Okay so what if there hadn't have been that storm and they hadn't become shipwrecked? Will this weird group of characters still have become friends, would relationships still blossom? I know that I've wondered, have you? Well here is a Gilligan's Island story with out the island, a story of friendship and love set for a change on the main land.

Chapter 1:

It was a sunny morning in Honolulu the sun was shining, and the palm trees were swaying, it was like some kind of tropical paradise. People were busy going about their buisness, tourists lounging about, and looking for something to do and locals trying their hardest to get those tourists to spend as much as they can. Yep everything was how it should be.

On this fine morning in Honolulu two men could be seen on the docks arguing. One rather large and round with a booming voice, the other rather skinny with a almost begging type of whine.

"Now come on Gilligan I'm the captain of this ship and I say that you go and get the customers."

"But gees Skipper, I did it last time, I thought you said we would take it in turns."

"Now now little buddy, I have to get the ship ready for sailing, and to be blunt Gilligan I don't trust you to do it. Come on remember just hold up the sign and try to get a few customers, now remember it's a 3 hour tour." The Skipper gave gilligan a look that said that it was final, and handed him the new large sign that Gilligan had made, to use to get customers.

"No Skipper I wont forget," sighed Gilligan. He took the sign and sulked off the dock and down to a busy corner to start to try and get customers. Gilligan hated this job, so many people made fun of him and laughed at him, Gilligan always only managed to get a few, and the Skipper would end up having to go and round up some more. Standing on the corner Gilligan decided not to hold up his new sign up yet and just try the old aproch.

"Excuse me Sir would you like to see th-"

"Get lost you idiot." barked the man as the girl on his arm giggled.

"Sorry Mam but would you like to see the sights of Hono-"

"Not a chance," replied the young lady not even, glancing in poor Gilligans direction. Poor Gilligan felt like giving up already. Feeling mighty sorry for himself, he pulled the front of his little white cap over his eyes and slumped down beside his upside down sign and sulked.

"Oh dear Thurston, look it's a poor young homeless man, dear we should help him, look how sad he is."

"Don't touch him Lovey you don't know where he's been."

"Oh don't be silly Thurston he's not an animal."

Gilligan looked up to see a older looking well dressed pair, who both looked very well off, leaning over looking at him.

"What's your name you poor dear?" Asked the kindly lady. Gilligan hurridly stood up and took off his hat.

"Gilligan Mam," politely replied Gilligan, tilting his head a little.

"My boy what are you doing slumped on the footpath? Someone could trip over you." The man said looking quizically at the string bean of a boy dressed in a bright red rugby shirt.

"Oh nothing really, I just haven't really been having much luck, you see I was trying to get customers for a 3 hour boat tour around Honolulu, but I'm afraid people haven't been very friendly." Replied Gilligan shyly.

"Oh doesn't that sound lovely Thurston, a boat tour. Oh we must simply go, we must."

"I don't know lovey, this is a common tourist attraction, it seems quite benieth a Howell."

"Oh don't be ridiculous Thurston, I think it would be lovely, besides this young man seems quite polite, I'm sure it would be a marvelous idea."

"All right Lovey, very well. Alright my boy when is this 3 hour boat tour on and where? We would like to join." he said turning to face poor Gilligan who was standing there with his mouth agape.

"Umm 1:00 this afternoon, at the docks, look for the ship the S.S Minnow, theres a sign its easy to find." Replied Gilligan snapping out of his thoughts. "Umm I'll need both you names though." Gilligan suddenly brought out a little notebook and pen from his back pocket and fumbled with it trying to get it open.

"Don't you know who we are? my gracious boy I am Thurston Howell the third, Harvard graduate, proud Republican and multi-billionaire. And my beautiful wife Mrs Eunice Wentworth Howell. The king and Queen of high class society. My gosh boy how could you not know of us?" Thurston said outraged that they were not recognised.

"I-I'm sorry...I mean wow...I mean...What's a Republican?" asked Gilligan having a confused look on his face. All scrunched up in consentration.

"By gosh Lovey, he doesn't know what a Republican is, this is an emergency. He must be educated at once. Now see here boy a Repub-"

"Now now dear I am sure the young man has things he wants to do. You can talk about this all you want with him when we go on the tour-" Mrs Howell turned now to Gilligan who seemed to be still thinking rather hard. "It was nice to meet you Gilligan, I asure you that me and my husband will be there at 1:00, see you then." With that Gilligan watched as the couple began once again to stroll down the foot path with such elegance, with Mrs Howell chattering away to her husband.

"Oh dear Thurston, what does one wear to a 3 hour boat tour?"

Gilligan plonked back down his hat and scribbled messily on his pad the names MR anD mRs HowELL.

"Wait until the Skipper see's this" mumbled Gilligan to himself, still trying to get his head rapped around it. Soon a huge grin began to spread on his face. 2 passenger all ready.

Deciding that he had had anough on this corner, Gilligan decided to go more into town, where there were more people. Gilligan was walking along carrying his sign by his side when suddenly.

"Oof" Gilligan was nocked to the ground. He looked up to see what he had hit, and it seemed to be a man who was also trying to get up from being nocked over. Books and papers were laying every where all over the pavement. Gilligan started to get up and pick up the books and papers.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry." Gilligan kept repeating, hoping the man wouldn't hit him or call him anything too nasty. Gilligan was waiting for the worst when.

"No don't be, it was probably my fault anyway, I wasn't watching where I was going. You know how it is when your reading about the science of nuclear physics."

"Nuclar, nucel, nuc...what?" asked gilligan extremely confused.

"Never mind. Sorry again, what's that sign for your carrying?" Asked the man who seemed to know a lot of stuff, including long words.

"Oh it's a sign that I made. I'm trying to get customers for a 3 hour boat tour around Honolulu...you wouldn't be interested would you Sir?" asked Gilligan becoming suddenly very shy. The man seemed to think about it.

"Hmm well I would like to get a look at some of the marine life closer up and it would be a good chance to see the main islands from a different angle. Yes you know I think I might. What's your name and what time would this tour be?"

"My name is Gilligan Sir and it is at 1:00 this afternoon at the docks, the S.S Minnow there should be a sign, it's easy to find."

"Ah very good Gilligan. Well sign me up, the name is Roy Hinkly Professer Roy Hinkly."

"Wow a Professer, no wonder your so smart and your carrying around so many books." Said Gilligan looking starry eyed at the nice man with his arms full of books. The Professer just chuckled.

"Why yes Gilligan that's why I have so many books and thankyou. I guess I will see you at 1:00 then, bye" with that the Professer began to walk off already getting out another book.

"Wow now a professer." said Gilligan to himself as he got out his little note pad, and wrote.

PrOFEssEr rOY hinKlY

If it were possible Gilligan's smile grew. He had already gotten 3 passengers, and all of them seemed really nice. 2 billionaires and a professer aswell, this was a new reckord for Gilligan.

For the next hour Gilligan wandered all over the streets trying to get more customers but with no luck. Feeling that maybe his luck had run out and that he should just go back to the Skipper with what he had, Gilligan began to make his way back to the docks. On his way Gilligan heard cursing coming from around the corner. Being the curious boy he was Gilligan decided to check it out. Coming round the corner, near a palm tree and with her hands stretched out in front of her was a very beautiful red head talking to herself.

"Oh Frederick, must you go away, surely- no no no it's all wrong." She finished muttering to herself. Wondering what this beautiful but strange woman was doing Gilligan walked up to her.

"Are you all right. Who are you talking to?" Asked Gilligan coming up beside her. Starteled she wipped her head to the side.

"Don't be silly, I'm practicing my lines, don't you know who I am?" she asked annoyed at the random boy who had just interupted her failing attempts at insperation.

"No, what are you practising lines for?"

"Well I am Ginger Grant, famous movie star, I'm from Holywood and I am practicing lines for a movie I'm staring in, but I'm afraid I just can't seem to get any insperation." Sulked Ginger, her hands going to her face covered in make up.

"Wow a movie star. I've never met a movie star before. I am meeting the most amazing people today" Smiled Gilligan with one of his huge smiles.

"And who might you be?" asked Ginger finding his smile indearing.

"Gilligan, I'm trying to get passengers for a 3 hour boat tour."

"A 3 hour boat tour hmm?"

"Yep, you want to come miss Ginger? I already have 2 billionaires and a professer, the Skipper would just die if I got a famous movie star too." Said Gilligan, his smile growing.

"Well a tour sounds nice, it might be the insperation I need and I could get a nice tan. Alright then Gilligan give me the time and place."

Gilligan watched as Ginger sauntered away. He had told her when and where and she had asured him that she would be there. Getting out his pad and pen Gilligan wrote with a cheesy grin.

GINgEr grAnt mOvie StaR

So that was that, Gilligan was feeling quite proud of himself, he had found a rather large interesting group for today, but he couldn't help but feel like he needed one more person.

Gilligan decided that he should try and see if he had anymore luck, he had a little while before he had to go back and help the Skipper. Gilligan took out his sign and held it up infront of his chest for passersby to see. Many walked passed poor Gilligan without a second glance. After almost an hour, just before Gilligan was about to give up, quite happy with the group he had collected, a group of young teenagers aprouched Gilligan.

"Hey dude what's you sign say?" Asked one of the boys, many of the girls around him giggling.

"It says 'see the sights of the waters around Honolulu come for a 3 hour tour on the happy boat the S.S Minnow. 1:00 this arfternoon at the docks'." said Gilligan reading the sign word for word by memory.

"Oh so that's what it says, the writing looks like it's been done by a 4 year old." cracked one of the others, soon the whole group was laughing at poor Gilligan.

"Hey and look at his stupid hat."

"I bet he will never have a girlfriend."

"What a loser."

Gilligan almost felt like crying. He couldn't help but feel like what all theses teenagers were saying were true. Mean while the whole group was laughing loudly at the expence of the poor boy.

"Well I don't think he's a loser, he's more likely to have a girlfriend than you and I personaly like his hat."

Everyone including Gilligan turned their heads at the sound of the soft but strong voice. Gilligan's voice almost caught in his throat. There standing with her hands on her hips, and a stern look on her face was one of the most pretty girls Gilligan had ever seen. She was just wearing jeans and a T-shirt her brown cirly hair up in cute piggy tails. Gilligan mostly noticed her big brown sweet eyes.

"Why don't you kids go home, you have no buisness being mean to people like that, now go scatter." With that the kids ran not quite believeing they got told off by a small piggy tail wearing girl. Gilligan stared wide eyed at the woman as she came closer, a concerned look on her face.

"Are you okay, I saw those kids being mean to you and I can't stand bullies. Are you all right?"

"U-umm...umm y-yeah yeah I-I'm fine. Thank y-you-"

"Mary Ann Mary Ann Summers, I'm from Kansas, I'm here on holiday." said Mary Ann holding out her hand for Gilligan to shake.

"U-um Gilligan, nice to meet you Mary Ann." Said Gilligan taking Mary Ann's out stretched hand.

"So why were those kids teasing you anyway?" asked Mary Ann with a sad look on her face.

"Oh they were just making fun of my sign." Gilligan said trying to show her it wasn't a big deal.

"Man people can be so mean sometimes-" Mary Ann picked up the sign witch had been dropped, and read it. "Oh wow a boat tour, how exciting, so your a sailer then? Wow I've never met a sailer before, you must be very brave." Said Mary Ann giving Gilligan a big sweet smile. Gilligan not used to being complemented just said.

"Gees Mary Ann I don't know about brave, but you do need to know a lot of stuff I guess." shyly replied Gilligan looking at the ground.

"Oh I bet you do, you must be a great sailer." Mary Ann still had that sweet smile on her face and Gilligan thought he might melt.

"Well would you like to come on the tour miss Summers?" timidly asked Gilligan hoping beyond hope that she might just say yes."

"Oh wow Gilligan really? Oh yes I would love to. It's at 1:00 yeah, down at the docks? That's what it said on the sign right?"

"Yeah, you can read my horrible hand writing?" asked Gilligan shocked.

"Ofcourse, don't listen to those kids, you could just use a little practise that's all."

Gilligan smiled, and Mary Ann couldn't help but smile back.

"Well I'll see you then Gilligan," said Mary Ann as she realised she'd been staring too long and her cheeks had gone red.

"Yeah see you then Mary Ann" Gilligan couldn't help but think she looked even cuter with a blush. Gilligan watched her walk away, a smile on her face. He quickly got out his pad and wrote down the last name. She wasn't a professer, a billionaire or a movie star but Gilligan couldn't help but smile at the name.

MaRy aNN.

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