All These Years

Part 18

By Trycee

Time-Line: 2011

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-files, this is written for fun not profit.

After a series of wedding photos were taken, both Mulder and Scully retreated to their bedroom as their family and friends and caterers cleaned up and set up for the reception held in the same space. Scully flopped down on the bed her heels kicked off as Mulder straddled her, making sure not to place any weight on top of her. "Hmm, just the way I like you," he said, waggling his eyebrows.

She looked up at him. "I can't believe it," she said, dazed as he sat down beside her. "We're married, Mulder. We are officially married."

"I know," he said, kissing her cheek. "God, why did I wait so long?"

"We waited a long time for the physical part and then we waited a long time for the marriage part," she said, shaking her head. "I don't know but I am in shock, I can't believe I'm finally your wife. I was your partner."

"My skeptical partner," he added.

"Then your friend."

"Then my best friend and then the only person I could ever imagine in my life," he said, lifting her up into his arms. "Scully, I'm so happy right now. You made me so happy and you look so incredible in this dress."

"And you look edible in that suit," she said, as their lips came together. Scully moaned into his mouth until he pulled away.

"Don't get me excited right now, we need to change and get out there, and I don't want to do that sporting a wood."

"Well, we could relieve that," she said, her voice dropping low.

Mulder stood up quickly. "No, that's what the honeymoon is for and we're gonna wait."

Scully pouted, crossing her hands across her chest. "Mulder!"

"No, Scully, were gonna do this right."

"Since when?", she frowned.

"Get dressed into your other girly dress and I'll get dressed into my comfortable wedding clothes, so we can party it up and then leave for our honeymoon."

"You promise it has nothing to do with Elvis or ghosts or the woods, right?"

Mulder chuckled. "I promise."

"Okay," she said, kissing his chin. "Let's get back to OUR reception."

"Our WEDDING reception," Mulder grinned.

They stood there grinning at each other until there was a loud thump on their door. "Hey, stop making out in there! Everyone's waiting on you!', Charles yelled.

"Coming!", Mulder yelled out.

They shrugged and then quickly changed into more comfortable clothes. Scully was dressed in an identical dress to her wedding dress with the same cut and fitting only shorter coming down past her knees. She put on a pair of flat comfortable white shoes and removed the veil which she wrapped up carefully to give back to her mother. Mulder removed the grey sweater and removed his tie and placed the black tux back on. He placed the white yarmulke back on his head and placed his hand in his spot and walked her back outside.

The entire yard was lit up with white lights strung up around their backyard including the Canopy where the Chuppah cloth had been removed but the flowers remained. There was a casual atmosphere for which they were both grateful and as they approached, everyone clapped again and hugged them. Scully sat down at the couples designated table with a white Wish Tree from Mulder's Dutch heritage on the table. They noticed that it was full of wishes already. They smiled and looked around at the small event and noticed the gift table was packed full of gifts, more than the people present. A DJ was playing music and they could smell the mixing of various foods wafting over the area from where the two caterers had set up a long line of food.

Father Henry and Rabbi Abram stood together and raised a glass to them. "To the bride and groom!", they both said.

Everyone raised their glasses as well. Mulder and Scully were allowed to fill their plates first and sit down as everyone else jumped in line. After they'd eaten a little Dutch, a little Jewish and a little Irish food, the DJ requested the couple come dance their first dance as Husband and Wife. Scully stoop up with her hand in Mulder's their eyes locked onto one another, just as they had on the dance floor years before at the Cher concert and danced, smiles plastered on their faces as everyone cheered for them.

A few minutes later, others were bumping into them on the dance floor. Scully stopped in her tracks as she saw her mother and Walter Skinner dancing together. Mulder looked at Scully but she just turned her head and laughed. Mulder nodded to the DJ and he began to play the song Mulder had selected by Glen Hansard called "Falling Slowly", which captured his feelings for her perfectly. She smiled the moment she heard the song. "Mulder," she sighed. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," he said, pressing her close to him. Scully pulled him down closer to her and they closed their eyes, feeling their hearts beating as they listened to the song, feeling the warmth of each other's breath against their cheeks.

After the song, they opted to sit down and talk. Monica walked up to them and hugged them tightly. "Thank you for inviting us."

"Oh, Monica, I just wish we could've been at yours."

"I feel like you were now," Monica smiled as baby Maria slept in her arms. "It makes me sad to think that in a few days we'll be back in Louisiana and won't get to see you anymore."

Scully touched her friends shoulder. "For now, but not for long. We'll be calling upon you soon enough," she said, her double meaning only understood by Mulder.

Monica smiled. "I saw your dad and sister standing near you at your ceremony."

Scully turned to Mulder and glanced down and then up into his eyes. She turned back to Monica. "I could feel them too."

Mulder nodded to them both and then smiled. He sipped on his wine and turned to watch Skinner and Maggie dancing to a slow song. He nearly choked on his wine as he watched Skinner smile at Maggie as his hands dropped to her waist. She lifted his hands up and raised her eyebrow just like Scully's. Mulder giggled and continued to watch them.

It was finally time for the cake and they had agreed to keep it clean especially since Mulder knew she'd hate getting cake all over her and so they used forks to feed each other neatly as everyone clapped. After they eaten a small piece of cake, they again returned to the dance floor but Bill tapped Mulder's shoulder. "It's customary for the bride to dance with her father…So," he said, looking at Mulder.

Mulder stepped back and let Scully dance with her brother. He watched, unable to hear what they were saying but he could tell that Bill truly loved his sister despite all the hell he'd put him through throughout the years. He knew if he'd ever gotten to watch Samantha grow up and get married, he'd be the same way. No one would be good enough for his sister and he knew that's why Bill hated him so much. Finally, Bill motioned for Mulder to rejoin his bride on the dance floor and he stepped away. Mulder was grateful to be back in her arms. He always felt lost without her touch even briefly.

Soon though, Bill and Charles had convinced the DJ to start playing The Irish Wedding Song and began to dance and drink Guinness along with Junior and Patrick and even 18 year old Matthew. Maggie motioned for Scully to join the dance floor. Scully kissed Mulder and then followed her family out with Mulder in tow. They danced as her family sang out the lyrics. When the song ended, Mulder retreated to his seat and watched in amazement as Scully and her brothers and sister- n-laws started Irish step-dancing. He'd never seen her dance this way before, he watched as they twirled and stepped and sang along to the words of songs he had no idea what they were. In all the years he'd known Scully, this was a part of her life he had never seen and he couldn't get enough of it. He'd never dreamed she'd ever know how to Irish dance and he watched as she lifted her legs and stepped along with her brothers and laughed when they forgot how to do a step or two.

Scully would turn and look at him and he smiled so brightly watching her as she threw him a kiss and then returned to dancing. All the non-Irish, which were very few, all sat around watching as the Scully family took over the dance floor. Finally, the DJ put on more contemporary music and Scully came back to Mulder's side but Bill and Charles and the rest of the family demanded more Irish tunes and the DJ again relented but Scully curled up to Mulder's arms this time, resting her head against him. "I didn't know you knew how to dance that way, Scully?"

"I need to keep you guessing, Mulder," she smiled. "Of course, I haven't done it since I was a kid, so I may need a few aspirins," she joked.

"Well, we have a trip to take in the morning…"

Scully's eyebrow rose. "You're gonna tell me where we're going, Mulder?"

"In the morning," he said, watching as her face fell. "Only the best for my bride."

She laughed and Mulder's heart beat faster. "I love it when you smile, Scully, I always have. I would always promise myself that if I were given the chance, I would make sure that's all you did."

"Mulder, you've made me the happiest, I've ever been," she smiled. "Besides the birth of our son."

He nodded. Scully looked at her family and friends who were all dancing and drinking and enjoying themselves. She grabbed his hand. "Come on, they'll be out here for hours. Typical Irish," she laughed.

Mulder followed behind her his hand in hers as they made their way to their home leaving their guests to party without them with unopened gifts left on the table. Mulder picked her up and walked over the thresh hold with her and then headed for their bedroom. They locked the door and Scully slowly slipped off her dress but Mulder stopped her. "Let me," he said, carefully removing the dress and placing it in her closest. He then undressed her like she was his present. When she was bare, she slip the jacket off his shoulders and undressed him as well.

They lay down on the bed, side by side and stared into each other's eyes for long moments, conveying with their eyes what they couldn't put into words. Mulder licked her lips and then closed his mouth over hers, claiming her as his. He sucked on her fingers and then kissed her ring finger which finally held his ring. He kissed her neck and cheek and swirled his tongue around her body, tasting everything he could find as she moaned and screamed out, her body shaking as her head was thrown back. He entered her and they rocked together as they had numerous times for years, as if this part of themselves was as natural as breathing for them. Scully gripped Mulder to her as if she were afraid to let go of him. He continued to worship her body, showing her in every way how much she meant to him. How much she always meant to him. They fell asleep a heap of limps as the party continued without them outside.

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