Great I am Never getting sleep tonight...Maybe with some luck she is too drunk to notice me Casey thought to herself.

"Baney no home" she shouted putting her arm on Casey's and leaning towards. Casey recognized her from the local news station City Town.

"Robin?" she said unsure of the anchors name.

"That me!" Robin shouted. She would have fallen over except to lean on a staircase. "Barney no here! and some old man his room" Robbin added. "He above MacLaren and no here he mabe Quinn, his soon be wife. stuuupid girl"

Casey shook her head trying to figure out what this woman was trying to say. She knew that she had to break it to Robin that she was not near Mclarans. "

"I think you are lost...You are in Harlem" she said slowly.
"No MacLaren's ...Oh no." Robbin managed.
Casey shook her head.

Casey began to think; she had never been to that bar but had been to the distract often. She remembered going to some bar for Saint Patricks Day party a few years back and losing her favorite yellow umbrella. For some reason she also remembered some drunken idiots, one in a green suit and his friend with dark hair. The dark haired guy was a teacher she gathered. He once came to her class by accident and lectured for half the class. Casey was sad when he left. he was hot.

Casey realized this was not the time to think about hot strangers, Robin needed her.
As much as she wanted to be home alone in bed this girl needed to be safe.

"Can I call you a cab?" she asked.

"Cant remember where live. Can I stay with you" Robin said then began to gag.

There was not time to object. Casey guided Robin up the stairs. By some miracle Robin did not get sick till she reached the toilet. Casey prayed that Robin would not want to talk about her Barney problem tonight. The opportunity never came. As soon as she got out of the bathroom, Robin passed out on her bed.

Casey walked over to her fridge and reheated some lasagna, her favorite food. She stood at her kitchen counter and began to think. Robin would probably be reunited with the Barney guy, meanwhile she would be single. Yes she could have some fling with some guy at a bar but she wanted true love. With a sigh she walked to her couch. She was too tall to sleep on it but the lesser of two evils. She shut off her phone, the last thing she wanted was to be bugged by anyone else tonight.

The next morning Robin woke up with a start.

"God' she said to herself "I am never drinking like that again. Time to use the bathroom."

As she sat up robin realized she was in a not familiar bed. "I had a one night stand" she thought then looked around. The decorations were clearly girly. Unless she had slept with a flamboyant gay guy she was lost to what was going on.

A few moments later a brown haired woman walked in. She looked familiar

"Do you remember who I am?" Casey asked.
" I don't" said Robin and grabbed her head in pain.
"I am Casey, you were at the bottom of my building and I could not leave you"

Robin looked up to see Casey handing her glass with some red thick liquid.

"Drink!" Casey said.

Robin gagged at the smell but drank it down. A few moments later she looked up in amazement. She felt like she had a mild headache at most. What kind of amazing drink could kill a hangover from hell?

"My secret" Said Casey when she saw Robbins amazed face.

Casey had invented the drink when she lived with her old roommate Cindy. It was the least she could do, guys that Cindy liked were always falling for her instead. When Cindy chose to drink her jealousy away, at least she could help her feel slightly better the next day. Aside from friendship Casey had gotten two things out of living with Cindy. The invention of a hangover cure and her yellow umbrella back. All Cindy told her was some dumb guy left it there.

As Robbins hangover vanished Barney came back into her mind. Every thought came back into her head. She was faced with the harsh realization. Today was Barney's wedding. In less than 12 hours Barney would be someone else's husband. She began to tear up at the thought.

"Are you alright?" asked Casey.

"No the man I love is getting married today" Robin said and looked down. At first Robin thought of saying she was fine, but why lie. Casey already saw her at her worst.

I bet you want to stop the wedding. Casey thought to herself. While she did feel sad for this girl she was also a little mad as it reminded her of her "movie fight" last night. She knew nothing about this girl. What if Robin was as pathetic as Tony? Could she really support wanting to stop someone elses wedding?

Instead she sucked it up and said "talk to me!"

Robin sighed and began to tell Casey what barney meant to her. She left out nothing even his past scams. She wanted Casey to have a true view on the man that she loved. She told Casey how much she loved Baney and knew she wanted to be with him. She expressed how big this was to her as she never thought she would be the marrying type. She finished off by saying

"We are both a mess, and we are best a mess together."

Casey felt guilty, here she was freaking out about a stupid movie and Robin was heartbroken. She could tell Robin really loved Barney. Casey picked up her phone, maybe she should give her friend Kim another chance. Thats she noticed a text from Kim had come through at 215am. Almost 2 hours after she had left.

It read " Where you at? Haven't seen you in 10 minutes; we are going to grab a burger . Its my party so you better be buying "

Unbelievable...her 'good friend' took two hours to realize she was gone. A selfish part of her wanted to help Robin in hopes that they became good friends. Her true friends moved away or moved on with their lives, the ones that were left were fair weather friends. Kim's late night text was proof of that. She looked over at Robin's miserable face, no one deserved to feel this way.

Casey turned to Robin and said "Lets get you to your love before it's too late." Robin agreed and smiled widely.