"Inuyasha," he called. His human brother turned towards him so fast he tripped and fell over, landing with his face in the dirt at Sesshomaru's feet and his ass in the air.

Sesshomaru bit back the snort of amusement at the sight as he watched his drunk half-brother struggle to remove his face from the ground.

As the idiot tried to regain his balance and stand up he got a piece of his belt caught under his hand so that when he tried to stand he pulled it loose. The white of his underclothes poked out as Inuyasha's outer shirt came undone. He fell back heavily on his behind and held his arms up around him, his red jacket hanging loose about him.

Sesshomaru watched contemplatively. His youki had relaxed into an annoying buzzing instead of the building storm of before. He could not deny that it was amusing to see his hanyou floundering about at his feet and it was clearly enough to distract his youki as well. Sesshomaru ignored the implications of that as he wondered how best to...encourage such entertainment.

His eyes glinted as an idea struck him.

"Inuyasha," he practically cooed, oozing fake sentiment. The boy looked up at him through dark raven locks, a confused frown on his face. "Stand up little brother."

Inuyasha blinked at him and frowned deeply. "Why should I?" he slurred out.

Sesshomaru suppressed the urge to roll his eyes at the practically automatic rebuttal. Even drunk the brute picked a fight. Well, that was alright this time since a fight was exactly what Sesshomaru was looking for.

He might not get the brawl to the death he was looking for but it would certainly be entertaining.

"If you don't stand up yourself I will pick you up like the child you are."

Inuyasha scowled, immediately moving to stand. "I ain't a child ya bastard!"

His motor control was still impaired though and he kept tripping over his own feet as he tried to stand. Sesshomaru watched as the fool swayed on his feet and finally managed to get upright.

"Would you like to play a game little brother?"

"What kinda game?" Inuyasha demanded, his glazed eyes narrowing.

"Well," Sesshomaru brought his arm up, his whip forming at his fingertips, "why don't we see how well you can dance."

Inuyasha's eyes widened comically and he spluttered, his arms coming up and waving around. Sesshomaru felt his youki recede again and he let his whip loose, aiming it at Inuyasha's feet. The human yelped and jumped back, holding Tessaiga close to his chest.

"Whaddya do tha for!" he screamed and Sesshomaru aimed for his left foot and watched as Inuyasha hopped around on his right, almost falling over at one point. He waited until the human was stable before striking at his right foot this time. The same thing happened and Sesshomaru let a smirk grace his features as Inuyasha spat curses and hopped about to regain his balance, using Tessaiga as a crutch.

He hadn't realized how beneficial it was to make a fool of his brother; his youki was far calmer than he'd felt in a while. In fact, he thought absently, it hadn't been this calm since his father's death.

Inuyasha's unintelligible mutterings were almost as amusing as his running about. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow as the human glared at him and mumbled under his breath. He froze when he caught Sesshomaru's look, before donning an expression of such extreme concentration that it would have looked ridiculous even if he wasn't drunk.

His youki fluttered softly at the edge of his conscious and Sesshomaru thought it was back under control. Still...toying with a human and inebriated Inuyasha was unexpectedly enjoyable and he resolved to prolong the interaction.

That was his first mistake.

Sesshomaru shot his whip out so it snapped with a loud crack above Inuyasha's head. He yelped and ducked like Sesshomaru expected, but he only had a moment to enjoy the sight because the fool threw himself forward with a yell. Sesshomaru found his legs frozen in place when he tried to move so that Inuyasha collided with his chest.

His pained cry brought him a sense of pleased satisfaction as the human rubbed his injured nose. "What're you made of stone?!" he complained.

"It is your own fault Inuyasha," he replied absently. Sesshomaru ignored the glare aimed at him and tried, once again, to move. His legs would not budge no matter how much he pushed, his muscles not obeying him. There was no one else around but them, he was sure, and Inuyasha had done nothing so why could he not move away? Sesshomaru growled in frustration and slight panic; he could feel his youki slipping through his control.

A sharp inhale and the sharp tang of fear brought him back to the human still pressed to his chest.

Inuyasha stared at him, wide-eyed and frozen, one hand holding his slightly bleeding nose. Sesshomaru honed in on the smell of that blood immediately and tracked its path as a droplet fell.

"S-Seshomaru?" Inuyasha stuttered, and his own amber eyes locked onto scared black ones. Sesshomaru felt his previously calmed youki explode inside him, rushing through his veins to every cell in his body. He trembled and snarled with the effort it took to keep it at bay, feeling his teeth lengthen and his bones pop. He hated losing control!

"Sesshomaru?" a voice called. His attention snapped to a human male standing chest-to-chest with him. Sesshomaru was about to flick his wrist and kill the insolent vermin for daring to touch him when he caught a whiff of the human's scent. He grabbed the the man so tightly that he cried out as his claws dug into the soft skin of his upper arms, staining his white shirt red.

The presence of the blood amplified that strange scent and Sesshomaru closed his eyes as he breathed it in. It was both familiar and foreign, calming his youki while at the same time driving it into a frenzy. It didn't make any sense but Sesshomaru was beyond caring. He stuck his nose into the crook of the man's neck and inhaled deeply. It was so familiar, if he could just remember...

He inhaled again and this time it was so foreign he snarled and almost tore the man's throat out.

"Sesshomaru!" came a soft whisper. The scent was familiar again and the daiyoukai rumbled his pleasure. Something attacked his head and Sesshomaru roared as his left ear and the skin around it seemed to light on fire. The man in his arms disappeared and Sesshomaru hissed in annoyance and pain.

He shook his head as his skin healed itself and set about tracking the man with the paradoxical scent. He had not gotten far. In fact, the man was stumbling about only a couple hundred feet away. Sesshomaru watched curiously as he tripped on his own weapon and fell to the floor, muttering about crazy dogs and their sniffing kinks.

Sesshomaru appeared in front of the man and picked up his weapon, intent on getting it out of the way. As soon as he grabbed the hilt, lightning shot up his arm and he screamed his pain, throwing it as far as he could into the forest.

The human screamed at him, "What did you do that for you idiot!"

He was getting up to go after the it and Sesshomaru was not having that. He did not want this man near something so dangerous and he did not want to chase after him again. The daiyoukai grabbed the man and threw him down on the ground before proceeding to sit on him.

"W-What the hell do ya think yer doing?" the man yelled, and it grated on his sensitive ears so he covered the man's mouth with his hand. The man was stubborn and continued to yell but it was muffled now and Sesshomaru easily ignored it. He went back to sniffing at the man's neck, trying to identify that scent and why it smelled so wrong sometimes.

Sesshomaru growled loudly as the man bit his hand hard enough to draw blood. It was a minor wound, human teeth were hardly a threat, but it was a sign of defiance and he could not let that go unpunished in the state he was in. He pulled back to teach his human a lesson but the scent of his own blood mixed with the man's strange smell made him pause.

"Are you gonna eat me?" asked the man, a slight slur still obvious in his words. "Cuz you've got the freaky eyes goin' and you look like yer gonna eat me."

Sesshomaru ignored the human's babblings and focused on the blood on his lips, forgetting about any sort of punishment. It was mesmerizing really, his scent mixing with this man's, so Sesshomaru leaned in to smell it better.

The body underneath him started squirming to get away but Sesshomaru just used his own body to trap the other. When the human started making noise again, the daiyoukai's arms were busy holding the human down.

"Sesshomaru! Geroff me or I'm gonna beat your ass and mmfm-" the man's yelling was muffled by the lips covering his. His mouth was open so Sesshomaru used the opportunity to slip his tongue inside to get a better taste. It was the same as the man's scent; both familiar and foreign. It was infuriating! He could not figure out why it was so strange. How could something smell and taste so familiar and perfect and at the same time smell so wrong and alien? Sesshomaru bit the man's tongue this side of too hard in frustration.

Blood started to bead out and something suddenly changed.

The alien taste started to fade.

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