AN:Warehouse 15 is technically a AU crossover between Warehouse 13 and several other Fandoms including Boondock Saints, Supernatural and Walking Dead. The only Character from the any of the fandoms that does not appear as a historical element is Claudia Donovan or at least an AI holographic representation of Claudia Donovan. I don't own any of the Fandoms mentioned and no payment involved other than a lot of fun creating 'artifacts'.

"Biometric identifiers verified for subject Lattimer, Arthur J" A female voice said and the door opened. Arthur looked at it suspiciously before taking a step forward. He spun around at the his of the door closing behind him. A second later he felt as if the floor had dropped out from beneath his feet for a moment. He was in an elevator that was descending at a rapid pace.

At least the stop was not as abrupt as the beginning. The door smoothly slid open revealing a somewhat old fashioned and run of the mill office space. A young woman stood in the middle of the room. Dressed in old fashioned attire consisting of skinny jeans and a long sleeved black shirt topped with a vest, she looked like a textbook version of what used to be called an 'emo'. A streak of pink blended in with her strawberry blond hair.

The woman smiled. "Welcome to Warehouse 15 Agent Lattimer. You can call me Claudia. I am the caretaker of the warehouse and we have an extraordinary amount of work before us."

Arthur stepped forward extending his hand. "I'm pleased to meet you." He said politely.

"Dude, I'm flattered at the compliment but I am a holographic AI. I'm programmed to look like my creator Claudia Donovan and possess all of her knowledge and personality. I'm sure she would be stoked to know that I had been so well crafted that I can fool a human," The figure laughed. "But lets get the misconceptions out of the way. I have no physical form, that's why you have been assigned to the warehouse. We needed someone who has a physical form to handle to artifacts and perform necessary maintenance.

Field agents are locating artifacts and returning them to the warehouse for storage but they are kind of piling up in the receiving bay. Your job is to help me research and classify them, record their origins, history and function; and then properly place them into inventory in the warehouse."

"I'm sorry." Arthur said. "I didn't get much of a job description, just that the regents had chosen me to work at the warehouse. I really don't even know why I was chosen."

"Well Arthur, as to why you were chosen, it's your bloodline. Come on I'll explain while we tour the warehouse." Claudia said walking over to a door that swung open on her approach. She waiting for Arthur to go through the door before falling into step at his side. "You are aware that your great-grandparents, Pete and Myka Lattimer were warehouse agents in the early 21st century? They worked directly with Claudia Donovan. And your great-great-grandmother Jane Lattimer was not only a Regent, but a Warehouse Guardian. The current board of regents believes this means that the warehouse is in your blood. I won't say that they are wrong, there are a great many things about the warehouse that are unexplained by our science of the day."

"So I was picked because of my bloodline? And all me Art." Arthur said. "Only my mother calls me Arthur." He said with a shiver.

"Okay Art," Claudia said. "The warehouse is a repository, not only do we track down and safely store artifacts that already exist, we look for the creation of new artifacts. Artifacts can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands."

Art stopped as the woman beside him stopped. "This is the Dark Vault. We keep the most dangerous artifacts here under heightened security." When the door opened Claudia stepped through and pointed to a small test tube sitting on a pedestal and bathed in glowing purple light. "That small test tube once belonged to Dr. Jonas Salk. It was the cause of the zombie plague of 2012. No matter how small or insignificant any artifact may appear, that artifact has a devastatingly dangerous potential. ¾ of the world's population died during the Zombie outbreak and all of it was caused by that small glass tube."

Claudia continued across the space to another door which opened as they approached." The Dark Vault is at the exact center of the Warehouse, so from here pick a direction and it will bring you to a direct aisle back to operations, the office where I met you. Direct aisles are clearly marked with arrows pointing the way to operations."

The two exited the dark vault and after proceeding forward for about 40 feet, they ran into one of the direct aisles. Claudia pointed in the direction the arrows indicated. "Operations. But we are going in the other direction to the receiving bay."

Art followed Claudia to a large room full of boxes stacked higher than he was tall. Art walked through examining them seeing that they had been shipped here from all over the world. He started to reach out and touch one of the boxes and pulled his hand back.

"Don't sweat it Dude. They are all inside of neutralizing containers of some sort then put inside the shipping crates." Claudia assured him. "You can touch."

Art picked up one of the smaller boxes. Picking it up he looked inside.

"So you might as well get started. There's an info disk inside of each crate. The agent explains the properties each artifact displayed. First you'll need to cross check the manifests and see if it is an artifact that was once housed in the warehouse and lost, if it is on the list of missing artifacts or if it is something we have no record of. Simply enter your report into the computer and I will assign the section it should be stored in."