A/N: Edited! It was my own stupid fault. I started to writing it when I was sleepy and by the time I was finished I totally forgot that Sherlock was tied up.

Jim tied Sherlock's hands to the bedposts, looking down at him with a playful look on his face. They hadn't really indulged in anything like this when Sherlock had been with him before. Sherlock looked a little nervous, looking up at his tied wrists. Jim tilted his head up, forcing Sherlock's eye contact.

"Are you afraid, kitten?" Jim asked with a smirk, "You have a client coming at one. So we'll have to be sure to finish before then, but I have all morning to torment you."

Sherlock shivered slightly. A slight sheen of sweat was on his pale skin.

"What should I do first?" Jim asked, "Hmmm…"

Sherlock's hips were trying to grind against the air, desperate for contact.

"Mmm… I want you needy… I want you desperate…" Jim said, "What would Johnny say if he came home to you like this?"

"You wouldn't…" Sherlock's eyes widened slightly for a moment. He had very willingly allowed Jim to tie him, but the idea of being left there terrified him. He was already so horny.

"Please… master, I need you…" Sherlock breathed.

"Mmm… beg a little harder… convince me Sherlock," Jim teased.

"Please… please master… I… I feel like I'll go insane without you! Please!" Sherlock looked so needy. He pulled at his bonds.

"Mmm…" Jim kissed on Sherlock's shoulder gently, "Daddy loves you."

"Nnn….Fuck me Daddy…" Sherlock whined. The sound of the words sent shivers through Jim body. Seeing his lover like that, it was almost too much to bear.

"What a naughty thing to say," he moaned.

"Please… fuck me… I want you so much," Sherlock whined, "Please fuck me…"

Jim touched a finger to Sherlock's lips, silencing him.

"Such terrible things to come tumbling out of that pretty mouth," the criminal said. Sherlock whimpered as Jim reached between his legs, teasing him slowly. He rocked his hips, whining as he felt fingers penetrate him.

"You're so beautiful Sherlock," Jim whispered. He pulled a small tube of lubricant out of his pocket, using it to ready his lover. Jim undid his belt and let his pants fall onto the floor. He was just as hard as Sherlock, and there was passionate lust in his eyes. Jim untied Sherlock and the detective got on his knees, but Jim tilted his head up.

"I want you to ride me," he told him softly, "I want to see your pretty face."

Sherlock was blushing as he straddled Jim's hips. He lowered himself carefully and moaned as he felt the stretch of penetration inside of him.

"Oooh Jim…" Sherlock moaned his name. Jim leaned forward, kissing Sherlock deeply as the detective began to rock his hips, feeling Jim's cock deep inside of him.

"You're in charge," Jim whispered in his ear, "How fast, how hard, how deep… it's all up to you."

Sherlock mewled, his hands on Jim's shoulders. It felt so good. Feeling Jim inside of him, it was incredible. He moved his hips faster, leaning back on his hands so he could lift his hips more and feel more friction. Jim helped by thrusting up slightly. He leaned forward and ran his tongue across Sherlock's abdomen, causing the detective to gasp sharply, shivers wracking his body.

"Oh Sherlock… Mmm… God you feel so good… so excited and eager to have me inside you." Jim whispered. Sherlock lifted himself up, his arms wrapping around Jim. He struggled to get the angle just how he liked it, but when he did Jim felt Sherlock's body relax and a look of absolute ecstasy came to his face.

"Mmm… that's where you like it, isn't it Sherlock?" Jim licked his ear and sucked on it lightly.

"Oh God… yes…." Sherlock panted, "More… more.. more! Please! Jim.. Ah!"

Jim thrust up harder, sending a jolt of pleasure through Sherlock with each thrust.

"Jim! Shit! I can't stand it!" Sherlock cried out. Jim looked at Sherlock's face, watched how his desperate expression only grew with each deep thrust.

"Come for me Sherlock," Jim whispered softly in his ear, "Show me how much you like it."

Jim felt Sherlock's body tense up as he reached his climax. Jim let out a loud groan, reaching his own. When he felt the release of tension, he looked at Sherlock who was panting softly.

"So precious," Jim whispered, "So very precious. You have a client coming in a few hours my love. You'll want to clean yourself up."

Sherlock sat up and kissed Jim deeply, mewling a little. Jim smiled against Sherlock's lips. He could really be quite adorable at times. Jim brought an arm around Sherlock's waist.

"When will I see you again?" Sherlock asked. Jim chuckled.

"Whenever you want my little sex kitten," he said, "I'm only a text away."

Sherlock kissed him again, but Jim stopped him.

"You're going to want a clear head to get started on your case," he said, "I'm sure it won't take you long, but you don't want to get a bad reputation do you?"

Sherlock chuckled.

"How sweet of you to look out for me," he said.