What if?

"Hey Evanlyn wait up." Will was running across the bleak ice covered mountains that made up Skandia's natural borders. Her back was turned and she was walking quickly away from him her body language clearly indicating she wasn't in the mood for talking, but Will wouldn't be Will if he didn't pursue so he easily caught up with her and took the same long strides she was taking.

"Will I want to be alone." Her tone was hard and cutting. Will almost recoiled from her when he heard them for some reason which he couldn't gather, her being upset made him want to hold her and stroke her he shook those taboo thoughts away, she was his friend and everything about her was telling him that right now she was upset, so he knew that he couldn't leave her alone until he knew what was going on.

Honestly Evanlyn didn't know what was wrong with her either. Ever since Will and her got captured in Skandia she had felt an instant connection with him that defined more than just friends. The only point she remembered ever feeling more than gratitude towards him was when she saw him addicted to warm weed. His eyes which she had never noticed before were a beautiful mahogany brown, filled with joy, his joy. She had never noticed how special and pretty they were until they became lifeless. She hadn't noticed his body either, she only noticed after he got addicted and was no skinnier than a quill that his body used to be strong, healthy and muscular. All three things that she liked in a guy immensely. Any other day any other time she would have immediately picked these up but her mind was too busy planning a way to get out of Skorghijl to notice. What annoyed her the most was the fact that he was also so imminently likeable it was like she was naturally being gravitated towards him. Him and his cheeky grin. Now that Halt and Horace were here though she had the time to think about things other than basic survival. As soon as she had told him she wanted to be alone she regretted it. She knew her tone had been too harsh and it wasn't his fault that he was too irresistible to her. She realised he was talking again and she immediately became aware of the hurtful tone underlying his words.

"I just wanted to help Evanlyn I thought you might have been lonely so I wanted to give you some company." She turned towards him and after seeing his hurt face she sighed and sat down on the wet grass. He sat down next to her and she instinctively lay her head on his strong shoulders. She wondered if this was what friends usually did or whether she was being too close to him but he didn't seem to mind because soon he put his head on top of hers and they sat there in silence. No words needing to be said.

"I'm sorry Will I shouldn't have snapped at you like that I don't know why but I feel so depressed."

"Well it may be because we're stuck in a war. I heard it tends to do that to people." She laughed grimly. She knew the real reason behind her glum mood, she knew that she wanted to be with him but she just didn't know how or whether he wanted to be with her for that matter. His attempt at making her feel better was working though, what he didn't realise was that the fact that he was there made her feel better, he wouldn't have had to say any words.

"Yes I've heard that too. I reckon they're right." She replied. He chuckled a little his shoulders moving.

"C'mon lets get up from here and get back to Halloshalm, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have wet patches on my bum." He laughed as he got up and pulled her up with him. She laughed as well and together they made their way, his arm around her shoulder being a comfort to her. This was enough she thought. As long as he was with her.