Every Dog Has Its Flea

"Will you stop?" Izaya breathed, a clear annoyance in his voice.

"Nope. Stop moving so much," Shizuo countered, an equal irritation lingering in his tone.

"Shizu-chan, don't-!"

Sinking his teeth into the fragile flesh of Izaya's neck, silencing any further complaints or protests, Shizuo began to suck, battering the skin and breaking the blood vessels. Once satisfied with the subtle quiet, he pulled away from his lover, priding himself with his handiwork. "Looks good on you," Shizuo said, running a finger over the imperfect bite mark.

"Shizu-chan…" Izaya sighed, shaking his head as if to show his disappointment. "Why must you insist on leaving these wretched markings on my skin? They're not exactly painless, you know. Especially when they begin to bruise…"

Shizuo quickly grabbed at Izaya's shoulders, the sudden action almost startling the informant. Their eyes met, one pair curious and confused, the other strong and steady. "Do you even know what they mean?" Shizuo questioned, expecting an honest answer.

"These foul things have a meaning?" Izaya asked. His raised brow and uncertain expression were a prime example of his lack of knowledge in the world of romance.

"Tch, you're so stupid, flea," Shizuo scoffed, brushing dry lips over the inflicted bite once more. "I'll give you a hint. What do you always call me whenever I smell you like this?" To emphasize his question, Shizuo began sniffing at the base of Izaya's neck, moving upward to just below the man's earlobe.

Giggling at the ticklish sensation, Izaya replied, "A dog. You're like a dog."

"That's right. Now, if I'm like a dog, why do I leave my 'markings' on you, hmm?"

It took a few moments for it to hit, but once realization struck, a fierce shade of pinkish-red shot across Izaya's cheekbones.

Shizuo could feel the slight change of temperature, given their close distance, and it was something that caused him to chuckle. "Did you figure it out?"

Nodding slowly, an action that only increased the velocity of his blush, Izaya resorted to hiding his visage. Burrowing it into the junction between Shizuo's collarbone and neck, the informant mentally cursed himself for being so naïve all this time.

After a minute or two of collective silence, it was Izaya who broke it, whispering a soft, "Shizu-chan?"

This earned the informant a simple, "Hmm?" in response.

"Will you leave more of them? More of the markings?"

The uncomfortable shift in Izaya's position made a soft smile creep up onto Shizuo's lips.

"Yeah. I'll leave more of them."

Hello! Chappy here! :D

This story is very special! It's a dedication story! :D

It is dedicated to dat-shizaya-lover of tumblr. Today is her birthday! Happy, happy birthday! I hope you enjoy every moment of it! :D

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