Naruto shonen ai game

Chapter 5

Naruto walked through the rows of statues in search of available traits.

He was not happy.

He had spent quite a bit of time already "buying" a few traits, and had discovered quite a few facts about them.

For one, not only would a few of them only open up at a specific time or with a "skill set" as it was named, but also, if a specific trait was "bought, a certain age was overstepped or a specific " skill" to high, it would close up a few of them.

And that was not all. Even if you have "bought" a "skill", it did not mean you could use it forever.

When he had seen the "Sage Mode "trait he wanted to "buy" it immediately.
Then he had read that it would be only useable as long as he had no "Bijuu mode".
if he had the "Bijuu Mode", even if he had "bought" the "Sage mode" before, it would be closed, and his "investment" would be lost.

After selecting and "buying" a few that did look good, he had tried to go on.
Only to have a massage appear that stated he still had points that could be spent.
He tried to ignore that and go on, simple because he had no desire to use "these" points.
But the door refused to open.

After a while Naruto had realized that the door woulf not open till all points he could use were used.

To state it more accurate.
He had enough "Uke" "Seme" and "Kinky love" points to "buy" something in that categorie, so he was forced to do so.

At the beginning, Kurama had found it hilarious, but after two hours of searching, and reading the describtions f the available states, he had stopped.

Hours later, and Naruto still had not found any useful trait. Hell, most of them he could not even afford.

Angrily he shouted:

"God dam it, where are those so called buyable skills."

Suddenly, a Light appeared blinding Naruto.

When he opened his eyes again, he was surrounded by colored statues.

Dumbly he starred. What the hell?!

"It seems your shout has transported the available skills to you, and also the one you already have." Kyuubi stated.

And indeed, it seems like Kyuubi was right.
Not only the colored statues he knew were available, the color was evidence, but also the moving nes he had bought already, the moving was a statement to that, surrounded him.

With an suspicion in his mind, he walked to an already moving one and "sold" it.

And like he suspected, the statues around him changed. A few were disappearing, but a whole lot of others suddenly appeared.

"Did you see that?" Naruto asked, a little angry.

"Yes, I do. To think that we wandered through all this mess for hours. Why did you not think about this before?"

"Oh, shut up! It's not as if I have any experience with such things. Still, that we could have simple summoned all available traits instead oof searching … it makes me really angry at the one behind this for not telling us."

"I must agree with you. And if I may, I would love to ask your dear Daddy why he himself did not tell us about this."

"I think he was too busy with other things." Naruto tried to protect his Dad.

"Do not even try to fool me. I can read your mind just fine. You do not need to hide your little frustration with your father." Kyuubi purred.

Naruto gave up. "Ok, Ok, I am angry with him."
Then with a devilish grin, he added. "But I have the perfect idea how to … amuse us. Say Kyuubi, what can you tell me about…"

10 minutes later, in the trophy room.

Minato was sitting comfortable in an old armchair, sourounded by the many pictures, statues and pokals that all were representing the different accomplishments of Naruto.

He was reading a little orange book.

He was, at first, angry with the supervisor for cutting him of from Naruto like that, but … it was Jirayas newest masterpiece, and a collection of all the other ones.

Minato knew it was a bait, but he was not able to read this for nearly 19 years.
When the part of his soul that was in Narutos seal came back, fusing with his main soul, he had hoped to read a little, but no.

His son has only risked one glance at the masterpiece of Jiraya before declaring it as unfit and never again touched it.

Now, with the first change to read it since his wife and him first moved together, he was of course obliged to read as much as he could.

"MINATO!" a female voice shouted suddenly near Minatos ear, making him near deaf.
But, right now, his near deaf ear was a lesser concern.

Because, before him in all her glory stood his late wife, Kushina Uzumaki.
And by the look of it, she was not happy.

"ÄH….Hi, darling." Minato tried.

"Do not "Hi Darling" me, Minato. Instead, pray to whatever god is there that you expleantions are good!"

"Explenations? About what?" Minato asked in a frightening tone.

Why I am ripped out of my sleep, only to find my son wandering aimlessly in a room and his father reading these filth of all things right next to him."

"Oh." Minato knew he was screwed by the look and voice of his wife, still he tried. "But Naruto can't be here. I am more than capable to sense him and then…" he tried an escape, but was shut down imeadiatly.

"And WHAT, pray tell me is HE, if NOT our son, who now is exposed to things a boy like him should NOT?" she asked in a falsely sweet voice while pointing at a spot in the shadow of Gamabuntas statue.

When Minato looked, he bleached. There, at the front leg sat Naruto. And, if his face gave any indication, he was rather disturbed.

He was muttering, as if only for himself:" My father is a pervert. My father is a pervert. My father is a pervert." Without noticing his surroundings any more

Minato began to sweat and.

He had never planned to let this habit be discovered by his son.

With his legendary skill he rushed to Naruto, trying to hug his boy for comfort.

He silently cried when Naruto moved out of the way.


"Naruto, there is nothing to be afraid of. And only because I touch you will not make you a pervert." He said and tried to crab Naruto once more.

All he managed to catch was Narutos jacked, Naruto himself was away.

The moment Naruto noticed his missing and now ripped jacked he began to shrink and tried to cover behind the next statue.

"Pervert. You even lust after your own son. I AM DOOMED!"

"MINATO!" a furious shout was heared from behind. Out of the corner of his eyes, Minaato saw Kushina rushing to his side, but at the moment, his immediately death at her hand seemed like a mercy.
After all, his son had just suggested he had an interest in him that was not of the father / son categorie.

Minato, faced with a situation like this, did the only thing one could do.

He fainted.