This is not a new chapter.

Apologies for accidentally misleading anyone; I could not figure out a less-confusing way to add a picspam link postscript to an already-finished story. Having gone to Lugano and, more specifically, to Carona three weeks ago, I ended up with a bunch of pictures that are more or less relevant to the preceding narrative, and thought I'd pimp, as in share, them.

The links to the two relevant picspams are below. LJ is de facto catatonic these days, but it is a place where I can easily post them. I have enabled anonymous comments in case you check these out and want to comment or ask a question without an LJ account. Commenting is entirely optional, though much appreciated.

Lugano: (http) 01cheers*livejournal*com/5771*html

Carona: (http) 01cheers*livejournal*com/8023*html