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It was all Kagome's fault, he thought as he stumbled around, trying to find the Bone-Eaters Well.

She just had to bring her stupid, smelly, tasty food from her time and her stupid, smelly drinks that tasted funny. What did they even need to celebrate for? Inuyasha growled under his breath and glared at the cat standing in his way. It was a big-ass cat and he was gonna kick its ass 'cuz cats are annoying and deserve it anyway.

He kicked it hard and yowled in pain as his foot throbbed. He glared at the cat some more and-huh. When did that boulder get there?

He didn't know when the big kitty had left and brought the boulder but he didnt care anyway. Inuyasha plopped down next to the big rock and leaned against it, his head lilting to the side.

Stupid Kagome and her stupid celebration and did he mention it was stupid? So what if it's been a year since they met? It's not like they're going anywhere! But he'd been nice and he' d gone along with it and then he'd found those bottles with the tasty drinks and suddenly things were a whole lot more fun.

And then Kagome took his last bottle and yelled and wouldn't give it back! She even sat him when he told her she smelled nice and left for her time in a huff.

Shouldn't she have been happy he complimented her? Afterall, Inuyasha thought, she smelled pretty terrible at the time. Not like horse-shit or anything like that, her scent was just too sweet for him. Like she'd taken a bath in strawberries and herbs for weeks.

Actually, she always smelled like that now that he thought about it, but it was much worse today. It'd made his nose sting, and instead of telling her that, he'd complimented her! Even taken a few obvious sniffs for extra plausibility.

And then his poor nose was inhaling dirt. Women, he scoffed. They were so touchy and didn't make any sense at all. And mean as fuck in Kagome's case. Inuyasha sighed. He really wanted that drink back; it made him feel all light and untouchable. Now he felt all depressed and weak and Inuyasha was not weak!

He was going to get that bottle back.

As soon as he found the well.

Which was...Inuyasha looked around, confused. Where was he again?

Well no biggie, he'd figure it out. A yawn escaped him and he decided to figure it out later, the pillow behind him was really comfortable.

The sun began to set as Inuyasha slipped into unconsciousness.


Sesshomaru leaned against the trunk of a tree, watching Rin annoy Jaken with her games. There had been no trace of Naraku for the last few weeks and so, they had stopped to rest in a small clearing.

Or it was more accurate to say, Sesshomaru had stopped to let Rin rest. She had just recovered from a fever a day before and he did not want to overtax her little body so soon after that. She had just fallen asleep on Ah-Un when that feeling had hit him.

It had been building for several days, an itching need to move, to kill, to scream. At that moment it had reached its peak and his index finger had started to tap tap tap against his knee, where it rested. It was an almost unnoticeable tell, but for Sesshomaru, someone who showed nothing unless he so chose, it may as well have been a bright glowing sign pointing to his weakness.

He had stood up and left with only a quiet "Stay here," to Jaken. The imp had started squawking about something or other but Sesshomaru had already disappeared from sight, not that he'd have cared to listen anyway.

As he thought back, Sesshomaru realized he had not had a decent battle for at least a month. It explained everything. His energy had built up for far too long, and was making him restless. He strained his senses, searching for a worthy opponent nearby but alas, the fact that there were no real threats nearby is why they had settled in this forest until Rin's fever broke.

Smelling nothing but game and low-level youkai, Sesshomaru sprinted away. He moved faster and faster, as fast as his legs could go, his surroundings fading into an indistinguishable green blur around him.

He stoppped after what felt like only minutes but must have been several hours considering the sun had set and the stars were twinkling. It appeared to be a new moon. His muscles twinged pleasantly, a low burn building as he stopped moving. He spared a quick thought for his charge, hoping she would not wake till dawn; Rin hated nights of the new moon.

Despite the fact that he had run for several hours at top speed, he was barely winded. He had hardly wasted any of his youki, and as soon as he slowed down, felt it escalate once more, screaming for release.

The inuyoukai let out a a frustrated growl. If he did not disperse his youki somehow it would continue to build until it clouded his mind and he transformed, going into a frenzy until he tired himself out.

It was galling to think of such a thing happening. It had not ocurred since the death of his father. Before that they had sparred together, keeping both of their youki under control. After the Inu no Taisho's death, he had been careful to seek out strong opponents every month or so. Running hard and long would keep it at bay for a while, but seemed to be useless this far along.

His frustration was only making things worse, feeding his violent youki, making him crave a battle and blood. Something to offer relief. Sesshomaru stilled as something caught his attention.

The scent of his hanyou brother made its way to his nose, followed by the potent odor of alcohol. The inuyoukai scrunched his nose at the smell, a drunk Inuyasha would hardly be a match for him but there was nothing stronger in the area and moving somewhere else only to find nothing again would likely be his tipping point.

Perhaps the alcohol would metabolize faster in a fight, he mused as he made his way towards the hanyou. Or perhaps humiliating his half-brother a bit would serve adequate distraction for him until they could truly battle. Sesshomaru warmed up to the idea as he neared the source of the cloying scent of alcohol and hanyou.

What he found however, was a drunk human sleeping on the ground like a mutt. He wrinkled his nose at it, trying not to inhale deeply, as he scanned the area for Inuyasha. The hanyou was nowhere to be found however, and he glanced back at the stirring human.

Now that he actually looked at the thing though, it seemed to be wearing the hanyou's Fire Rat haori. His curiosity peaked, Sesshomaru approached the human, taking in its inebriated state as well as the sword at its waist.

He would recognize Tetsusaiga anywhere.

His half-breed brother would never hand over the Tetsusaiga to anyone, let alone some human who could not even wield it. Which left him with the connclusion that this was Inuyasha himself, somehow turned fully human.

Sesshomaru had never heard of such a thing happening, never paying attention to talk of half-breeds. Had the hanyou lost his youkai powers somehow and gotten drunk to forget? Or had he done it on purpose and the drinking was in celebration?

The daiyoukai sneered at the thought. To think his bastard of a brother had spurned his youkai blood, what made him strong! to be human and weak. And For what? That skimpy priestess of his?

Not to mention, he was useless to Sesshomaru as a human. The lord scented the air again, a last ditch effort to find some other opponent. He was disappointed however, as there was nothing worth noting nearby.

He kicked at the human, turning it on its back as his fingers twitched for something to tear into. It finally opened its eyes, blinking blearily at him.

The human slurred, "Who're you?" before squinting and seeming to recognize him.

"Sessh'mru!" It snapped into a sitting position position before groaning and grabbing its head in its hands. "Whadya do ta' me ya bastrd?"

"I have done nothing to you Inuyasha, any unpleasantness you feel is your own doing." As his eyes landed on the Tetsusaiga again, Sesshomaru had the wild thought that simply holding it would use up much of his youki, and healing his hands would take care of the rest.

"Whatrya lookin` at?" Inuyasha threatened, tightening his hold on his blade. Sesshomaru cocked an eyebrow. The idea that his half-brother was threatening him in his state was laughable. He thought back to the first and only time he had found his father completely inebriated and let a smirk twist his usually blank features. Inuyasha seemed to have inherited his father's attitude when drunk.

Perhaps his earlier idea to toy with the idiot had some merit.

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