Chapter one: dino thunder power up! The beginning and end for one ranger.

This story is about Skyeler Bradley and her being in the power rangers dino thunder. Set before Brothers in death

My name is Skyeler Marie Oliver and I'm a member of the power rangers dino thunder along with Connor McKnight, Ethan James, and Kira Jones. My father is our leader the black dino ranger Tommy Oliver. Life isn't always as easy as you think it might be. Being a power ranger is very hard work I'm the blue dino ranger which means I become the red ranger if something happens to Connor. Anything can happen when you're a power ranger. Power rangers have the task of protecting the city of Angel Grove from the forces of evil such as Mezagog.

Mezagog is an evil dinosaur guy that should have died a long time ago. There's nothing that can stop him except the power rangers. I've been a ranger for a year now. I'm 18 years old and I have long black hair that I normally keep back in a braid. I have two younger brothers named Coda and Axel. I may be fairly young but I'm very good at what I do. I train police dogs and I want one to help defeat Mezagog. My dad won't let me have one because he's allergic to dogs which really sucks he sneezes up a storm every time I come home from work. I get paid pretty good.

Life as a power ranger can be both rewarding and very hard. Rewarding because you get to help people, and hard because you sacrifice almost everything you know and love. The only thing I really won't sacrifice is my dog training job which is understandable I guess you can say it's the only thing keeping me from the loony bin.

Personally I wouldn't dream of having two better jobs than the ones I have right now and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I graduated from high school as Valedictorian with a 3.99 g.p.a. Tommy Oliver adopted me when I was young and I don't remember much of my parents. I have a picture of my mom but nothing to remember my father by. All I know is my father was a horrible man. My mom was a very nice woman.

I'd rather have Tommy as my father than anyone else he's always been there for me. If I ever needed to talk to someone I could always come to him especially if I needed some extra help with homework. My father works with the school as a prehistoric biology teacher I loved that class it was a lot of fun.

One day Mezagog was attacking the city and Connor yelled "ready!" we all yelled "dino thunder power up!" and raced for the city. As we got there Mezagog said "hello rangers." Connor said "shut up and fight!" Mezagog said "you are stupid to challenge me red ranger!" he picked up a large steel beam and threw it at Kira and Connor leapt in front of her and was hit in the head by it. My father ran to him and picked him up and we went back to the dino thunder base. My father took Connor's helmet off and I saw the dent in his skull and I knew he wouldn't make it hardly anyone lives after suffering a depressed skull fracture.

Kira was a complete wreck she stayed with Connor in his room and cried. My father kept Connor on life support for 2 days and Kira finally agreed to take him off but he lived for another day and finally died. I felt bad for Connor because he suffered those three days and nobody could do anything for him. Kira wasn't the same after Connor's death which was understandable. If my boyfriend had died I'd probably behave in the same way. I was in Drum Corp International and Cheerleading with the Cheer Stars gym and I'd compete almost every weekend which kept my mind off of things.

I was thankful for the breaks and was glad to get away. One day my friend Kaitlyn from school called me and asked if I wanted to go to a motocross race and I reluctantly said yes. To be honest I absolutely hate motocross.