Thursday, that's all it was, a normal boring, crappy Thursday, but it was the catalyst, the one day that changed it all, everything we ever knew or believed, our very existence… the question is could such harsh change be for the better?

"Cat? Catalina Eliana Navarro if you are not down these stares in the next five minutes I'm going to make you eat cabbage soup for the rest of the week! And bring down your laundry" a dull annoyed tone came from down stares

Bolting up I scream groggily "I'm coming Grandma"

Hitting the remote on the bedside table music bonces through the walls of the dainty room, my honey glazed creamy legs swing round and off the bed. Wiggling into silver tinted grey ripped jeans, sliding into a green t-shirt and matching all stars, running a hand through my knotted inked back locks. Turning off the stereo I walk out, my ass meets the banister, sliding down it with hamper in hand. As the converse souls meet the floor a pain shoots through my bedhead "Ow, Grandma!"

"I've told you a hundred times; this house is not your playground!" she chastises while snatching the basket from me.

My grandma's pretty awesome; she raised me all by herself after my mom split. I take a seat at the table and shovel the plate of food into my mouth as a voice calls "Hello?"

"Kitchen" the elderly woman calls while sipping at her tea

In walks the cockiest son of a bitch you've ever met, yep the one and only Zeke Tyler! He smiles at us "morning ladies"

He takes a seat and snatches a piece of bacon from my plate, earning him the death glare, but Zeke being Zeke, smirks "Ezekiel, did you enjoy the lasagna?"

He nods, swallowing my bacon "yes Lalia, it was your best yet. I'll drop off the Tupperware tonight, thanks"

I stand and go to grab my silver cap and my backpack, grandma handing me my grey black zipper hoody "your principal called yesterday, said you hit another student?"

I take the jacket and shrug "she deserved it"

Now most parents would shake their head, scream but my grandma, she laughed and shook her head "well next time make sure to wait until after class… because now I have to take a day off work tomorrow to go talk to those insufferable people"

Zeke chuckles with a bite of his fist. I just smile, kiss her cheek and nod "whatever you want Grandma"

The boy waves as we leave and I slide into the passenger side of his car, the stereo blaring "have a good day kids"

The ride was quite if you removed the automatic beat. Let me make this clear, me and Zeke, not friends, not really. Don't get me wrong, he was a cool guy when he wasn't being an A grade sarcastic bastard, but we're not friends.

So, you're probably wondering what I'm doing in his car right? Well you see Zeke's the guy parents warn their kids to stay away from and pray they don't become, but like I'm sure you've noticed, my grandma isn't like other parents. Zeke and his parents moved up the blocks from us about six years ago, not that you ever saw his parents. Hell, I couldn't even tell you what they looked like.

Grandma is kind of a hard-ass, but that shell's only skin deep. They were never around, the trash overflowed with takeout; they left him alone all the time, but the thing that bugged her was simple really, he never smiled. Not once. So one day she called me down stairs, handed me a film wrapped ginger cake and a small jug of custard, while she carried a large bowl of chicken pasta. I had no idea where we were going, why every head on the street turned to us, then she knocked on the door, giving the scrawny boy who answered a smile, looking down at him over her glasses "Hey, honey…"

From that moment I guess you could say she took care of him, the boy the world forgot to love.

When we get to school he instantly grabs his scat pens from the trunk, while I walk over to my small cluster of friends, walking past the Queen Bee with a roll of my ebony black, emerald specked orbs "hey Kitty-cat"

I smile at the voice of my best friend "Hey Red"

I turn to him, standing there with baggy jeans, black vest and bright red disheveled hair was my best friend Jessie Harris. I've known the guy since middle school, he was a sweetheart… if you avoided his short temper "nice ride by the way"

I just give him a knowing look, Jessie hates Zeke, fact! He has a million reasons but whatever "don't be an ass Jessie, he's a fucker, but not all bad"

He goes to bite back but that's the moment Zeke passes, giving a wink and nod of his head "I hate that guy…"

"And I hate math, but we have it now so…" I say grabbing his arm and pulling him into the building

School sucks; I hate it, but the thing I hate maybe even more than the building was the people in it. Like right now I can see Delilah fucking off Stokely again, but it isn't my business and the Goth's a tough chick, she can handle herself. The blonde girl's a mystery to me though, never seen her before… "Cat, you ready?"

I snap out of my gaze at the familiar voice, only to find Zeke smirking down at me. Jumping off the table I throw a smile to Jessie and Hannah, his latest fuck-toy, he snarls angrily, nostrils flaring "later Red!"

I can still feel his gaze as we walk to Biology, but whatever. When we get to class I take a seat in front of him. I liked bio, it was one of the few things I was good at, plus slicing up the frog was pretty awesome!

The new chick walks in and my eyes widen when I overhear her asking Stokely to be her lab partner. What the fuck is that about?

As more people I don't care about fill the room I notice the geek kid, Kenny? Carry?... whatever… was right at Mr. Furlong's desk, others starting to gather round and stand wondering what was going on "Right. It's a pelagic organism."

"What's pelagic?" some random student asks

"Sea-dwelling organism" Zeke calls, walking over to the microscope to take a look.

I roll my eyes at him; he was the smartest person I knew, a nerd at heart; and he fucking loved it! "Exactly! Zeke, I don't recognize this surface tissue at all. Casey I don't want to blow smoke but I think you found a new species here"

"Yeah right!" Gabe, the jock who liked to stare at Stokely, like no one noticed his little crush, scoffed

Popping his head up from the microscope Furlong says "Hey it could happen; new species are found every day!"

Folding my arms, I lean forward, this wasn't a big thing to me but hey it's better than paper work. As Zeke states something about how scientists didn't find very many new species until the late 20th century, I smile with a shake of my head; he was such a brain box.

The new chick overhears him and throwing him a smile says "Wow you just know everything!"

Looking up for a quick second with a cocked eyebrow and his trademark smirk "I'm a contradiction"

I look over at the girl, she's all butter wouldn't melt… but I'm not sure what to make of her, she's got spunk I'll give her that, befriending the school pariah, flirting with the dealing loner "Check the follicles on its underbelly..."

The teacher's voice snaps me back from my thoughts as the geek asks "What does that mean?"

With a huge smile on his face Furlong takes back the microscope from Zeke "It means we need to call the university. Let them take a look. Maybe even get in on some of their federal grant money. Our secret, alright?"

A low chuckle comes from the Jock "Hey Stokely, maybe it's from your planet"

"Oh blow me you fucker!" She pushes him into the table, knocking over a beaker full of water. We all gasp in shock and surprise as the water coats the small body and it flickers alive.

"Whoa! Did you see that? The specimen pulsates." Geek boy asks, what the fuck is his name?

With a curious glare I ask "what is it some kind of fish?"

Furlong grabs the creature and brings it over to an aquarium on the other side of the room, all of us following with eager anticipation "So you think its amphibian?"

"Well, the water resuscitated it..." Furlong picks it up and holds it above the water tank about to drop it in

Before he can the guy who found it asks "Hey couldn't that kill it?"

"Yeah you don't wanna drown it" Gabe says, and since when has he cared about the preservation of life

"Only one way to find out..." Furlong shrugs as he gently lets it fall into the water tank.

I smile and says "well if it does drown least we get to dissect it!" many people look at me like I just said 'let's kill the babies', but Zeke just smiles at me, properly because he was thinking the same thing

It sinks a little bit then begins to swim. Long red feelers extend from its body. It makes a quick swerve, gliding gracefully through the surrounding waves. Some of the students gasp, myself included

"It's alright. It's okay." Our teacher reassures us, puts on a glove and dips his hand into the tank.

"Mr. Furlong, what are you doing?" the Jock asks

I roll my eyes and mutter "someone isn't passing bio" earning me a small laugh from the two girls beside me, Stokely and… Blonde chick

"Just gonna check his prostate. Actually, the surface texture changed so...I wanna feel it" He reaches in about to touch it. The creature makes a swift turn and produced another one like itself, exactly the same "Jesus! It can replicate!"

"Reproduction without sex? What's the point?" I laugh, many joining me

Suddenly the teacher screams "Ah! Fuck!"

Furlong pulls his hand out sharply. His finger is bleeding fiercely "God Damnit!"

Realizing he's surrounded by students he swallows hard "I'm okay"

"It has teeth...where did it get teeth?" I vaguely hear as I lean down to get a closer look at the little swimmer. This thing was crazy

"I don't know...I'm gonna call the university right now" Stokely presses her hand against the glass of the tank and gazed at the creature, mesmerized.

I watch as the tentacles mold the outline of the girl's hand, it was fascinating; a smile comes to my lips "freaky…"

After school I make my way to the steps, finding a certain red head waiting "Hey Red!"

He smiles and holds out his hand, offering me a cookie from the pack he carry's in his bag. I take a seat next to him and say with a bite of the treat "thanks. So where's the fuck-toy?"

He just shrugs "who cares? Hey you want to do something tonight?"

I look at him with a small frown "I thought you were going to the movies with Hannah?"

"Please… now why would I do that?" he laughs and I just shake my head at him

With a stern look I answer "because you told her you would last week"

He just laughs "come on Kitty-cat, like I actually meant it! You know me I don't do date night… not with chicks like her"

I can't help myself as I stand and throw the rest of my cookie at him "you can be such an asshole!"

"Cat! …Cat!" he calls after me, but I can't deal with his shit right now. Yeah, that girl, like so many others is a skank, but doesn't mean she isn't a human being. If he was straight up and told them it was just sex I wouldn't give a dame but he leads them on and I hate that, it's fucking bullshit!

When I reach Zeke's car he's at the trunk, Miss. Burke walking way seeming far more anxious than usual. As Zeke slams the trunk closed I ask "all good?"

"Yeah, let's get out of here" he moans with a glance behind me before sliding into the car

I turn and see Miss. Burke looking over sheepishly. I don't hate the woman. In fact I feel kind of bad for her, but honestly I have a resentment of the woman. Last year I realized I forgot my bag in English, so I went back to get it, what I found was less than expected. Teacher and student entwined in a very 'compromising' position. I don't know how it started or even when and frankly I care. I promised Zeke I wouldn't tell, so I didn't… it all ended kind of abruptly after that anyway.

Zeke was meant to be going off to college and never see each other again, but that backfired when he failed his finals, which he had no excuse for, he's the smartest guy in town. He never really gave us a reason, so I just assumed he was scared of change or wanted to punish her for the break up.

When we get home I smile and unbuckle "its lamb casserole for supper"

"Sounds good, I'll be round after six… I saw you with the red head, something up?" he replies with a smile, an actual smile

I give him a quizzical look, Zeke and I don't do serious, we joke around, ignore and watch out for each other… even the Burke thing was laughed off with a sarcastic quip "nothing I can't handle. I'll try to save you some desert"

I get of the car and make my way into the house, not turning back as his tiers scream down the street "Grandma, I'm home"

I walk in, dropping my bag and hat by the door and follow the savory scent into the kitchen. There I'm met with an elderly woman with greying black hair and an apron "well… don't just stand there, pick up a peeler"

I laugh and throw my hair up; starting to peel the veg "so how was school?"

"Same old same old, by the way if Jessie calls, I'm not here!" I say without looking at her

I hear her sigh; this was nothing new "all right. Are you alright, sweetheart?"

I turn to her and sigh in confession "I don't know, Jessie just really piss… ticked me off today, he's always railing on Zeke, using chicks. Then Mr. Tate called me out about punching Rebecca, I swear she looked smug all day, I had to leave the room so I wouldn't hospitalize her… I guess I'm just tired"

With a nod she comes over, wrapping her arms around me and kissing the top of my head "muy bonita chica(my beautiful girl), people are not all they seem, and even if they are, by next year you will be in collage and living your own dreams, then all these troubles will be behind you"

I smile and hold her tightly to me "I love you grandma"

Cupping my face she smiles "I love you to Catalina… so stop moping and get peeling"

I laugh and do as I'm told. These were the best part of my days, and tomorrow it'll start all over again… just another boring day… yeah right!