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Chapter 6: The Assault and the Returns

During the day, in the Needful hidding place, the villains were making plans conserning a certain church on Sector 533. Hitsuyō next order surprised everyone.

"Tonight, we are going to attack the church and neutralize Adam Blade."

"But Hitsuyō-sama, you said only after we dealt with the rest of the Blackspot." – Naye retorted, surprised. Her master never before had made a change of plans. Hitsuyō answer was a bit accusatory:

"Since you Naye failed to capture the Disk girl, we have to attack now. That cyborg is heading for the priest and I know they are old allies. Plus, the other Blade's companions haven't been found, which means they are certainly planning on joining forces with him."

"Besides, most of this Black Spot has been desinfestated. Even if the surviving Needlesses join forces against us, there's not enough of them to pose a treath. Right now, the priest is our biggest concern."

"Hitsuyō-sama, how do you know the Needless that escaped are allies with the priest?" – Naye asked.

"Because I just know." – Hitsuyō didn't bother to elaborate. Naye oculd tell her master was slightly nervous. He must really belive that Blade might be a treath if his comrades join him. – "Inform everyone available. We're going to launch a full-scale assault on that church, leaving only enough here to guard the head-quarters."

Later that night…

A shadowy figure was walking silently, entering Sector 533. The figure had green hair.

"Finally, Sector 533." – the green-haired shadowy figure says. – "Blade…I have to get to him."

At the church…

Guido, Blade and Eve were sitting at the table on the kitchen, while Kanna was on the floor, putting together a pile of junk. Mio, Setsuna and Kuchinashi were up there, the first trying to console the other two.

"Onne-chans, you can't keep like this." – Mio said. – "I know that Hitsuyō did to you, but…"

"But what?" – Setsuna said in a both angered and hurt tone. – "He just destroyed our Fragments. I've had my Fragment eversince I was 3-years-old. It was a part of my life and now…now it's gone."

She then turn to look at Mio right in the eye:

"You don't know a thing about what we're going through."

Setsuna said that last sentence with a harsh hint that she didn't want to. Mio made a hurt face and left the room.

«That was too harsh.» - Kuchinashi wrote. Setsuna didn't want to face reality, but she knew Kuchinashi was right. Right then, the tow girls heard an explosion.

"What was that?" – Setsuna shouted after the blast.

«It came from down there.» - Kuchinashi said. The girls exited the room and climbed down the stairs to see what happened.

A few seconds before…

Down on the church, someone knocked at the door.

"Oh, who the hell is knocking at this time of the night?" – Blade grunted.

"Go there Blade." – Gido said.

"Why me?" – the priest protested.

"Because you're the priest, here." – Eve muttered.

"Now I really miss Cruz. He was the one who opened the door." - Blade groaned, getting up to go open the door to the church. When he thouched the doorknob, an explosion sending flying back into the altar.

"What the hell?!" – Blade growled, getting back up. Eve, Gido and Kanna rushed into the church. Mio, Setsuna and Kuchinashi came from the stairs.

"Someone will have to pay for that." – Gido commented. When the dust settled, Hitsuyō was standing, arms behind his back. Naye and a whole squad of Needful behind him.

"Hello, everyone! Hope you don't mind we crash in." – Hitsuyō greeted.

"It's them!" – Blade growled.

"Who the hell are you people?" – Eve shouted. Everyone else just fell anime style.

"They're the bad guys of this fict, you moron! We've fought them in chapter 2." – Blade roared.

"For real?" – Eve asked stupified – "I don't remember any of that."

"Then maybe you'll remember this." – Naye jumped at Eve, yielding her twin swords. The two girls started their own fight: sword vs drill. Hitsuyō ran towards Blade, ready to fight the priest.

More Needful came in, some through the back door, others break in through the window panes. It was like the whole place was been invaded.

"We better get out of here." – Gido said, taking Kanna away. Mio, Setsuna and Kuchinashi followed. But when they got out, more Needful were waiting.

"Time to do what I do best." – Kanna said, wishtling. A machine the size of a sumo wrestler came out of the church flying up into the sky, peircing through the ceilling in the process.

"More damage to pay." – Gido mumbled.

"I think you hsould be more worried about the damage to your health." – Setsuna muttered. The machine landed infront of Kanna and opened a hatch with a chair inside. Kanna jumped into the hatch and the machine transformed into a futurist robot, the little girl commanding it from the inside. This event made the Needful stand and re-evaluate the situation.

"What is this?" – Gido shouted.

"Shinny!" – Mio squealed.

"I built this during my time here. The Needful would come soon or later, after all." – Kanna said. – "My Fragment allows me to build any machine from any pile of metals. Since I'm not using my Fragment now, they can't cancel out. Needfull, meet the APU-2000 Nitro-GX Engine 40 Plus!"

«That's too long to be a name.»

The Needful came at her, but Kanna's weapon had firepower, something the Needful didn't have. The girl used her weapons to take down her enemies, one by one.

Meanwhile, Eve was engaging in a duel with Naye. Fortunately for the Doppelganger, she already had her arm transformed into a drill before Naye came close enough to disable her Fragment.

"Such a apin-in-the-ass power of yours." – Eve smiled. – "Can't cancel a Fragment that was already put to use."

"No big deal." – Naye dismissed. Eve prepared for an ofensive strike.

"Eve Cannon!" – Eve attacked but Naye jumped high and landed graciously in the altar. – "Says the bitch that so far hasn't landed a single hit on me. That power of yours to negate Fragments is really lame."

For some reason, that angered Naye. The ninja's voice gained a tone of violence.

"I'll cut out your tongue if you ever repeat those words! Hitsuyō-sama's blessing is flawless."

"Blessing?" – Eve inquired.

With Blade things were going a lot better. Eventhough his Fragments were useless, Blade had his natural strengh and power. Hitsuyō kept dodging his punches. Nevertheless, something was bothering Blade. During his last fight with Hitsuyō, the shorty used some power to paralyze Blade. But now he wasn't doing that at all.

"Maybe he's waiting for me to use a Fragment." – Blade wondered. – "Come on, is this the best you can do? You knocked me down in four seconds the last time we fought."

"Then, why don't you show me what you've got?" – Hitsuyō challenged – "Try stricking me with a Fragment. I promise I won't cancel it out."

Blade paused for second, wondeirng about what was his plan. Then he grinned.

"Fine, you dumbass. I'll obligue. I'm gonna use something I learned form your little show. Vajra Cruel Fist!" – a pingent of ice hit Hitsuyō and throwned him outisde into an abandoned house. Blade laughed like a maniac before his victory.

"Hitsuyō-sama!" – Naye whispered.

"Cool! When did you learn that one?" – Eve questioned.

"Ah! You thought I was asleep when that little shit fought Ice Strom." – Blade gloated, running out of the church to face Hitsuyō. – "You keep those knuckheads busy, I'll finish Hitsuyō off."

Blade entered the ruins of the house, there was Hitsuyō, standing up. He didn't seem much hurt.

"How do you like that, hu?"

"You put up a good fight, priest, but I'm afraid you've lost." – Hitsuyō said, calmly.

"I've lost? Guess again. Prepare to receive the Judgem…" – Blade was cut off when he realized he couldn't move. Hitsuyō gestured with his hand to make Blade walk up to him. – "You bastard! You had the power to control my body all along?!"

"Of course."

"Then why didn't you…"

"Because the Needfull, even Naye, don't know the true extension of my powers. They believe I can only remove or cancel out Fragments. If I was to show them I can paralize and control other people's bodies, they would start believing I'm a Needless." – Hitsuyō answered.

"Bastard, so you are a Needless, hu?" – he didn't respond to Blade accusation. Hitsuyō clenched his fist and lowered it. Blade's body kneeled and stood like that, imobilized. Hitsuyō placed his thumb over Blade's forehead.

"You'll never beat if you don't know what my power is."

"Danm, where is Cruz when you need him?" – Blade groaned in a whisper.

"Now, say goodbye to your Fragment." – his finger made contact with Blade's head. The priest felt something in his brain being bent and twisted, changed.

"NO! You won't!" – Blade tried to move with all his might, but his body didn't obey. Instead his Byakugou started sparkling and emitted a blinding light.

"What? What are you doing!" – Hitsuyō didn't remove his finger, but he used his other hand to cover his eyes. Blade didn't know what was going on, but he felt Hitsuyō's grip on his mind to grow weak by the second. Blade felt his fist losen up and prepared a punch:

"Magnetic World: Anti!" – Blade punched Hitsuyō, sending him against a wall. Blade stood up, feebly.

"AAARRRGH! – That was Eve! Blade run back to the church to go help the Doppelganger. Eve had just been defeated by Naye; she had run out of calories and the drill turned back into an arm. Naye had her swords pointed at the girl's throat.

"I'll send you to Hell, Doppelganger bitch!"

"You're the one going to Hell, old hag!" – Blade punched Naye into the air and kicked her violently into the altar.

"Blade!" – Eve gasped.

"Where is everybody?" – Blade questioned.

"The others went through the back door." – Eve said. Before they could get to the others, the Needful returned and surrounded the pair. Naye had also regained her senses.

"You're not going anywhere." – she hissed. Right then, the sound of something mechanical speeding up was heard. Blade and Eve only had one second to back off before a Testament came from outside crashing into a wall of the church.

The Testament pierced through the wall and ran over many of the Needful, killing them. Naye was among those who survived. From the hole, two people appeared. One was tall the other shorter. It was…

"Uchida!" – Eve squealed.

"My name's Terruyama!" – the man protested. At his side was Aiko.

"Little girl!" – Blade began drooling, his eyes shaped like two hearts.

"No time for that, stupid!" – Even growled, frustrated with Blade loli-love. The Needful had already reorganized and were coming closer.

"Guys, their powers only work in 60-metter-radius." – Terruyama informed.

"Then it's to put in some distance." – Blade said, breaking into a run and parting a way into the outside. Eve, Terruyama and Aiko followed suite.

"Don't let them get away." – Naye commanded. She went after the Needlesses, her minions following her. The party ran through the village but the persuers were still too close.

"We need to do something to stall them down." – Terruyama shouted, glancing behind. – "Maybe I could..."

Right then, a wall of fire appeared infront of the Needful, preventing them from carrying on. The Needless stoped when they felt it was safe. All were amazed with the wall of fire.

"Great job, Terruyama!" – Aiko complimented.

"But I…" – Terruyama's words were cut off by a newcomer with green hair who just appeared out of nowhere.

"You! You're back." – Blade and Eve gasped.

"Long time no see." – the green-haired person greeted.


The Wall of fire was extinguished and the Needful could see what was happening on the other side:

"Who is that?" – one of them questioned.

"Doesn't matter, let's attack!" – another Needful, a girl, shouted but Naye stopped her.


"Why, Lieutenant?" – the Needful asked, surprised.

"Because the chapter is nearly at it's end. It's time for the Who-Is-The-Enemy contest!" – Naye announced, which stupified the Needful.

"Listen up, everyone!" – Naye said. – "Today's question is 'What is Hitsuyō's personality?'!"

Opcion A: Hitsuyō is a lady-killer.

Imagened Scene: Hitsuyō first sees Aiko

"Have you seen that Aiko Kanbara chick? I wouldn't taking something else from her, besides her Fragment. And I wonder if Naye would like to join me in that effort. Giggity!"


Opcion B: Hitsuyō is gay.

Imagened Scene:

"Ohh! Taking away Needless Fragments is simply fabulous!"


Opcion C: Hitsuyō is gothic.

Imagened Scene: Hitsuyō speaks in a whispering silent dark voice, after unsuccesfully taking away Blade's Fragment:

"That didn't work, as I knew it wouldn't. It just blew right in my face, like everything else I do in my life."

"Remember everyone, your choices may influence how the story goes on! Review and don't forget to vote! And if you choose option C or B, I'll FUCKING MURDER YOU!" – Aiko gave a menacing growl.

For those would haven't realized, Blade DIDN'T any of his Fragments. His Byakugou protected his mind from Hitsuyō technique.