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Chapter 4. Truth

The king just stud staring at the portrait of the Fizherbert family in disbelief. Elizabeth was right Eugene was William's double; their hair was the same, their noses were the same, even their smiles were the same. They were almost identical in every way, except the eyes. Eugene had inherited his mother's rich hazel colour just like Emma had done, were as Williams were a deep blue.

"How could I have been so blind, how could I have not seen it, look at him Anne how could I have not known" Henry gestured his hand towards the family portrait as he raised his voice. He was so furious with himself at this point he forgot that the other three were in the room with him.

Anne walked slowly towards the painting to get a closer look at the family who she had once loved very much; but she did not look at William she did not need to, her focus was on the baby boy in Charlotte's arms. The boy she once held in her own, the boy who along with his twin sister had helped their mother bring them into this world. Even as a baby he resembled his father and she could she truth is the baby's eyes that Eugene Fizherbet had survived the fire that killed his parents, grew up in an orphanage somewhere and became a thief. The very same thief that rescued the lost Princess married her and became Prince Eugene, Prince Consort of Conona, and her beloved son in law.

Anne turned her head towards friends; her face had turned pale as Elizabeth's had done earlier. Henry could see the guilt and shame in her eyes, the same he felt in his heart. She felt that they had let their friends down by not trying hard enough to find their son. Her eyes filled with tears, some escaped and fell down her cheeks. She pulled out a handkerchief that she kept in her sleeve and wiped them away.

"We were so happy that Rapunzel had come home to us that we never really paid much attention to Eugene past. We knew he was the thief that stole her crown but when we learned that he saved her and that they were in love we pardoned him". She paused and looked back at the baby "And when we learned his real name I did think for a minute that maybe it was the same person but I really did believe that Eugene Fizherbert we knew and loved was dead and there were a few men in our guard at that time with the same surname, he could have belonged to any of them, so I dismiss it ". Anne had finished and Elizabeth went towards her held her in her arms to try and comfort her, she could see how much pain her friend was feeling.

There was silence again and each person's was dwelling on this new breakthrough and how they were going to deal with it. It was Richard who spoke first.

"What are we to do now?" he asked "Emma and Eugene need to know the truth as soon as possible, it's not going to be easy"

Elizabeth agreed with her husband "Emma arrives tomorrow afternoon we can tell her then" she looked over at Anne and Henry "What about Eugene would you like us to talk to him? if that would make it easier" Elizabeth suggested but Henry shook his head.

"No, thank you Elizabeth but Eugene is our son now it should come from us, we will tell him and Rapunzel tonight after we have dinner" He explained, he was dreading it.

"Henry I think perhaps you and Anne should be alone with them tonight just as a family" Richard said to them, he felt that this should be done privately.

"But Richard you have only just arrived tonight was going to give Rapunzel a chance to get to know you we can tell them after" Henry protested.

"It is alright Henry there will be other nights but you need to be with Eugene and Rapunzel alone please don't worry about us, we should be seeing to our belongings we will see you in the morning" he shook Henry's hand as he wished him good luck. He and Elizabeth left the King and Queen alone. Anne looked at Henry and just said;

"How are we going tell them?"

Eugene and Rapunzel's room.

Rapunzel was sat at her dressing table finishing getting ready for dinner tonight. She decided to wear her favourite pink dress that she wore for her coming home celebrations. Eugene's Valet James and her personal maid Helen had just left after helping them get ready for dinner. Eugene hated having a valet when he first came to the castle; the idea of another man dressing him was ludicrous. He never got on with any of them them till he met James. James was assigned the job on the Prince's wedding day and that was the only time he was glad to have a valet. As amazing as his wedding suit was and as handsome as he looked in it, it was a nightmare to get on. Since them he and James became good friend and he only needed him when Eugene was required to wear more compacted clothing. James was rather a shy person by nature especially round women but Eugene liked him, James was a few years older than Eugene and they always got on very well. Maybe he could help him be more confident round women maybe even teach him his famous smoulder.

Rapunzel was taking extra care with her appearance, having dinner with nobles always meant having to dress up a bit and looking your best. She was taking care brushing her short brown locks, brushing was something she always took great pleasure in even now she no longer had her seventy foot long blonde hair. She did miss her hair sometimes; it had been a part of her for eighteen years. She knew Eugene felt guilty about cutting it but she knew he had no chose. She just wished she could have healed him before so he didn't have to die to save her. She stopped herself from thinking about that day and she continued brushing her hair. There was one thing she was glad about, that her arm didn't feel like it was going to drop off after brushing it for hours.

She looked over at Pascal to find him fast asleep in the little bed she made for him when they first came to the castle. Eugene was not thrilled to find Pascal sharing the same room with him and Rapunzel, how can he be interment with his wife while her frog was there so it was agreed that he could stay a few nights a week then he was to stay in his own place Rapunzel picked out for him not too far away.

"Eugene, are you nearly ready to go? How do I look tonight? Do you think I will do?" she asked looking behind at her husband. Eugene was just sat on their bed looking at her; it never seizes to amaze him how beautiful she was, from her short picky brow hair to her cute little bear toes. She looked especially beautiful tonight like she was almost glowing. He walked behind her and told her the truth;

"You're beautiful Blondie" he kissed her cheek. She smiled to herself as Eugene kissed her neck; it made her giggle which he loved to do so he did it again. Rapunzel, thou she did not want to tried to stop him.

"Eugene come on were going be late" she playful pushed him away. "I've been looking forward to this haven't you" He stopped smiling when she said that, nobles and Eugene Fizherbert just don't go together. He tries to be the perfect Prince; he's always polite and civil to them but alas they still hated him no matter how hard he tried.

"I don't know Blondie what's going to be different about the Earl and Countess of Westwood compared to the other Nobles that hate my guts, did you see the way they looked at me?" He just sighed, this was the only down side on being an ex- thief turned Prince some people just can't see past the ex- thief part. Rapunzel just stood up from her chair and took his hands in her own. She understood why he felt like this round nobles but it shouldn't matter what they think, the people of Corona loved him and that was what mattered to her.

"Eugene they might have been a little shocked to find out that Flynn Rider wasn't your real name, please give them a chance they might turn out to be different to the other nobles" she gave him an encouraging smile which she knew he couldn't resist.

"Ok Rapunzel I'll try for you, who knows they may have been surprise by my super human good looks" he smirked. Rapunzel just rolled her eyes but glad her Eugene was back to his old self.

"You do know that you'll have to hide your super human good looks behind a mask next week at Fathers jubilee masquerade ball don't you"

"Uh yer I don't know which is more painful hiding this face or going to another ball"

"You never know you might actually enjoy this one"

"Who Knows" he chuckled. He took Rapunzal's hand and led her towards the door "Ok Blondie lets go to dinner, I hope their serving Chicken tonight"

The castle dining room

Rapunzel and Eugene made their way down to the dining room; the table was beautifully laid out with so many different servings of food it could have fed the entire palace. It made Eugene feel a bit guilty seeing all this food knowing that those children at his old orphanage they had visited this morning barely had enough to last the week. This was something he wanted to bring up with the King and Queen. The King and Queen had entered the room looking quite worried about something which was unusual; they were always in good spirits and they should be now as their old friends had just arrived home after two years. Eugene only just noticed that the Earl and Countess weren't with them.

"Good evening Henry, Anne where are The Earl and Countess I thought they were joining us tonight" he enquired.

"Em Richard and Elizabeth won't be able to join us tonight they send their apologies but they are very tired from their long trip and there having a light supper and are retiring early but we will see them in the morning" The Queen answered, she hated lying to them but she couldn't think of what to tell them.

"That's a shame I was looking forward to getting to know them better" Eugene said as he gave Rapunzel a wink showing her that he was willing to try. Henry motioned for them to sit. Rapunzel and Eugene couldn't help but notice that he looked nervous about something.

Dinner was a quite affair, the King and Queen kept glancing at each other as if they were expecting something to happen, and they had barely touched their food. This was starting to worry Rapunzel; it wasn't like her parents at all.

"Mother, Father are you ok you've been quite all night are you worried about the Earl and Countess"

The King and Queen looked up at her; the King gave a nod to Anne that said "It's time". The Queen agreed with him, this was going to be difficult but she knew it had to be done.

"No Rapunzel it's not that. Something came up this afternoon that your Father and I wasn't expecting" she looked at Henry "do you want to continue Henry" He nodded at her and took a deep breath and looked over at Eugene.

"Eugene I need to ask you something very important I should have asked you this before but I didn't want to make you uncomfortable" Eugene was really getting confused now and it was starting to scare him.

"Henry what is it, what's going on" he was started to sound worried.

"Eugene, how did your parents die?" Eugene took a sharp breath, he knew this was coming; he never liked talking about his childhood that was a part of his past he wished he could forget ever existed. But his Father in law wanted to know the he was obliged to tell him.

"My parents died in a fire, I only survived because my Mother saved me by pushing me out though a window. She couldn't get out herself and I never knew if my Father made it out alive. I was found unconscious by someone and the next thing I knew I was in the Orphanage, the one by the river. My Father never came for me so I assumed he died in the fire too" He took a glance at Henry and he knew what he was going to ask next "I can't remember much of what happened before the fire Henry, I only remember a little bit, like what my Mother looked like, my parent's names and my birthday" He finished his story and he felt Rapunzel put a gentle comforting hand over his and she gave it a gentle squeeze. She knew how hard it was for him to talk about this childhood especially his parents.

"Did you have any brothers or sisters" the Queen asked his hoping he'd remember Emma, his twin.

"No Anne I don't remember having any siblings my memory isn't very clear but I'd think I would have remembered if I did. Can I ask why are you asking me this now?" Henry looked over at Eugene, it was now or never. The King stood up from his seat and walked towards his son. Eugene stood as well he knew this was serious as Henry looked him strait in the eye and said.

"Eugene this isn't easy for me to tell you this but you deserve to know the truth, the reason why Richard and Elizabeth was shocked when they saw you and learned that your name was Eugene Fizherbert was because.." He paused



"We knew your Mother and Father Eugene" he slowly told and the room went silent.

Eugene just looked at the King shocked and confused, his head was spinning as he was trying to make since of what the King had just said. How was it possible? How could he and the Queen have known his parents?

"This has to be a mistake" he whispered he was looking away from the king now and down at his empty plate.

"Father are you sure" Rapunzel looked just as confused as Eugene did.

"I am Rapunzel, Eugene I swear to you I'm speaking the truth, I knew your parents, I knew that they died in that fire twenty three years ago when you were only five years old"

"How, how did you know them?" he demanded to know. He still couldn't believe what he was hearing. The Queen spoke now.

"Your father William was in our guard, he was a sergeant and your Mother Charlotte was my Lady in Waiting. We and Richard and Elizabeth had known them since we were children and we knew you as well Eugene, you were born here" she smiled as she remembered when Charlotte had given birth him and Emma. Eugene was still trying to make sense of this he had so many questions he didn't know where to start.

"I was born here?" the Queen nodded at him and gave him a warm smile "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"We believed that you died in the fire with your parents when we couldn't find you. The reason why we know who you are now was because Elizabeth and Richard recognised you; you look so much like your father only you could be his son. " The king answered for the Queen "When you came to us two years ago after you brought Rapunzel back to us and we learnt your real name we did think that you could be the same boy but because we truly believed that the Eugene we knew was dead so we thought no more about it" He looked over at his son in law with apologetic eyes "I'm so sorry Eugene I should I known sooner" Eugene truly felt his sincerest and he believed him.

"I know you are Henry and I appreciate you telling me now it's just a lot to take in" He just looked at Rapunzel to see if she was having just as much trouble with this new information as he was but he found her just smiling at him, she looked happy about this.

"Eugene you finally have an opportunity to learn about your family, who they were, what they were like. I know how much you've always wanted to have that and now's your chance" Eugene thought for a moment about what she said while taking a drink from his wine goblet, what memories he had of his family were faint and growing up in an orphanage were nobody knew where he came from or who his parents were, there wasn't anyone to tell him about them.

"Eugene" The King interrupted his thoughts. He turned away from his goblet and looked over at the king.

"Eugene there is something else you should know" he continued. Eugene looked back at him in bewilderment.

"There can't be more surely" he said. The King just nodded in response

"I'm afraid so, you said that you don't remember having any brothers or sisters" Eugene nodded, the King sighed then continued "you do Eugene, you have a twin sister" Eugene just dropped the wine goblet he was holding in his hand and the wine spilt all over the table and on the floor. Rapunzel gasped in shock after what they all just heard and looked at her husband's reactions. Eugene just plummeted into his chair; he was speechless, beyond speechless he just felt completely numb. His eyes were wide with shock and he was motionless.

"Eugene, Eugene are you ok? Please speak to me" Rapunzel grabbed his shoulders and shook him gently trying to get a response. He blinked a few times and turned round to look at her.

"A twin sister" He whispered. Rapunzel got of her seat and went to fetch him a glass of water which he took and drank the entire contents in one go. The King put a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Do you feel better?" He asked, thou he knew the answer how could he be after hearing that.

"I don't know; I don't know how I feel, I have a sister, a twin?" He looked at the King and Queen for conformation.

"Yes Eugene you do, you her name is Emma" The Queen explained. As soon as she said the name Eugene heard his Mothers voice inside his head "Go Eugene, find your father and Emma when this is over".

"That's who she meant" he said to himself. The others looked at him with confused expressions on their faces.

"That's what who meant Eugene?" Rapunzel queried.

"My mother, before she got me out of the fire she told me to go find my Father and a girl called Emma she must have meant my sister; I can't believe I have a twin sister and never knew, or even remember" Eugene was starting to get angry with himself now, beyond angry, he was furious.

"How could I have I have not remembered my own sister, not just my sister my twin sister" His sudden outburst alarmed everyone in the room especially Rapunzel, she had never seen him like this before. She needed him to calm him down. She held his face gently in her hand and made him look in to her eyes.

"Eugene it's not your fault, you were so young how you could possibly remember after everything that happened to you"

"She right Eugene, such a traumatic experience could have affected your memory, and it did to Emma she doesn't have many memories of her childhood before the fire" The Queen clarified. Eugene closed his eyes trying hard to remember her but his mind was blank.

"What happened to her? After the fire" he needed some answers.

"She was found by my guards outside your home; there was nothing left of it so they bought her here so she taken could be cared for by our physicians. When we were told you and your parents had been killed we had her come to live here with us but the royal council wouldn't have it, they said that being royalty it was improper for us to look after a child that wasn't ours by blood. That's when Richard and Elizabeth stepped in, they hadn't been able to have a child of their own so they adopted Emma as their daughter, and when she was sixteen she became officially known as The Lady Emma Fizherbert of Westwood" The King paused for a second and carried on with Emma's story. "She grew into a fine young woman and at nineteen she married a knight from the kingdom of Regnall Sir Thomas Copper but sadly he died two years ago so she's a widow now" Eugene was taken aback by this last remark. He completely forgot about his anger and now felt sympathy for this woman who he hardly knew. A widow at twenty six, too young he thought to his self. The king continued;

"They have a five year old daughter; her name is Charlotte after your Mother"

"I have a niece as well and I had a brother in law" Eugene was beside himself now, there was no way this was real. He had this whole other family and he didn't even know it, the King agreed with this statement.

"Emma and Charlotte will be arriving from Regnall tomorrow afternoon following Richard and Elizabeth" Tomorrow. Eugene's head was starting to spin; he needed to get out of there, he need to think, he need to clear his head.

"I'm sorry I need to go, I need to get my head round this" he gave Rapunzel an apologetic look and bolted out the door.

"Eugene" Rapunzel shouted back at him and tried to follow but the Queen stopped her before she could leave.

"Rapunzel let him be, he needs some time to himself" the Queen tried to reason with her daughter.

"But Mother I..."

"Your Mother is right Eugene need some time to be by himself while he comes to terms with this"

Rapunzel knew they were right but she still couldn't help but worry about her husband. This was a lot to take in in one night.

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