All These Years

By Trycee

Time-Line: 2011

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-files, this is written for fun not profit.

She was growing nervous the closer the date was approaching. She didn't realize how important this event would be for her but as a Catholic girl, it had been the expectation of her family, her church and community, especially the Irish Catholic Community in which she was raised. But she had defied those expectations much to the surprise of everyone around her. She had gone to college, gone to medical school and become an FBI agent, all without marrying any man, to her parent's disappointment.

She had worked for two years teaching at Quantico before being reassigned to the X-Files where she had been immediately attracted to Fox Mulder, her new partner. And for nearly 7 years she had fought her deepening feelings for him just as he had fought his feelings for her. There were signs from both of them that they loved each other, she thought to herself. They weren't fooling anyone only themselves. Scully stared into the mirror as she brushed her teeth and then noticed a dark figure standing behind her. She looked up to lock eyes with his. He stepped forward and placed his arms around her small shoulders. "I love you, you know that?"

She smiled before turning around in his arms and pressing her head against his impressive chest. "If I didn't, I wouldn't still be here, Mulder…Of course I know you love me. The question is, do you know that I love you?"

Mulder bent down to press his forehead together with hers as he held her tightly around the waist. "Yes, I know…", he answered softly. "And I know it's too little too late, but I can't wait to marry you, Scully."

"Finally," she added, noticing the twinge of guilt in his eyes and she reached out and cupped the back of his head. "Sorry."

"No, you're right," he sighed. "I should've married you a long time ago. I know we couldn't while I was wanted but I should've woken up the next day and married you then and there but here we are 2 yrs. later and If I've had any regrets, Scully that was it."

She kissed him quickly on the lips before pulling away. "Save the guilt for the priest, Mulder," she said, pulling away.

"Why do we need to meet with him again?", he said, trailing behind her as she walked towards her closet to get dressed.

"Counseling…You get marital counseling before you get married. Mulder, you know this is making my mom very happy."

She couldn't see the pouting that he was making standing behind her. She cocked her head so she could see him. "Mulder? Why aren't you getting dressed?"

Mulder blushed. " I was too busy watching you," he said, backing up and walking over to his own closet. He began to slip on his pants and Scully's eyes widened as she watched the even more pronounced muscles in his back and legs flex , enhanced from his constant exercise regimen throughout the last few years . She was standing with her mouth gaped open until Mulder moved up to her and flicked at her chin to close her mouth for her. "You're drooling…"

"I can't help it," she sighed. "You are a sight to behold."

At that he placed her in his muscular arms and placed a heated kiss on her lips. He pulled back. "I'm sorry, but I think you're the one that stops traffic, doc. You're incredibly gorgeous. And I don't like the way the priest looks at you either."

"Mulder, he's a priest!", she said, surprised, loving the feel of his arms around her.

"He's still breathing, isn't he?", Mulder said. "But if he gives you one of those looks while we're there, he won't be for long…"

"You've done some crazy things but threatening a priest, Mulder…."

He rubbed his cheek against hers before kissing her on her ruby red lips. "I'll never tire of that."

Scully swallowed hard and did her best to pry herself out of Mulder's grasp. "Mulder, we have a four hour drive…we can't be late…and I know what you're thinking."

"Oh?", he said, his eyebrow rising.

"No, Mulder, tame that thing," she said, feeling the length of him pressed against her.

"I can't, it has a mind of its own," he said, slipping her dress from her shoulders. He pressed his lips against hers and she snaked her hand around his neck drawing him down closer to her. He walked her closer to the bed and then laid her down.

"Mulder!", she sighed. "We're going to be late…"

"Ssh," he said, pressing a finger over his lips. "I need to concentrate."

Father McCue's successor, Father Henry tapped his pen on his desk and glanced at his watch. He sighed and continued to tap until he heard the clicking of heels against the wooden floors of the church. He stood up just as Scully, dressed freshly in a skirt and blouse entered with Mulder trailing reluctantly behind her. She shook his hand, an apologetic look upon her face as she and Mulder seated themselves across from him. "We apologize," Scully began. "It takes us four hours to get here…"

"Lots of traffic," Mulder said, exchanging glances with her.

Father Henry smiled. "I understand it's a long way for you to drive."

"But it's important to my mother that we do this here," Scully repeated what she had explained the week before at their first session.

"Well, I am glad you could make it in a reasonable amount of time," Father Henry smiled. "Now, let's see…we were discussing the details of your wedding. A non-traditional wedding with both Catholic and Hebrew traditions interwoven," he said, reading his notes.

"Yes," Scully answered for the both of them, fully aware that Mulder would prefer for her to speak in this situation.

"Have you spoken to the Rabbi at your synagogue?", Father Henry asked Mulder.

Mulder who had been zoning out look up surprised. "Ah no…my mother was Lutheran and my father ," he said, with difficulty. "My father was Jewish. I was raised in both for a few years," he said, seating himself more comfortably in the chairs.

"So do you have a rabbi that is willing to share the duties of performing the ceremony?"

Mulder glanced at Scully and she turned back to the priest. "No, we don't have any one."

Father Henry looked at Mulder curiously. "Do you want the dual ceremony? I unfortunately cannot perform a traditional Catholic service within the church unless you convert."

Mulder rolled his eyes and looked off at the wall as Scully answered. "No, he's not really religious. "

Father Henry sat there confused. He then pulled out his cell phone and found a number in it. He wrote it down on a business card and handed it to Scully. "This is Rabbi Abrams of The Congregation Beth Ahabah in Richmond, Virginia. He can either help you with the ceremony or can direct you with someone that can help…IF you decide you want to go that way."

"Thank You," Scully said, shooting a look over to Mulder whose head had dropped. It was the same stance he took the last week when he had been dragged kicking and screaming to the church. She hadn't said anything then but she knew they needed to talk about it this time.

"Well," Father Henry said, looking at the couple curiously. "Last week, I went over the entire process of how this all works and what my expectations are. So this week, I want to know you both as a couple. I need to know you're story…and be truthful!", he smiled.

Mulder had perked up and as if they were internally connected, they both reached out for the other's hand. Father Henry nodded to himself at the gesture. Scully stared at Mulder, waiting for him to tell the story. He cleared his throat. "We were colleagues…partners. We were FBI agents…"

"Oh?", Father Henry said, raising his eyebrows. "Interesting."

Mulder kept his eyes on Scully, staring deeply into her eyes. "I was attracted to her from the beginning and within that first year I knew I was in love with her."

Scully smiled. "I felt the same way but we never told each other that," she added. "Not for years."

"So, you kept your feelings hidden for how long?", the priest asked as he wrote in his notebook.

"Nearly 7 years," she said, licking her lips nervously. "7 LONG years…"

Mulder kissed her fingers. "We've made up for it, haven't we?"

Father Henry chose that moment to clear his throat, grabbing the attention for the couple. "So, as FB I partners, you couldn't act on your feelings for each other?"

"No," Mulder answered. "Not without reprimands and being split up."

"Okay, so you kept your relationship, when you did have a relationship a secret for how long?"

Mulder and Scully both stared at each other. "For over a year or so until something happened and he was taken from me," she said, staring at Mulder's handsome face. "And I was pregnant at the time…"

Father Henry sat back in his seat. "You have a child?"

They both turned to look at the priest. "Yes…He was adopted.", Scully said, her hand dropping from Mulder's and she sat with her hands in her lap.

Mulder leaned over to her and pressed a kiss against her neck. "It's not your fault."

"Did something happen with the child?"

"No, It's a little complicated," Scully answered. "To summarize…Mulder was returned and after our son was born, he had to leave again because someone was trying to kill him."

Father Henry sat there stunned. "Like the mob or something?"

"A little worse than that," Mulder answered.

"And they tried to take my son a few times and kill him and I didn't know when I'd ever seen Mulder again," she said, as tears streaked her cheeks, falling into her lap wetting her skirt. "So I gave him up for his safety but then Mulder returned," she said, looking at him.

"She feels guilty that I never got to spend but one day with our son and that I thought I was returning to them both but I understand that she had no choice…"

"You were angry with me for a long time," she said, staring at Mulder. "I could tell the way you looked at me…the way you held me. There was a distance there."

Mulder turned her around in the chair so that she was facing him. "Scully, I would NEVER blame you. I was hurt, yes, anyone would be but I didn't blame you…I don't blame you. I love you and our son and we will find him!"

Scully leaned her head into the crook of his neck and he rubbed her back as the Priest observed them. "I think that's enough for this session. Next week, same time?"

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