She is lays on her back, because it is the only semi confortable postion she can sleep in while her stomach is the size of a small boulder. But she hasn't slept at all tonight. It might be because she took several naps during the day. But hey, she's pregnant! She needs all the sleep she can get before the baby, or as she likes to call it little cub, comes. Derek scowls every time she calls the baby little cub. He has told her a thousand times that the baby would not be born as a wolf. Werewolves don't turn until puberty. As if that wasn't already a bundle of laughs .

But no the real reason she can't sleep is because her space heater of a husband is not next to her. Not saying that she is cold, because she is not. She is hot. All the time. And it's the middle of the summer, so that just makes matters worse. She has had to nix cuddling during the night because Derek runs hot. One night she woke up in a pool of sweat, because he had to be the big spoon and had one hand protectively placed over her belly. It was sweet, but she thought she was going to combust under the covers. So after she had kicked Derek several times in the shins to wake him up, there had been a no cuddling Stiles policy during the night, lest she die of heatstroke.

But she still missed the him being there. She felt safer when he was there. Little cub felt better too. He or she, they wanted it to be a surprise, didn't move around as much when Derek was around. He had a calming affect on little cub. And Stiles was thankful for that, because then she could get some sleep. He had been trying not to take as many over night shifts because he knew how restless she and little cub were when he wasn't there.

She sighs loudly. Sleep is not going to happen tonight.

She starts to think of something to do to make time go by faster. She has already read all the baby books, front to back, several times.

She could try and watch the birthing video that the teacher of the lamaze class had lent her. She had been to sweet for Stiles to even try to refuse. But she had already sat through the one they made them all watch senior year of high school, and that was bad enough. Also she was going to be going through it herself in just a few weeks time. And that was going to be a barrel of laughs. Also she was going to force Derek to watch it with her, because he did this to her. She knows it takes two to tango. But they were being safe and it was his stupid super werewolf sperm that had slipped one past the goalie. Not that she didn't want little cub! But little cub was a big surprise.

She could turn on the TV in their bedroom, but that would lead to late night food commercials. And the commercials would lead to cravings. And she had promised Derek that she wouldn't leave the house with out an escort. Because being the pregnant wife of an alpha police officer didn't come with out the him being way overprotective.

It wasn't her fault that she had had a really bad craving for disco fries one night, little cub had wanted them. Actually little cub had wanted all different kinds of french fries during her pregnancy. And it is pure luck that there is a 24 hour diner not even five minutes away from the house. It was not her luck however that both her father and Derek had been called in on an accident just off the highway. She had told them it was fine and it would be just a couple of hours. But it had been a really bad one, and they need all the help they could get. Derek called her and told her it would probably longer than they thought. They had only been gone for an hour, but it felt like days, when the craving kicked in. She had searched the freezer for french fries. They had them, but the fridge had no gravy or cheese. She had tried to convince herself just regular old french fries and ketchup would work, but then it took forever for the oven to preheat, and little cub was just begging for some disco fries. So she had told herself that it would only be a half hour. She would be there and back in less than that. She had gotten to the diner, ordered and eaten her disco fries, with a side order of pie, because she needed something sweet to counter balance the salty goodness of those fries, in less than a half hour. She had actually gotten it done in twenty-eight minutes and ten seconds. She had timed herself on her phone.

She had pulled up onto their street, when she noticed that there was a police cruiser in her driveway. When twenty-eight minutes and ten seconds ago there had only been her jeep. She was in so much trouble with whichever officer was home. If it was her dad she could try to pull out the tears and pretend to be the emotional pregnant woman. And he would comfort her and tell her that it was alright. He would probably even tell her a story about her mom when she was pregnant with her. But Derek, her sourwolf of a husband, would see right through her tears. He would just be angry. Period. End of story. He would be even angrier because she had taken the jeep. He had deemed it unsafe for her to drive in her "condition". She rolled her eyes at him when he had said that, because the jeep had gotten her through a lot. She would only get rid of it when it finally stopped working. Even then she would probably try and keep it in the garage for the memories.

So she had walked into the house, carrying the extra piece of pie she had bought for breakfast the next day, expecting the worst. And the worst is what she had gotten. Derek was sitting at the kitchen table. He was facing the front door. When she walked in the door he just glared at her for a full minute before she couldn't take it anymore and started blabbering about disco fries and little cub and not having the right ingredients to make them at home. Then she started talking about how it had taken her less than a half hour to get there, eat and get back. He let her blabber on until she was out of breath, before he started yelled at her for leaving the house with out and escort. He yelled that she could have called one of the pack to take her. He had yelled at her for taking the jeep. He yelled at her for not answering her phone. She didn't even hear it ring she had tried to tell him, but he wasn't hearing it. He even yelled that she could have tried to wait for one of them to ge home. During the middle of all his yelling, the tears started to silently fall down her cheeks.

When he was finally done, he saw that she was crying, real tears, not the fake ones she had been using lately. And he got this guilty look on his face. He then pulled her into a hug and just told her that he only wants to keep her safe, because there are people out there who want to hurt him, and the only way to hurt him is to hurt her and the baby. They had then both agreed that they had over done it. Him with the yelling. And her with the going out just to satisfy a craving. They then went and ate the pie that she had brought home from the diner.

She later asked why he had come home early, when he had told her over the phone that they needed all the help they could get. He told her that both he and Sheriff didn't like having her home alone, even if it was only for a few hours. So the Sheriff had sent him home and called in one of the Rookies.

Laying down in bed thinking of back in that night made her miss him even more, because he loved her so much. And she just wanted him to be close. She knew that he would be home in less than four hours, but they were going to be a very long four hours and she was tired. She really just wanted to get some sleep. But little cub started using her bladder as a punching bag.

She heaved herself up from the bed and waddled her way to the bathroom in down hall.

After she was done with her late night bathroom adventure, she heard her dad snoring in his bedroom. She though back on all of the time when she had nightmares after her mom had died, and she would race to their room and spend the rest of the night in their bed knowing that she still had her dad.

Then a great idea came to her. She didn't exactly have a nightmare, but she did need to get some sleep. So she waddled her way down the hall and knocked lightly, while opening the door.