3rd Chapter

Verrückte Frau. Dies zu tun.

The Medic muttered under his breath, spitting vehement curses after awakening before unhooking himself. The Spy and the Administrator were still unconscious. On the way back.

He pushed himself up and off the conference chair. No telling how long it might take for the return , he decided to speed up the process. The Medic hoisted the Spy into a tub of water, especially prepared for this situation. The Spy fell in with a splash. Water sloshed out. No reaction for a while. The Medic frowned.

Then he came back to life suddenly, spluttering water all over place.

"The Administrator! She just-oh," They weren't in the Medic's room anymore.

Beethoven was gone, replaced by the rhythmic breathing of a sleeping person.

"Come lend a hand, would you?"The Medic said.

The pair repeated the process with the Administrator, albeit with less melodrama.

"Fraulein! You are lucky we did not go into Limbo that time,"the Medic scolded the Administrator.

The Administrator stayed silent.


The Medic ignored the Spy's question and took out an hour sandglass, inverting it. The sand flowed freely, trickling slowly,slowly to the bottom.

Welcome back to reality.

He unhooked the machine from the sodden Spy and Administrator.

"We're back,"

"Back? From that imploding room?" the Spy's eyes glazed over.

The room disintegrating before his eyes, seeing the floor replaced by oblivion and then the sensation of falling into space does this to even a man.

The Medic turned his attention to the still-silent Administrator.

"You mentioned zis customer,"

"Yes, I think I did,"

"Are you insane? This...technology has only been trialed once, straight after getting it from the Engineer... you are crazy,"

"It succeeded, didn't it? I was there myself, the subject returned without any problems,"

The Medic conceded the point huffily.

"Although your 'kick' could have trapped us in Limbo, dammit!"

"Didn't I just say it succeeded? That's the point, isn't it,"

The Spy didn't understand a single word of the conversation. But he knew who the guinea pig was.

'You used me as a test subject?!"

"Correct," the Administrator said with a straight face.

"What was the damn experiment about?"

This time it was the Medic who answered.

"Doing what mankind has never done before. Entering the subconscious of someone else's mind."

"Mind? Subconscious? What?"

"Remember what happened just now?"

"You torturing me?"

"The one before,"

"That crocket…"The Spy shivered as he recalled that particular memory.

"That was in your subconscious. You died while extracting the intel, and unfortunately, the projections killed you,"

"But you told me I was alive!"

"When you died, you died in your mind. Your dream. Your world. You were alive in my subconscious. At least until just now," The Medic shot a menacing glare at the Administrator, who acted the innnocent one.

"Yet I'm still here,"

"This is reality. That, was just a dream, although you could have went into Limbo,"

"I don't like this Limbo thing you keep on saying,"

"You shouldn't. Limbo is unconstructed dream space you enter when you die in a dream. Although there is only a small chance of that happening, and only after the fourth level,"


"Hell, more like. I think that's enough talk for now." The Medic pre-empted the flood of questions from the Spy.

"Does the customer know what's happening? What he's going to get?" he addressed the Administrator.

"No. And he, is a she. She,"A pause for emphasis." Noticed our ad on the Internet and called Miss Pauling, who relayed this to me,"

"Did Miss Pauling say anything?"

"I highly doubt it. She was only vetting our client,"

The computer terminal across the conference table came to life. A Skype call was incoming. Caller ID: Unknown.

The Administrator's phone buzzed at the same time.

"Miss Pauling?"

"It's the client, ma'am, she demanded to see you-"

"Speak of the devil. Thanks for the heads up, Miss Pauling," The Administrator hung up, then walked over to the computer. Her finger hovered over the mouse.

The Medic was about to protest again but it was too late.

The Adminstrator pressed 'answer'.