Note: I do not own Baka and Test, nor do I own Team Fortress 2. Baka and Test is strictly the property of Kenji Inoue and Silver Link, while Team Fortress 2 belongs to the great guys at Valve.

My first fanfic, attempting(not too badly I hope) to combine two of my favourites into a story. Please forgive if this story is too childish, the seeds of this story stuck when I was watching Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts while playing as the Spy in TF2. Not to mention another old movie I took inspiration from. The characters in this story might be described as out of character, and details may be lacking in some parts and heavy on others.

Might be discontinued though, for I have limited ideas as to how to continue this.

Comments and criticisms are welcome. Enjoy.

EDIT:Rewritten story.

1st Chapter

The Spy was running, running faster than he ever had before. Seeing no one in the BLU Intelligence Room, he'd grabbed the intel.

A bit too hasty, I think. He should've waited for the Scout, but what the heck. The Spy was tired of seeing the city boy take all the accolades. No one ever showed any gratitude. It was a thankless job, spying, so it was.

And so the Spy acted on his emotions. Without prior thought beforehand.

An alarm blared at the Spy's intrusion. Somewhere, a board would light up with the words "RED Spy", "In Base", and "Intel". To inform someone of this daring heist.

He made a right turn and went into the Teufort sewers. Just a bit more! Only to see the BLU Demoman standing there, barring the Spy's way.

"Die, you bloody Spy!"

The Spy flicked open his pocket watch.

The Demoman detonated his pre-planted sticky trap.

The Spy exploded into hundreds of pieces of steaming hot flesh. The Intel case dropped to the ground.

"DEAD! You alley-skulking coward," The Demoman took a drink of scrumpy. He belched and toed the remains of The Spy. 'Damn useless too, think they-"

There was a harsh BZZZZ behind him.

It was the Spy, practically unscathed, suit still immaculate, tie in place. And hell-bent on revenge. He plunged his knife in the Demoman's back, so easy, feeling the spine crack and a lung deflate, blood spurting out in gouts.

Instant kill. Now it was the Demoman who was dead.

'Useless? You call that useless? One-eyed Scottish Cyclops-extinct!"

The Spy laughed at his own joke and retook the intel. It wouldn't do to allow his mates to catch up. He set off at a brisk pace again.

Unfortunately, the Medic saw all that transpired in the sewers. He beckoned to the Soldier to follow him.

"Soldier, zis way!"

"Right, right," The Soldier hoisted his rocket launcher and followed the Medic.

The Spy had by now burst into the open air, only a few hundred paces from the RED sewers and safety.

The Medic trained his Kritzkrieg on the Soldier.

"UberCharge ready! Do not let the Spy get away! Aim for th-"

"Don't tell what to do, Sally," The Soldier barked.

The duo rounded a corner, and not a moment too soon. The Spy was almost home safe.

The Medic activated his Kritzkrieg. The Soldier's weapon glowed blue, crackling with energy. He fired.

Somehow the Spy knew something was wrong. Maybe it was his sixth sense, or it could be just plain luck. He glanced behind and saw a crocket heading straight for him. A messenger of death, clad in blue sparks, giving off a trail of blue smoke.

Unconsciously, the Spy felt for his pocket watch. Merde! It was still recharging! Left with no choice, he ducked. The crocket missed. But it hit the ground beside him.

Now, a normal rocket wouldn't kill a person. Not even with a direct hit. The crocket is different. Just like a Ferrari is faster than your average car, the crocket is the Ferrari of all rockets, dealing much more damage. Three times more, to be precise. And the blast radius is bigger to boot.

For those not in the know, a crocket is short form for critical rocket.

The Kritzkrieg is weapon that gives guaranteed critical hits.

The pocket watch mentioned is a Dead Ringer, which allows the user to go invisible on damage. It also blocks 90% of the damage.