling the police and I am having your custody revoked." Brennan held the phone to her ear while still holding the baby. The next thing Hunter held a gun to her.

"You're going to put that phone down, or I will kill you and the boys. You hear me?" Hunter said clocking the gun.

"FBI, Freeze!" Booth said with his gun pointed at this Hunter guy's head. Booth maneuvered the gun out of Hunter's hands and placed him in his handcuffs. He motioned for Brennan to continue with the call since he had no jurisdiction here in Canada. Therefore, he kept this Hunter guy in his SUV until the Canadian Police arrived.

When Booth walked back into the house, he saw Brennan checking over the boy in her arms. He smiled as he seen this. Bones was a mommy to twins. He watched as she cradled the boy in her arms. How gentle her fingers caressed against the boy's back. Brennan looked up with tears in her eyes, but she could not help smile when she seen him smile at her. Booth walked up to her and kissed her on the temple, "Shh, baby, sorry I know how you hate being called baby. Nevertheless, it is going to be all right. I'm here, and I'm not going to let that man hurt you or your boys again."

The baby in her arms was now sound asleep, when she laid him down of the counter and took of his suite. Booth watched as she examined the burn marks. He felt like he wanted to throw up, how a man could do this to his son, a baby for crying aloud. He seen the look in Bones's eyes, he seen that look, it was the look she gave to the bones she was identifying.

Hours after the police had left and with Booths help, the twins were bathed and asleep. Booth and Brennan did not speak the entire time to each other. They were now sitting on the couch watching a movie when Booth finally spoke. "Bones, those boys are beautiful, what are their names?"

Bones looked up from the movie and turn to him. "Um, their names are Matthew and Nicholas. However, I called them Matt and Nicky. They mean the world to me. I wish you could have found out a different way." Booth could see the tears in her eyes. He knew what she was feeling. He was good at reading people, even her. She was feeling like a failure, she failed the babies and she failed him.

"Bones, don't worry about this, you are a good mother I can see that in just the few short hours of being here. In that time, I fell in love with them as well. I felt it when the one I was holding smile at me. I am going to be there for you and your boys. You did not know who you were, I trust you, and you would never hurt me purposely." He said that and pulled her into his arms. "Now how old are they? And Angela is going to freak out when we tell her." Oh, God, he forgot about Angela, they are going to kill him when they find out he is pretending to be her husband.

Brennan looked up at him and said softly, "Matt, you were holding Matt. Thanks for some reason I feel like I can trust you. They are six months, and they are identical; Matt is older by two minutes." They both went back to watching the movie together and they ended up fallen asleep together.

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