Chapter 5: Games set and match


I cant belive it were actually spying on the girls and were not caught yet!

"So girls what should we do now?" rocky smirks.

"guys there back c'mon!" I say.

"ooohhh goody!" gunther smiles (freak)

"lets talk about….boys!" cece all the boys smirk.

"yeah and how their SO STUPID AND SMELL LIKE DOGS" avery smiles.

"yeah once I caught ty eating what he thought was some chocolate,it turned out to be something from the back end of my aunt shelly's dog." Rocky laughs.

That was it we are not stupid I've had enough.

" Guys lets go to the girls room I wanna teach em a lesson." Ty says angrily.


"WE ARE NOT DOGS!" the boys say as they barge in.

"vhat are you talking abouvt?" Tinka says innocently.

"were talking about you guys calling us stupid dogs we heard you from the airvent" ty says.

"OH! So YOU WERE SPYING on us!" avery shouts.


Uh oh our cover is blown the girls are gonna kill us.

There was a long pause then…

"GIRLS….GET EM" Avery says as the girls chase us with water guns that lets just say wasn't filled with water…

"AHHHH" we all scream as we start running round the place


That will TEACH THEM for spying on us!

"CECE NOOO SPARE ME NOOO IM SORRY" deuce says as I point the water gun directly at him.

"I'll spare you…if you do something for me…" I say.

"ANYTHING!" Deuce beggs

"tell me if this is true…" I say as Deuce makes a puzzled look.

"d-do you l-like me –more than a friend.." I spit out.

"umm to be honest yeah…" Deuce says.

"Deuce.. kiss me"I ask.

Deuce leaned in and before you knew it our lips were an inch away…Our lips toched and just in that one moment it felt like huge were flying everwhere.

"Cece will you be my girlfriend?" Deuce asks.

"yes…" I say as I put my head on Deuce's.