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"Oh and by the way, I know what the secret ingredient is now."

Another large swallow followed by an, "Oh?"

She giggled and stood on her toes. She kissed him quickly but grabbed his bottom lip between her teeth for just a second. When she pulled back she grinned up at him and answered. "Uh huh...sugar."

chapter 11

He chuckled before pulling her into his arms. "Very good. It was the taste that gave it away, wasn't it?"

"Mm hmm. Clever...but naughty. I wouldn't have thought you had it in you." And Joss certainly didn't. She thought that John would have been straight laced, by-the-book so to speak. Although, it made sense that he might have a playful side. Just because he was serious with his work and all his "badassery" did not mean he had to be that way with his personal life.

"You'd be surprised what I have in me, Joss." He smiled wickedly at her. That...that right there proved that he definitely had a playful side.

"Ohh..." She cocked her brow at him, smiling playfully back at him. "Well, I'd really like to find out just what you have in you."

She lifted up on her toes and tightened her arms around his neck, pulling him down closer. His lips met hers and everything around her disappeared. The feel of his mouth on hers made her knees weak. She tightened her arms even further.

His arms rose from around her waist. He cupped his hands around her head and deepened the kiss. His tongue thrust into her mouth, tangling with hers for a brief moment before she quickly realized that his could not be dominated. He coaxed her tongue into his mouth and sucked it in with long deep pulls. His mouth feasted on hers like he'd been starving for her all of his life.

The moan from deep in her chest was drowned out by one of his. His hands dropped and began roaming across her shoulders and moved quickly down her sides. She gasped as his thumbs trailed over the sides of her breasts and came to rest on her hips. The heat that had been smouldering in her grew to a fever pitch. This wasn't going to be a slow and sweet coming together like she had imagined. Already, the man had her gasping and moaning for more with just a kiss. What the hell was it going to be like with him when they...it would be like nothing she'd felt before.

It would be better than the night before. The night she'd been a fool...Szymanski. Damn it. Why the hell did she have to think of him right now? It had been a stupid mistake! An awful mistake born from being alone for so long and constantly immersed in a world full of a man who drove her crazy, but...

The thought was suddenly whisked away from her consciousness when she felt his teeth scrape against the side of her neck. Her fingers, almost of their own accord, slid through his short hair, her nails running over his scalp and her fingers connecting at the back of his head pulling him even closer.

Coherent thoughts had no place here now. They were whisked away and replaced with wants and needs for tactile stimulation from the only man she'd really desired in years. The only man who could ever give her what she needed.

"John..." She drew his name out in a soft moan. So many times, she'd said his name; sometimes in anger, or even frustration, but never like this...

John felt his control snap. The feeling was so intense that he would have sworn that something inside him had physically broken.

The soft timbre of her voice when she said his name, the feel of her hands pulling him closer, and the insistent way her thighs wrapped tightly around him all contributed to the loss of control. Yes, he'd wanted this to be more than a quick fuck against his kitchen island, but in a quick torrent of thoughts, he justified taking her here and now with the rationale that he had all night to take it slow.

Yes...all night.

He loosened his grip and let her down until her feet met the floor. He leaned down and captured her mouth in an unrelenting kiss, leaving no question regarding where he intended on taking this.

He reached down and undid the button and zipper of her pants, slipped his thumbs in between her silk panties and her skin and slid them both down over her hips. He gripped her hips with his long fingers and lifted her up on the island.

Her gasp and the dark gaze that met his clearly told him that he was going to get no arguments from her as to the sudden change in him.

He grabbed her shirt, pulling her mouth to his. While he feasted on her lips, he quickly unbuttoned the blouse and pushed it back off of her shoulders. She took over and finished removing it altogether as he moved to his own pants and slid them, along with his boxer briefs, to the floor.

The entire time he was removing their clothing, a tiny part of him was yelling at him to slow it down; she deserved better, this isn't what she needs...but her increasingly insistent hands grabbing, pulling, scratching, and her unmistakably agreeable moans helped to shove that tiny part of him down.

He reached up and pulled the straps of her bra over her shoulders. She slipped one arm out while she kept the other wrapped around his neck and then switched, almost as if she thought that if she let him go, he would back away. He almost chuckled out loud at the sheer absurdity of the thought.

When both arms were free of the bra straps, he pushed the material down off of her breasts. He couldn't keep from sighing at the sight before him. Her chin was now tilted back, her dark skin was flushed, and her full breasts were heaving with every breath she took. She truly was the epitome of beauty.

He allowed himself the time to gaze further down her body. Her strong legs were wrapped around his hips. Her tight skin shone under the soft fluorescent lights. His erection was pressed firmly against her left leg begging for access to what was strategically hidden within the neatly trimmed triangle of curls mere inches away.

That sight helped to push him over the edge. He grabbed her hips, wrapping his long fingers around them, and pulled her to the edge of the island. Positioned at her entrance now, he leaned his forehead against hers and nuzzled his nose next to hers. Her eyes were shut, her mouth open slightly, and he could feel her deep, uneven breath cascading down over his lips.

"John...," she whispered. "Please."

Her plea shot directly to his groin. He felt her arms tighten around his neck, and her heels press into the backs of his thighs, letting him know she was ready...for him, and he didn't make her wait.

He drove himself into her. A raspy moan erupted from her as she clung to him with her arms and legs. Suddenly he was torn between reveling in the feel of her surrounding him, and pumping himself in and out of her as fast as he could. She ended up making the decision for him.

"Damn it, John...fuck me now!"

This time, he allowed the chuckle to surface. A full bodied laugh started at his core and bubbled its way to the surface as he found a hard and fast rhythm that most definitely pleased her. Instead of speaking, she was reduced to deep throaty moans. Coupled with the soft slapping of their bodies coming together, the sounds were music to his ears.

John knew that it wouldn't be long when he felt her tightening around him. He pushed even harder against her tilting his hips up as he slid in so that his pelvis ground against her sensitive bundle of nerves. She cried out the first time he did it and moaned his name almost every time following.

He was right, it didn't take long. Her arms tightened around his neck and he felt her teeth scrape against his neck as she kissed and licked her way down to his shoulder. He increased his grip on her hips so that he wouldn't push her away from him with the force of his thrusts. Then her body stiffened, her head dropped back and she cried out his name.

Smiling, he let himself go after a few more short thrusts. Her arms were no longer grabbing at him, but rather limply hanging on just enough to keep them from falling off of him. She had her face buried against his neck and was whispering his name over and over again. Her body still spasmed around him even after he stopped moving within her.

His arms were wrapped around her back, keeping their bodies pressed tightly against each other. Her fingers were moving lightly over his neck and back and John couldn't remember a time when he'd ever been happier in his entire life. All that could possibly make him happier would be if she was happy too.

After several minutes he pulled back enough to be able to look down at her.

"Joss?" His voice was a mere whisper of breath.

He watched as her lips turned up in what was quite obviously a satisfied smile, and answered him with her eyes still closed.


He leaned down and brushed his lips over hers in a soft kiss. Hoping to convey to her that he wasn't done with her yet...that he never, ever wanted to be done with her.

"Mind if I take you to bed now?"

One of her generously arched brows cocked. Then deep brown eyes opened from behind thick, dark lashes and looked up at him with mirth.

"I would've kicked your ass if you didn't."

He grinned before leaning down to press a quick kiss to her forehead. "That's my girl," he said before lifting her off the island and heading straight to his bed.

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