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As I read a few of these, and my other try was so heartbreaking neglectet, I present a video game naruto story. But other than most, it will be a boy x boy romance.

So, for all the ones that do not want yaoi or shonen ai, please leave.

To all the others, I wish good reading.

Naruto game 1

Game over, you have died.

"What the hell" was all Naruto was able to thing. The last he remembered he was fighting against Tobi or Mandara or whatever he was called, was using all he and the Kyuubi could, and the next he was floating in a black space, before him in bold letter THIS, whatever it was.


Age: 15 (+1500)

Level: 5 (+500)


Mastered Henge (+100)

Kawarimi (+25)

Kage Bushin no Jutsu (+75)

Tree walking (+50)

Water walking (+75)

Summoning (+90)

Rasengan (+ 100)

Mastered Rasenshuuriken (+200)

Sage Mode (+250)

Jinjuuriki Mode (+250)

Graduated academy (+50)

Completed special mission: Wave: (+100)

Complete Chunnin exam arc (+100)

Complete Tsunade arc (+100)

Complete training trip arc (+150)

Complete rescue Gaara arc (+150)

Complete bridge of heaven and earth (+150)

Complete immortal enemies arc (+150)

Complete Pain Invasion arc (+200)

Complete five Kage arc (+200)

Befriend Iruka (+50)

Befriend Konohamaru (+50)

Befriend Inari (+50)

Befriend Jiraya (+100)

Befriend Gaara (+100)

Befriend Tsunade (+100)

Befriend Sai (+150)

Befriend Yamamoto (+150)

Befriend Killer Bee (+200)

Befriend Kurama (+ 300)

Defeated Mizuki (+25)

Defeated Haku (+50)

Defeated Iruka (+50)

Defeated Mist team (+50)

Defeated Kiba (+50)

Defeated Neji (+50)

Defeated Gaara (+100)

Defeated Kabuto (+150)

Defeated Pain (+250)

Defeat Yami Naruto (+250)

Team defeat: Zabuza (+75)

Team defeat: sound four (+250)

Team defeat Kankuzo (+250)

Team Defeat Kyuubi (+300)

Sub total: 7634 points


Failed Akademie first time (-200)

Failed Akademie second time (-200)

Failed Akademie third time (-200)

Lost precious person ? (-500)

Lost precious person ? (-500)

Lost precious person Haku (-500)

Lost precious person Sandaime (-1000)

Lost precious person Sasuke (-500)

Lost precious person Itachi (-500)

Lost precious person Jiraya (-1000)

Lost precious person Nagato (-500)

Lost precious person Konan (-500)

Lost Asuma (-250)

Lost Zabuza (+250)

Unable to Befriend Ino (-150)

Unable to Befriend Shino (-150)

Unable to Befriend Ibiki (-150)

Unable to Befriend Anko (-150)

Unable to Befriend Neji (-150)

Unable to Befriend Temari (-150)

Unable to Befriend Hiashi (-150)

Unable to Befriend Yugito Nii (-150)

Sub total -7800

Total -166

"What the fuck does that all mean." Naruto blinked owlish at the letters that were floading free in this emty space. Of course he recogniced that the first half was, in essence, the things he had done in his live, even if many things where missing in it, but the second half… He had no idea what that meant. His head was swirling, but as it seemed, the ordeal was far from over.

Do you want to play again?

Yes No

"Huh?" Now Naruto was not a genius as others, but even he knew that this whole situation was a bit more then surreal, and him saying that means a lot, considering what he had all seen in his life.

"Say yes" the voice of Kurama was penetrating his thoughts.

"I don't get what it means, but OK, I trust you. …YES" Naruto was feeling a little bit confused, but in the short time since he had seen a friend in the Kyuubi he also had learned to trust him, so Naruto now was doing as he was told., even if he himself was not sure where this was going.

In the next moment Naruto was flowing above Konoha. But in this was, as Naruto was very fast to see, not the Konoha of his time, but, as it seems, the Konoha as it was before Tsunade was found, or the sound/sand invasion. The fact that the arena was still stending, and only four faces were carfed in the Hokage monument was a death give away.

Sudendly a Ninja mission scroll was before him, and slowly unrolling. It was reading.

Welcome to "Naruto Universe" Version 1.0

New Game

Load Game

But other than all the other times, the "Load Game "button was in a grey colour, as if it wanted to fade into nothingness. After guessing that it may not hurt Naruto was saying "Load game"

Load game…

No data found…

Back to main menu…

Welcome to "Naruto Universe" Version 1.0

New Game

Load Game

"What?" Naruto was confused, but after trieing it again, he was seeing that this was getting him nowhere, so he then was saying "New game."

The scroll closed, only to open again, now with a new text.

Welcome to "Naruto Universe".

In a world of Ninja, divided into several lands, you are one Naruto Uzumaki, born on Oktober 10th in the year 80 aKF (after Konoha Founding)

Then all went black.

When Naruto opened his eyes again, he was standin in a dark room, the end of it not to be seen. The floor seemed to be marmor, and the wall behind him seemed to be Obsidian, as was the ceiling.

"Interesting." the voice of the Kyuubi boomed beside him. As Naruto was locking left he saw a red ball of light flying beside him. " Is that you, Kurama?" he asked.

"Yes. It seems, that we are at a place where we are without body, so we are only a ball of light that represent our soul." Was then heard from the Kyuubi

"Indeed Kyuubi you are right. Neither you nor Naruto are with a body in here. " A voice was speaking from the right. As Naruto, and also the Kyuubi, were wirling to look there they saw a person slowly stepping out of the dark into the small circle of light that was around them. It was the Yondaime.

"Dad?" Naruto asked slowly. "What are you doing here, and where are we?"

I would love to answer that Question, may son, belive me I would, but as of now, I can't. The only thing I can say is that we are at a space between death and live. And I was chosen as a sort of Guide for you."

"Guide? For what?"

"For this here. Please accept that I am unable to say more. Even with the things I have said I am balancing on the edge of what I am allowed to do."


"I think it would be better not to question any further, Naruto. If I am right it would bring no good to mess with this."

"Mess with what?"

Later Naruto. I promise, when we have time for this, I will tell you my hunch. Now, Namikaze, why do you not do what you are supposed to do, so that we all can get on with it?"

"I will hold you to that Kyuu. OK Dad, what is the idea?"

"Thanks Naruto. " Minato cleared his throat, then, in a theatralic gesture he swung his arms around and began a speech that, as it seems, was rehearsed.

"welcome to the selection room. Here you, the player, will have the opportunity to create your avatar through with you have will live and act in the Naruto Universe. Please take note that, once you have selected how your avatar will be like, and you progress to the next menu, changes are not able to be made without restarting the game from the beginning. So please be careful in the selection. Also take note that each choice will affect your states, your perks, your background and your sexuality as well as the difficulty of some scenarios in the game. If you see a object you want to choose touch it to see it details and touch it again to select. As long as you are here you can choose and unchoose as you like. You can access the help menu to let the guide help you or read the hints for more information"

After this in a swirl of gold, the Yondaime vanished.

"Okay… I have no idea what he was saying"

"Then it is good that you have no need to relay on your human brain. After all, you have me and my wisdom to help you."

"Does that mean you have understood what he meant?"

" Yes. I am, after all, a higher being than you. It may look complicated to you, but for me, the picture of our situation is quite clear."

"Then you can tell me what is going on."

"Now, where would be the fun in that? But I promise that I will tell you with time, as I see right in doing so. "

"So you will tell me when you seem fit to do it. Bravo" the last part was only whispered, but Kyuubi did catch it nonetheless.

"Stop your whining, boy, it is for your own good. If I would tell you what I knew you would freeze in terror, if you are even able to get all the things in your little brain. Humans are fragile after all, both in body and in mind."

"Hey, I am not fragile." Naruto was used to the whole superior tattle, but sometimes it was too much."

"For a human, no you are not, but in comparation to the likes of me, yes you are. And THIS smells VERY much like beeings as high or higher than me."

"Higher than you?"

"How to you think is it possible for the YONDAIME, that the Shikigami has eaten, to be in this place? And not only a fraction of him, but in whole, hmm?"

"Oh shit."

"A very rude but explicit comment. Whatever is responsible of this is able to get the God of death to let go of one of his souls."

Naruto wanted to comment on that, but before he could he was stopped as the room was suddenly full of light, exposing a row n row of statues filling the hall, standing on podest. Each seems to be a bit different, but Naruto couldn't place as of why it seems so. But before he could ask a new scroll appeared in midair and opened.

Please select:





Note: For better understanding please note that the choices are seen as they would look like to the end of the academy, meaning with the age of 13.

"What" was all Naruto was able to get out.

"Why don't you try and ask for help, hmm? "

"Oh, thanks Kyuu…HELP"


Choose your appearance. You now will choose how you will look like in your life. With only minor chances duo to the your states your appearance will mostly be determinate by this menu.

Do you want a tutorial in this?

Yes No

"Hell yes I want. "

Start tutorial…

Loading complete…

Please select Head.

"Um… OK… HEAD"

Head selected


Suddenly Naruto was pulled forward to the statues. Without doing anything he suddenly found himself only a few feet away from the first row of the very left.








Help Tutorial On: Here you select how your face will lock like. You can variant it from a masculine handsome face to the point of a cute adorable one. Note that each choice will affect your standard states as many other things.

Please take note that all other choices will be shown with in the Standard choice to make it possible to concentrate on a specific choice. To see your current appearance you must exit and go to the next room. Before you enter your avatar will be shown, and you will be a asked if you want to proceed to the next room.

Please select Overall.


Overall selected…


And with this Naruto was then pulled to the very left line of the left block


Overall means just that. The overall appearance of your face is determinate by this. Do you have a round face that will never lose his childlike softness, or is it a sharp face, that even in childhood would be stern. Is Your face dominated by strict hard lines or has it more of a soft touch to it.

To go back please say EXIT

Tutorial Help On: Please select one of the many available choices.

"And how do I do this? Stupid… Not saying how to do it… OK, let's try this. CHOICES."

Choices Head Overall…

Please select:

Uke face

Soft face

Normal face

Angular face

Seme face

" OK last time it had worked like this, so… Soft FACE"

Soft face selected…

And with this Naruto was staring into his very own face as he knew it. But by the second glance Naruto was seeing a few changes. In his youth his face was not so round as this and his cheek bone was better seen. Also his eyes seemed to be larger in this face, as did his mouth, nose and ears.

Soft Face

A soft featured face that charms with his soft lines. After the Uke Face the best choice to awake the motherly or fatherly protection.

Muscle development: +5

Scary: +5

Handsome: +5

Cute: +15

Beautiful: +15


Yes No

"And what does that mean?" Naruto was asking himself. Sure, the words he knew, but what its meaning in here was he didn't know. "

"I am sure it will become clear later on. For now just select it and then we can go on." Kyuubi snickered. He had long since figured out where this all was leading, but that didn't meant he would tell Naruto. It would just be to hilarious to see the reaction when he found out.

"If you mean. Yes."

Confirm Soft face…









Overall (selected)

Note: Exit to return to Main

Tutorial Help On: If you have chosen one of the choices in a section a (selected) will show after the topic. You are still able to change your choice, as long as you are in this room.

Please select a choice in all topics and then return to the main.

"OK, that I get. Then…let's see… ah, I have it… HAIR"

Hair selected…


And again Naruto was pulled around, now to the very right line of the block.


Here you select the structure of your hair, but not the colour and lenth

"Bah, and that makes it boring. Why can't I change the colour of it. I wanted to have orange hair, like this pain thing. "

"Kami above, I am sorry for ever being angry with you. I am forever grateful for your mercy."

"Hey what does that mean, Kyuu!"

"That means that it would be an eyesore if you had orange hair. Now, if it was red, I could understand, but orange…"

"Shut up furball, orange is awesome, it is the colour of the gods, it's…"

"Kami, just stop! I am having nightmares in here. Stop it. Concentrate on the task, that would be better."

"Ok, Ok, I get it, geez! So lets see what we have here."

Silky hair

Soft hair

Spicy hair

Wild hair

"Huh, four choices! Why not five?"

2Perhaps because it just to make fun of you, little gaki." Sugesstet the Kyuubi

"Nah, I don't think so. I wonder what the whole difference is though, they all look the same to me." And indeed all the Hairstyles before him were the usual Hair he remembered to have.

"Perhaps you will know it when you try to select one." The Kyuubi commentet. Seriously, what where the immortals thinking . It could, very possible be only a mean to torture him by binding him to this stupid brat.

"Hey, cut it!" Naruto, hearing Kyuubis thought, interrupted.

"Please, Kami above. " Kyuubi groaned. Naruto was ranting about him, and not concentraiding on the task again. And it was so much still to do.

Suddendly, he had an idea, and if he was correct, it would help to speed up enormerous as well as make a fun situation. The fact that Kyuubi was helping Naruto was a bitter spot, but well…

End chapter one:

In the next chapter Naruto will be in the second champer with his choice of apperence.

Till then.

(and yes I am so lazy as to make it so I must not name all choices. But I will, at the start or end of chapter bring Narutos states, so you can see it.)

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