Chapter 7: Hiccups

After a couple of nights all of the seven friends began to get used to living on the boat and the different jobs they each had to do. They were all even beginning to get to know some of the passengers. Currently all the seven friends were eating dinner in the dining room with everyone else. Ginger was currently up singing a song dressed in a very sexy outfit.

"Boop boop tee doo oh." Ginger had come down from the stage and was beginning to walk around to the different tables and bat her eyelashes at many of the men and at one poin even sitting in one's lap.

"I want to be kissed by you and you and nobody else but you."

Ginger proceeded to walk to table after table before finally landing right beside the Professer where she proceeded to kneel down and wrap her arms around his shoulders.

"I want to be kissed by you alone."

Soon the music died down and people put down their utencils and clapped, the male half more so than the female. Ginger promptly stood up and declared she was taking a brake. Soon the room was filled with chatter while the band played something soft in the backround. Ginger promptly sat down at the large round table that all the other six were sitting.

"Wow that was amazing Ginger, absolutely incredible." Gushed Mary Ann staring starry eyed at the actress who simply flicked her hair back and smiled stylishly.

"Yeah Ginger it was real swell." Came Gilligan's happy complement.

"Yeah you looked amazing up the-... I-I mean you sounded amazing up there yeah yeah sounded." The Skipper quickly corrected stumbeling and going a nice shade of red. Ginger just giggled seductivly.

"Oh yes my dear quite endearing." commented Mrs Howell, her husband nodding next to her.

"What did you think Professer?" Asked Ginger leaning over to him and smirking.

"I found you portrail quite entertaining but I must say some of the lack of real words is quite confusing. For instance 'Boop boop t-"

"Never mind." Huffed Ginger cutting off the confused Professer.

"Well I say we toast to Ginger our very own star on board." Cried Mr Howell holding up his cup. Everyone else lifted their glasses in the air. "To Ginger!"

"TO GINGER!" The rest minus the movie star cried. Ginger just smiled before sipping her martini. Everyone began to take a slug of their respective drinks. Gilligan took his large glass of fizzy pop and glugged it down till it was empty.

"Aaaaaah that was good." exclaimed Gilligan slamming his empty glass down on the table.

"You shouldn't drink so fast Little Buddy otherwise-" The Skipper didn't get to finish. 'HIC' Everyone went silent and stared at Gilligan who was wide eyed. 'HIC' Went Gilligan again jumping a little in his seat.

"Gilligan are you alright?" asked Mary Ann.

"Sure Mary Ann I think it was jus- HIC"

"By gosh boy you have the hiccups." exclaimed Mr Howell.

"No I don't have the- HIC-hiccups." Gilligan clamped his hands over his mouth only for a muffled HIC to come out.

"Don't worry Gilligan it should go away soon," assured the Professer.

"O-oka- HIC okay Professer."

Unfortunately it did not go away, all through dinner when ever someone was talking quite often a loud HIC would go off and it was beginning to get annoying.

"GILLIGAN you better stop hiccupng this instant and that's and ORDER!" Bellowed the Skipper.

"I-I'm sorry Skipper but HIC b-but I can'- HIC can't." Poor Gilligan couldn't even finish his meal because he just couldn't stop hiccuping. It was true, poor Gilligan no matter how hard he tried just couldn't stop.

"Oh poor Gilligan." exclaimed Mary Ann coming round behind him and rubbing his back soothingly. Gilligan relaxed to the touch but still he would 'HIC'

"I have an idea," said Mrs Howell standing up. Mrs Howell poured Gilligan a large glass of water and slid it over to him. "I saw it on a TV program once that you need to glug down a big glass of water to get rid of hiccups." Without another word Gilligan snatched up the glass of water and glugged it down.

"Do you think it worked?" wispered Ginger as they all sat silently waiting to see if it worked. There was silence...'HIC'

"I don't think it worked Mrs Howell," came the Professer's voice.

"HIC neither do I," replied Gilligan sadly.

"Ooh I know, I know. A friend of mine in Holywood did this once to get rid of her hiccups, she had to stand on her head for a long time and...poof no more hiccups." Everyone looked at Ginger skeptically until...'HIC'

"Lets try it," everyone said at once. So out the seven went to the main deck where most people had left to go to their rooms, they brought Gilligan over to the wall.

"I don't know abou-HIC-about this." Gilligan sounded a bit skeptical. "I mean are you sure Gin-HIC-Ginger that it worked HIC?"

"Yeah, they just went away just like that." So with that Ginger pushed Gilligan over to the wall.

"B-but Skipper if I stand on my HIC-head then wont all my brains fall out my ears or something?"

"I highly doubt it little buddy," said the skipper with a sigh soon giving Gilligan a wack to the head. Soon Mary Ann came up beside Gilligan.

"It's okay Gilligan I promise that your brains wont fall out. Lets just try this and maybe it might get rid of your nasty hiccups." Mary Ann put on one of her beauitiful smiles that Gilligan couldn't help but blush at and smile too.

"Okay." So Gilligan tucked in his red shirt and put his hands on the ground and flicked his legs up to land on the wall so he was balanced. Soon the seconds began to tick away and not a sound from Gilligan. After about a minute the Skipper bent down to be roughly level with Gilligan.

"How you going there Little Buddy?"

"Pretty good Skipper, not one hiccup."

"That's good little buddy that's good. Just a little longer then you can stand back up okay?"

"Sure Skipper." So the seconds ticked by and after another minute of silence Ginger declared that he could stand up. Gilligan flicked his legs down and he stood up and untucked his shirt. Everyone waited with anticipation...silence. Everyone began to smile and cheer that they had done it, until the Skipper came over and gave Gilligan a nice hard pat on the back-'HIC'

Everyone sighed, Gilligan still had the hiccups.

"What are we going to do?" asked Mary Ann looking sadly at the hiccuping first mate.

"Well..." The Professer went silent.

"What is it Professer?" asked a hopefull Skipper.

"Well in my opinion another known trick to work was to hold your breath for a while." The Professer didn't look too confident though.

"Great lets give it a try." Exclaimed Mr Howell.

"Alright little buddy hold your breath and don't breathe out until I tell you." With that Gilligan took in a big gulp of air and proceeded to hold it.

"I am not sure whether it will work or not though. You see some tricks have been known to work on some people but the actual cure to hiccups is not yet known. Usually it just goes away by itself." The Professer said thoughfully scratching his chin in thought.

"Well what have we got to loose? We have to find some way of getting rid of them-" as the Professer and Skipper talked the others watched on as Gilligan went from blue to purple and finally red and his eyes began to droop.

"Umm Skipper." said Mary Ann tugging on his sleave.

"Not now Mary Ann," replied the Skipper.

"Umm but Captain," came Mr Howell's voice.

"Can't you see I'm talking here?" said a angry Skipper looking back to the Professer.

"BUT SKIPPER!" they all yelled.

"WHA-" The Skipper faltered getting a look at a almost past out Gilligan. "BREATHE little buddy!" And with that Gilligan finally released his air and he slumped down to the groud panting for air. "By gosh Gilligan."

Mary Ann came and sat dom on her knees next to the still panting boy and began to once again rub his back soothingly.

"Did it work?" asked Mrs Howell. Everyone went quiet and listened...silence.

"How do you feel Gilligan?" asked Ginger.

'Umm I feel...I feel fine." smiled Gilligan. " I feel HIC-" everyone groaned. Gilligan sighed. "I'm going to go get another drink of water." With that he stood up and sulked in down stairs hiccuping all the way.

"What are we going to do?" asked Mary Ann desperately.

"Nothing has worked," grumbled Mr Howell.

"...Almost everything." Everyone turned their heads to the Skipper.

"What do you mean? What haven't we tried?" asked a destraught Mary Ann.

"Well I was hoping we wouldn't have to use this method but it looks like we have no choice. I learnt it in the navy when one of the sailers in my group got a bad case of the hiccups and the only way we got rid of them was ti give him a good fright."

"A fright?" asked Mary Ann sadly.

"Yeah a nice fright should get rid of Gilligan's hiccups for sure," replied the Skipper.

"But how do we scare Gilligan?" asked Mr Howell.

"We are going to have to come up with a master plan." The Skipper put on an evil smile.

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