A/N: I would like to thank all of my ever so patient readers. Thank you so much for sticking with me despite my long terms of hiatus. Life hates me a lot and things are rough, but the story is not over and will be continued!

Sherlock was listening to music on an mp3 player that Jim had given to him as a gift. Sherlock never had a need for such a device. Any music that he listened to was on cds or records, or he was creating it himself. However, Sherlock found himself with a new appreciation for the most frivolous musical singles, because they made him think of Jim.

When John came downstairs he saw the most peculiar sight: Sherlock, with headphones over his ears, dancing in the kitchen as he waited for his toast. John might have laughed if he weren't absolutely shocked. Three days ago Sherlock was an absolute wreck, and now he was cheery… and dancing?!

Sherlock noticed John and blushed slightly, slipping the headphones off of his ears.

"Good morning John," he said with a smile.

"You're in a good mood this morning," John said, watching as Sherlock grabbed his toast and spread some jam over it.

"Is there any reason I shouldn't be?" Sherlock asked, "I have new case, and things are getting back to normal."

"What about your… problems?" John asked.

"Taken care of," Sherlock assured him before he took a bite of his toast. John still looked suspicious. He wanted to believe that everything was well, but Sherlock had been such a mess such a short while ago.

"Well, I'm off," Sherlock said as he finished his toast and swallowed down the rest of his tea, "I have some things to attend to."

"Do you need any help?" John asked.

"I'm sure you're quite busy yourself, John," Sherlock said, "Besides, it's little things. Nothing to worry about."

Sherlock walked out of the flat and climbed into a taxi that was waiting for him. John watched it drive away. He couldn't help but be concerned.

Sherlock didn't know where the taxi was taking him, but Jim had told him to get in it. It drove to an apartment building and Sherlock got a text.

Apartment 12. –JM

Sherlock smiled when he rang the buzzer he was immediately buzzed in and made his way to number 12. The anticipation was somewhat exciting, as he was unsure what awaited him. He knocked on the door. The door swung open and he was pulled in rather roughly and pushed against the wall. Sherlock wasn't exactly shocked and gave a little moan as he felt warm lips pressed against his. His wrists were pinned to the wall by Jim's hands as his mouth was thoroughly ravished.

They hadn't even said hello, but Jim was starting to kiss down along his neck. Sherlock heard a light click, once and then twice.

"I missed you," Jim whispered, "Mmm… I want to play with you today."

Sherlock noted that his wrists were bound and now that he was able to focus, when he looked around the room it made him blush. There were all kinds of various sexual apparatus; things that Sherlock had never seen or even imagined. The more Sherlock looked around the deeper his blush became. Jim chuckled. He leaned in, kissing down Sherlock's neck.

"You can say no," the criminal whispered, "I'll untie you, and make love to you sweetly."

Sherlock mewled, tilting his head as Jim nibbled and kissed on his neck. It felt good, and he couldn't deny that he was curious about what Jim had in store for him. But he was also fearful. They hadn't had the time to get into anything quite like this before. The detective looked at his lover with his bright blue eyes.

"I-I want a safe word…" he said a bit awkwardly.

"Anything you want baby," Jim replied, his hands starting to wander over Sherlock's body, "What shall it be, hmmm? Keep it simple and easy to remember."

Sherlock thought for a moment or two. Something simple, and easy to remember, that wouldn't ruin the mood if he had to say it. He shrugged a bit. "Dublin?" he suggested. Jim was tempted to ask why he had chosen it, but let it go.

"Dublin it is," he said. He pulled Sherlock's bonds tight. The detective gave a slight gasp, feeling Jim's hands all over him. Jim had debated with himself about a gag, but he had decided against it. He loved hearing Sherlock's voice, especially when he was desperate and needy. It paid off almost immediately as Sherlock let out a soft mewl.

"M-Master…" he whimpered. Jim groaned. Soft nibbles turned into bites as things got heated.

"Mmm… that's it… Let me play with you Sherlock," Jim purred. Jim had removed Sherlock's trousers and his shirt was hanging open. Sherlock yelped as Jim gave him a sudden swat on the ass. It was followed quickly by a second.

"Such a sexy ass," Jim purred, "I want it all red and hot."

"Ah! Y-yes Master," Sherlock yelped as he was given another stinging smack.

"I love hearing you like this," Jim breathed. He smacked his ass again. It was starting to get all red from the abuse.

"M-Master…" Sherlock moaned, rubbing up against Jim when the man stood in front of him. He was hard with desire.

"Ah, ah, ah…" Jim said, "You are my toy until I choose to release you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," Sherlock moaned. Jim's hand ran down the front of his body and slowly gripped Sherlock's throbbing cock. He stroked him slowly, watching Sherlock's face contort with pleasure. He listened to his breathing pick up.

"You like that?" he purred in his ear.

"Yes… Ah… Yes Master…" Sherlock was panting heavily.

"Oooh… Sherlock there are so many things I want to do with you," Jim whispered, "We're going to have fun today."