He pulled back to see what had caused the change and caught a glimpse of white hair before a fist rammed into his face and sent him flying. He landed in a graceless heap on the ground, stunned. The shock from the punch calmed his youki enough that Sesshomaru was able to seize control of his senses once more. He shook his head slightly to clear it as he felt his youki continue to buzz under his skin. It was still far too wild but there was no longer a risk of losing control.

He stood, keeping an eye on Inuyasha and fingering his tender, but quickly healing jaw. He considered what had just happened and found himself conflicted. He found it offensive that his little brother had managed to land him on his ass but also grateful to be in control of his faculties again. He frowned minutely as he quietly watched Inuyasha have some sort of breakdown, not really hearing what his brother was yelling.

He was a powerful daiyokai and the Lord of the Western Lands, he would have regained control eventually as he always had in the far past. There was no need to be grateful, least of all to the catalyst that caused his youki to erupt.

"The hell is wrong with you! Are you listenin' to me?! Sesshomaru you bastard what the hell were you doing!?" The hanyou's screaming finally reached him through the fog of his thoughts and Sesshomaru met Inuyasha's angered amber eyes. They struck a cord within him, loosing a memory of his father looking at him the same way. The parallel made him uneasy. Whenever he compared Inuyasha to his father he had always found him lacking in some way. This time the two looks were the same. Even the incessant yelling was identical.

He pushed those thoughts away to be considered another time and noticed how far away the hanyou was. He couldn't help but feel amused and that made him uneasy as well. It was usually only Rin who could inspire any emotion in him and yet here he was, feeling annoyed and amused in equal measure.

"Oi! Dont just ignore me you little shit! Explain yourself goddammit!" the hanyou continued to demand and Sesshomaru snapped his whip out in irritation. How could he explain when he could not think? Inuyasha was too far and too fast for it to land on flesh, a shame really, but it got his point across. The hanyou shot him a glare that would have had a lesser being trembling before storming off into the woods.

Finally able to think in peace, Sesshomaru recounted his actions through the night and sought an explanation for his later behavior. He knew his youki had gone out of control—something that he will never again allow—bringing his instincts to the forefront and blurring out his conscious mind. He is surprised then, to find Inuyasha still alive. In such a state, his instincts would consider any human to be prey.

Unless...Sesshomaru's brows creased ever so slightly. Unless he had recognized the boy as family. It was unheard of for a daiyoukai to recognize a human as family. Of course, barring his parents, few had ever had his superior sense of smell. Sesshomaru cursed his senses. They had not caused such trouble for him since he was young and new to the world. He almost wished he had killed the hanyou when he had the chance last night, because if he was correct, he would never be able to.

Inuyasha burst into clearing as if called by his thoughts, his red jacket and sword in tow.

The hanyou was still glaring at him and he was tense, his muscles primed and ready for any course of action. He demanded once again that Sesshomaru give him an explanation. His voice was steady and low, a contrast to his earlier fit, and that too reminded him of Father. Sesshomaru watched him for a moment, contemplative and a little annoyed. He inhaled delicately, hoping to catch the hanyou's scent to confirm it. His youki pulsed when he caught a whiff of it and he turned to leave, immediately more annoyed than contemplative. He hadn't just recognized him, his damn youki had imprinted on him too. He cursed it, and Inuyasha both.

An imprint meant that he would have an inescapable urge to check on the brat. The idea of being in regular contact with Inuyasha's cumbersome pack had him biting back a growl.

He had only managed a few steps before Inuyasha started cursing his name and honor. He debated on the merit of going back to beat some respect into him, but ultimately decided that he did not care enough. He would have to see the pest again soon enough anyway. He continued to walk away, ignoring his half-brother when he heard the tell-tale sound of an attack.

He snapped around and grabbed the sheathed Tessaiga in mid-strike.

"Attacking from behind, Inuyasha?" he mocked. "That is the act of the desperate and the honor-less."

If he was going to deal with his brother for an extended period of time—his whole life in fact—he might as well teach him how to act accordingly. Knowing Inuyasha, Sesshomaru was certain it would not be as easy as it had been with Rin.

Inuyasha pulled Tessaiga away, incensed. "Me? I'm honor-less? What about you!" he retorted. "I know you're a bastard but I never thought you'd stoop so low as to molestation."

That caught Sesshomaru off guard and brought him to glare as well. They were caught in an angry stare-down, neither of them speaking. Inuyasha was stubborn as a mule and while he was loathe to give in and speak first Sesshomaru did not have time for this. Rin had only just gotten over her illness when he had left and he was itching to check on her as well. As such, he offered a brief explanation.

"I did not molest you. It was not a kiss."

"Then what was it?" Inuyasha asked.

"A way to shut you up," he said with a pointed look. The hanyou drew himself up. He looked ready to explode but his voice was quiet, if shaky, instead of booming and loud.

"Then why did you stick your tongue in my mouth?" he said. Truthfully, Sesshomaru had gotten distracted. His arms had been occupied with holding him still but the yelling was hurting his sensitive ears; it really was just a way to shut him up. However, Inuyasha had tasted like family, something Sesshomaru had not experienced in centuries, and something his primal self had apparently missed. Add the taste of his own blood to that mix of emotion and he'd spiraled further into his senses. It was embarrassing, and certainly not something to be admitted.

"It was a normal reaction," he said instead. Not completely true, but not an outright lie either. He ignored the voice in his head that questioned why it mattered whether or not he lied.

"What! How is that normal?" Inuyasha cried, his voice incredulous. Sesshomaru noticed that he had relaxed, his muscles and stance were loose and his hands were in his sleeves instead of on his sword. He answered as he turned away,

"It is a consequence of reunion."

"What?" came Inuyasha's confused voice. "A reunion with who?"

"Family." And he disappeared from the clearing, his imprint on Rin making him anxious to check on her.

Inuyasha was left blinking back his surprise. A grin erupted on his face as he processed what that meant and that big bad Sesshomaru had just run away after admitting what he'd denied for so long.

"Family, huh?"

Inuyasha shook his head. He didn't really understand what had just happened but he had a feeling he'd be seeing Sesshomaru again soon; he'd just beat it out of him then.

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